Devolve Developer:Industry Challenges that can be solved.

Industry Challenges

Real estate is a disorganized and inefficient marketplace encompassing inconceivably slow transaction times and ineffectual valuation determinants. The large capital obligation required to participate in the high yielding real estate environment alienates many individuals.

This impracticality allocates profits to affluent investors and institutional investment firms and decelerates the growth potential of the industry’s vitality. In addition, real estate’s illiquidity proposes
significant inefficiencies for investors as capital is confined for an extensive period of time.
Investors desiring the opportunity to invest in foreign real estate assets, however restrictions, regulations and other substantial impediments obstruct this mode of investment engagement. Limited exposure and experience of foreign markets challenges the profitability of investors. Consequentially the real estate market is geographically segmented which confines investors to regional opportunities at the expense of growth in economic development andurbanization.
Real estate investing is a laborious process that requires the service and expertise of numerous intermediaries. The cost of intermediation becomes demanding on profit potential to compensate for related services, regulation and taxation. Foreign investors’ additionally encounter lack of trust challenges and inconveniences resulting in additional paperwork, longer processing times, delayed escrow closings and increased costs. The industry is ill equipped to administer foreign investments, as the unfamiliarity with foreign investors produces processes that dissuades foreign investments and alternatively incentivizes local investors.
The Solution
Devolve Developer’s business model reshapes the real estate industry through its decentralized system that increases efficiencies and reduces costs. Empowering investors with a secure, trusted and transparent platform, eradicating many of the conventional hindrances, Devolve Developer designed a fully interconnected global economy contributing to improved worldwide capital flow.
The Devolve Platform is the first high quality system, backed by hard assets, engaging in large real estate development. Although this primary real estate market produces higher returns than the retail market, it is heavily under exploited by private investment due to the high barriers of entry. Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, Devolve Developer tokenized large scale development
projects by pooling various types of illiquid contractual projects and improving accessibility of their cash flows and enhanced equity positions creating reward producing tokens that are easily tradeable.
Investors can participate in this real estate wholesale market by allocate their digital asset back tokens (ABT) toward projects that align to their unique investment needs. With total autonomy, investors have the flexibility to determine when to participate in the project, how much to allocate towards the project and their duration of contribution in the project.

Devolve Developer created an innovative investment vehicle that fulfills the needs of the investment community for shorter maturities and greater liquidity and developed a funding model producing new types of riskhedged opportunities.

Allocate and Hedge
Build your development project portfolio with an exceptional profit  model and hedge against the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Devolve Developer offers you the ability to create your own personalized portfolio of development projects with the added value of transparency to analyze the performance, rigid security, and the flexibility to enter and exit a project at any time.
Create your portfolio composition by selecting among the myriad of real estate development projects
generating high returns without additional cost.
Allocate your tokens to available projects to earn rewards by receiving additional tokens for the duration you contribute to the project. Participation hedges against the volatile cryptocurrency market and increase potential of the token value.
Manage your portfolio by receiving project progress updates and new project announcements. Enter and exit a project at any time without penalty to optimize your portfolio by reallocating your tokens.
Grow your investments exponentially creating a maximum token value.
Establishing a More Effective Ecosystem
Blockchain Technology And Smart Contracts Create A New Paradigm
To Real Estate Development.

  • Increased Participation –Expand global real estate investment

opportunities where large investment firms can support the
project or a small villager with little capital can invest.

  • Unprecedented Returns –Access the high yielding real estate

development environment and enjoy exp
onential returns

  • Control your Investment–Eliminate inherent risks and costs

with the flexibility to enter and exit your investment at any time

Token Sale
Token Ticker : DVX
Total Supply  :1,000,000,000
Token Price  :$0.75USD

Whitelist       :June 1, 2018 –target met     Price: $0.40 USD
Pre-Sale       :August 1, 2018 –target met  Price: $0.50USD
Public Sale*  :TBD–target met                   Price: $0.60 USD
Hard Cap       :600,000,000 DVX
*Devolve Developer will be conducting an opened token sale. Public sale date will be
determined once the Pre-Sale target is met.

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