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There are hundreds freelance marketplaces everywhere throughout the world. Some marketplaces are exceptionally specialized (for example, the copyrighting marketplaces) while others allow discovering specialists of any professions. One of the problems of almost these marketplaces is the use of the basic business model and monetization system. It leads, on one hand, to decreasing of marketplace owners’ revenue, and then again, to non-comfortable conditions for customers and contractors. What would we be able to do with all these? Inside a run of the mill business model there is no hope. Develop[crypto] appears as the guarantor between the contractor and the customer with no payment for it! Nearly all freelance marketplaces have a feature called “secure transaction” (escrow). In this case the customer transfers the money to the marketplace and they hold it while the freelancer performs the task. After the work is done and handed over to the customer the marketplace transfers the money to the freelancer’s account.This service, in spite of the fact that it is a guarantee of reliability, is in very low demand. The reason is the fees of the marketplace for “secure transaction”. On average it is 15-25% of the order sum. Of course, neither the customers nor the performers need to lose a quarter of the project budget. We are propelling another business model based on the blockchain technology inside which for the measure of the customer’s money coming into our platform we buy our own particular tokens and reserve it on the exchanges. Develop[crypto] also features paid services such as “sticky” projects, contests, “top freelancers”, “trusted” status etc. Thus, we are constantly growing the demand for the DEV tokens allowing to constantly earn money for ourselves and investors.

Any customer putting a task can alternatively select language groups of interest. To begin with – English, Spanish, French, Chinese and German languages. Develop[crypto] presents a package of service plans solving this task on turnkey basis. The profit is directly distributed to the investors. This solution includes translating announcements into the language required by the customer and even sending him already translated answers. Then, if necessary, full order support. Consequently, the contractor and the customer don’t even need to speak the same language. The greater part of the above issues are solved automatically inside the Develop[crypto] platform.

As the number of orders on the platform increases, the number of secure transactions grows. Develop[crypto] should purchase a growing amount of tokens to keep reserving them. The demand is constantly increasing. In this business model, investor’s profit potential is for all intents and purposes infinite. For the span of the order, which is often above a month reserved tokens are really pulled back from the volume. The demand constantly grows while the flowing supply decreases. All transactions are registered using blockchain technologies. Investors in real time can see the number of reserved and free tokens.

DEV Token

Released tokens will be accepted by Develop[crypto] as payment for orders and provided services. Token owners will be able to use them inside the platform, and freely enter/pull back + exchange for the fiat money. The use of it as the means of storing is accepted by each investor at its own risk. Develop[crypto] can’t guarantee future value of the tokens, as well as the size of its instability. USA and Chinese residents are prohibited to purchase the DEV tokens. Residents of other countries should previously study the concurring laws in their jurisdiction. Develop[crypto] distributes 30% of the received profit among the holders of DEV tokens in extent to their share at the cutoff time. A fixed number of released tokens guarantees its cost increase for the purchaser as the profit of the platform increases. DEV tokens will be listed on several noteworthy crypto-currency marketplaces inside two weeks after the ICO.


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