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Developeo is a launcher and platform that expects to revolutionize the open source ecosystem by actualizing a token-based remuneration framework. Contingent upon the sum and nature of the code contributed by the specialist, Developeo will compensate depositors with tokens that can in a split second be changed over into money fiat for any crypto-exchange. The Developeo platform looks to tackle every one of the issues of the fourth Industrial Revolution, OpenSource and Commercial Software Development and issues that anticipate Humanity, with an at no other time seen compensate pool and a profoundly gainful income show alongside yearning targets, for example, DEVX BootCamps, DEVX Certification, DEVX Marketplace, DEVX Advisory Services lastly the Developeo University. The code will be assessed by group venture administrators and the group before the honor is conveyed to the developers’ wallets.

Envision, 27+ million depositors code on github get a reward in the digital currency for the code they are making. Developeo will be based on Ethereum’s blockbuster, enabling gifted designers to get a reward for their commitments to the code through shrewd contracts. 2 patrons are compensated in dev markers that can be exchanged or spent on the Developeo showcase, a bootcamp card or code. Developeo 2 University is considered by the task pioneers venture members (decentralized Democratic Platform voting) 2 group votes in favor of code quality.


Developeo platform plans to advance DEVX, humankind has never observed prizes and a valuable model volume alongside driven objectives; for instance, bootcamps in DEVX, DEVX confirmation, the DEVX advertise, lastly, the DEVX non quality of the college (yes, extremely, preferable and all the more encouraging over others)

Developeo – Admission and instructive platform

The DEVX platform will likewise incorporate gathering and internet learning on the platform, the token will be utilized for all cases. Developeo DEVX University, DEVX bootcamps and DEVX affirmation program guarantees that the best part-quality serious training in the most progressive educational modules will achieve its understudies.

Our definitive point is to fabricate the Develeopeo University. The world will meet an entire another college framework with a Next-Gen instruction demonstrate. We will be the one that contributes and makes the future on account of this venture which will constitute the most future-situated college. Our understudies will be all around prepared in every single required technology and they will be the characteristics without bounds. On the off chance that Steve Jobs or Elon Musk needed to choose to take care of a college now, that college would have been Developeo University. All understudies will utilize the Developeo Platform and all difficult to get-in affirmations process and understudy entryway will be done with DEVX TOKEN and Developeo Platform. A portion of the best colleges on the planet are presently indicating awesome enthusiasm for working inside the Developeo DEVX University.

Bootcamps in the college, accreditation programs, showcase, warning administrations will pay either Fiat, or Developeo DEVX sign. On the off chance that you pay DEVX tokens, a 20% rebate will be naturally entered.

While the cost of a standard room midpoints $ 11,500 to $ 15,000 every understudy on the planet at exhibit, the entire bootcamp is anticipated to draw in at any rate $ 1.3 million in Developeo’s income of which 20% will be allotted to the pool compensate/educators in DEVX tokens.

DEVX trusts that the world will begin utilizing “shrewd contracts” as legitimate contracts later on, it ought to be simple and sensible for everybody, understudies, guardians, anybody.


In spite of the work to save and advance the group of open source programming developers, Developeo has a few diverse income streams that are related with taking care of genuine market issues. Along these lines, the Developeo plan of action will rotate around focusing on the accompanying specialties in the technology business:

Programming improvement

Computerized ability

Cutting edge Bootcamps



Counseling administrations

Issues and arrangements


Despite the fact that the technology business has been blasting over the previous decade, the advancement of open source programming must adapt to two essential issues keeping in mind the end goal to coordinate the development rate. Above all else, the advancement of high caliber and secure programming is very costly. Be that as it may, frequently open source programming is disseminated gratis. Accordingly, the improvement of an open source program ought to be financed by investors or the code must be composed by an architect who will chip away at this code in his extra time. Be that as it may, regardless of how respectable it might be, gifted specialists much of the time won’t work without remuneration.

The second central issue is specifically identified with the absence of subsidizing and the aftereffect of which is access to ability. Be that as it may, with this circumstance available, and how technology builds up, the interest for programming developers surpasses the offer. Later on, the development rate of interest for developers will just increment. All together for the rate of development to coordinate the rhythm of the proposition, it is important to plan professionally today for the improvement of new programming engineers.


Developeo is a launcher and platform that expects to revolutionize the open source ecosystem through the presentation of a token-based remuneration framework. Contingent upon the sum and nature of the code contributed by the architect, Developeo will remunerate depositors for tokens that can be in a flash changed over into a money on any crypto exchange. Before you compensate developers with tokens, the code will be checked by group venture directors. The platform will be based on the blockbuster Efirium, which will dispense with extortion and make openness and transparency in the framework. Honors will be appropriated in DEVX platform tokens. In the group of open source programming developers, in excess of twelve million designers are included. Task group Developeo trusts that they ought not work for nothing. The Developeo group welcomes them to join the platform to get a reward in exchange for their commitment to any open source venture. On account of the Github API, you can completely control their commitment. The honors are circulated toward the finish of every month by a “decentralized voting framework”.

How can it function

The Developeo platform enables the open source group to effortlessly enroll utilizing the Github account. The decentralized platform will be controlled by both programming developers and task administrators who will screen programming improvement and apply more grounded impact on the quality evaluation of the ideal code.

ICO Details

Token: DEVX

Softcap: 500 ETH

Hardcap: 2,500 ETH

Developeo will utilize its own particular ERC20 token, which is called DEVX

The DEVX Token

Developeo will work its local ERC20 token, which will pass by the image DEVX. The token will be an utility token, which implies its motivation goes considerably more profound than theory on exchanges. The DEVX tokens will have a few applications inside the Developeo platform itself, including:

● Rewards for conferred code on the open source ventures/platform

● As a money in the Developeo commercial center

● Registration for bootcamps, affirmation programs and the college, as installment with the DEVX token will really prompt a huge rebate in cost.

By making the DEVX token an essential piece of the activities and client involvement in the Developeo platform, the interest for the token will be normally expanding corresponding to the development in the client base of Developeo. Along these lines, not at all like most blockchain ventures, the token request will be driven by its real utility case as opposed to theoretical purposes.

Prizes for the ideal code in open source ventures

Monetary standards in the market Developeo

Paying with the DEVX token will bring about a noteworthy rebate.

For me as a developer, this is an exceptionally essential platform. Presently everything goes to square and open source, which gives clients certainty. DEVELOPEO is a standout amongst the most vital platforms on the planet for developers, industry and investors. This platform is intended to take care of the considerable number of issues of the fourth Industrial Revolution, open source and the improvement of business programming.


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