Developeo — Revolutionize the open-source ecosystem


Open-source software is a computer software with its source code made available with a licence in which the copyright holder provides the right to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for only purpose.
There have been a lot of tremendous open-source projects used by millions of people worldwide, enabling distruptive tech project to utilize the benefits of blockchain infrastructure.
Of course, some of these open-source project are more than 10 years. One can’t help, but ask what is the current state of open-source software. Is the concept still alive and how does it connect to blockchain and distributed ledger technology.


Before going deeper into open-source software development, it is very important to understand the macro trend, such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s not only blockchain that’s changing the world we live in. The bigger technological movement is banish by pioneering technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Neural Network and Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet of things, Automation System and, of course, Blockchain.
These technologies are no longer input invention that seem to be distant future. They are becoming our reality. Their genuine application are everywhere around us, changing the way we live. And as their support is yet optimum, the demand for talented engineers increase geometrically, creating a serious market gap.
The world and industry will have a high need for talented nextgen tech coders, data scientists and a highly approved education and certifications. In the future, most professions would need to learn related digital experience to compete or otherwise it is going to be disruptive for the humankind.


The developeo platform seeks to solve all the problem of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, open-source and commercial software development and problems under expectations, with a never-before-seen reward pool and a highly beneficial revenue model along with ambitious target such as DEVX BootCamps, DEVX certification, DEVX marketplace, DEVX Advisory Services and finally the Developeo University. Because of these we can justify that, developeo is the most Needed Token/platform For Developers, the industry and the investors.


  1. To create a large developer/potential developer userbase with developeo’s reward system and then feed both Developeo and this userbase with the model it establish.
  2. To make the need of people who have comprehensive knowledge in software and new technology multiply.
  3. To ensure that, All of the current profession learn about coding and A.I. technology.


The Developeo Marketplace will provide job opportunities to talented software engineers from the Developeo community. The marketplace will be filled with talent from the Developeos Bootcamps and it is only fitting that the platform addresses the market demand.
What differenciate developeo from other marketplace is that the members can pick and choose the project that they are passionate about and interested in doing rather than working at a company where project are assigned to them in exchange for a salary.



Developeo is a blockchain platform which aim to revolutionize the open-source ecosystem by introducing a token-base reward system. Depending on the amount and quality of code that an engineer has contributed, Developeo will reward contributors with token which can be instantly converted to FIAT currency on any crypto exchange.


Developeo’s platform, allows the open-source community a simple login using their Github account. The decentralized platform will be driven by both software developers and project managers who will oversee the software developement and have a heavier influence on evaluating the quality of code committed.



The DEVX tokens will have several applications within the developeo platform itself which include :
– Rewards for committed code on the open source projects/platfor
– As a currency in the developeo market place
– Registration for bootcamps, certification programs and the university, as payment with the DEVX token will actually lead to a significant discount in price
By making the DEVX token on the integral part of the operations and user experience in the developeo platform, the demand for the token will be naturally increasing proportional to the growth in the user base of Developeo. Thus, unlike most blockchain projects, the token demand will be driven by its actual usable case rather than speculative purposes.


Although, the Developeo platform is in development stage, the team look to fund the project with a token sale in the Q1 and Q2. With a potential user base upwards of 10 million, the platform need to be developed in a scalable way in terms of infrastructure.


– 480,000,000 DEVX private presale-public presale-public ICO
– 120,000,000 DEVX for developeo
– 120 M token Breakdown
– 20 million tokens reward + reverse
– 60 million tokens = Extra layer of protection against market speculation
– 15 million tokens = Bounty
– 5 million tokens =Team


To manage the risk of post-ICO downward fluctuation. Devlopeo are committed to support purchase on the market for 180 days from the date of commencement of trading. These support orders will help stabilize the token price and reduce the risk of speculative movement and help us focus on the true value created by developeo.



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