Dewber – Digital Crypto Loyalty Program for Your Business


Dewber uses blockchain to brings innovation in the loyalty economy with the ability to run global rewards and crypto points schemes.

It offers a digital mobile experience, customer engagement, cross channel

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are crucial in today’s highly competitive business world. According to the IRI Consumer Connect survey, 74% of consumers choose a store based on a strong loyalty or discount program. Hawk Incentives Research found that 79% of consumers look for deals in loyalty and reward programs before making a purchase.

Loyalty programs create a space for brands to establish trust with customers and build relationships where the customer can interact with the brand. It’s clear from these figures that most consumers have adapted their attitudes toward brands gathering their personal information to create more personalized and rewarding experiences.

Customer loyalty programs do not just seem ubiquitous, they are. According to the The Billion Member March: The 2011 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census (pdf), the average household is signed up for 18 loyalty programs, yet are active in only 8 of them.

The COLLOQUY study also notes the incredible value of loyalty programs and estimates the amount of rewards given or sold in 2011 to be $48 billion in the U.S. alone.

Some other statistics show how prevalent, how powerful, and how empty loyalty programs can be.

3 out of 4 Americans have at least one retail loyalty card

85% say they have not heard from the program since signing up

81% say they do not know the benefits of the program or how/when they will receive the rewards

Source: CustomerThink

84 percent of loyalty program members are likely to choose the program retailer over its competitor

71 percent feel their loyalty programs deliver benefits that are important to them

49% of loyalty program members said that they never or rarely take advantage of loyalty program perks when shopping online

Source: Loyalty360

Only 36% of consumers received a reward or promotion that made them come back to the store

44% of consumers have had a negative experience with a loyalty program.

Dewber: Digital Crypto Loyalty Program for Your Business

From the explanation above we can conclude that loyalty programs are very acceptable to the community. Therefore Dewber was created to be able to assist companies in forming crypto-based loyalty systems.

By using crypto and blockchain, loyalty programs will run more effectively and efficiently. Besides that, every transaction that users do will be processed more quickly and safely. So that users don’t have to worry about the transactions they do.

Dewber Features

  • Loyalty for all customers
  • Dewber is digital, so no more forgetting physical cards and losing out on loyalty.
  • Global business specific Dew Rewards and crypto loyalty Dew Points
  • Dewber brings innovation in the loyalty economy with the ability to run Global loyalty rewards and points schemes.
  • Branding – Business own branded digital loyalty wallet
  • No need to issues paper cards, Provision to add Business logo and colour scheme provides business branded loyalty wallet in customers’ pockets
  • Optimize your expense on ineffective discounts
  • Don’t just give instant discounts and rebates. Make customers return in future by using bonus global loyalty rewards and crypto points
  • Multilocation – Supports multiple locations
  • Business having chain stores or franchise; can run, manage Dewber loyalty program across all locations. Customers receivesDew points and Reward OR redeem them at any of business location.
  • Say No to Data Mining
  • Dewber believes in simple honest loyalty and doesn’t collect & analyse customer purchase history to do data mining.

How Dewber Works for Business

  • Dew Loyalty On Display
  • Display the Dew loyalty near your point-of-sale so that every customer can engage and join your loyalty program with single tap.
  • Award Dew Points & Rewards
  • Customers get awarded “Dew crypto points” & / or “Dew rewards” against each purchase.
  • Customer registration via mobile phone else business executive search customer on ‘Dewber” platform to instantly awards loyalty via mobile device.
  • Redeem & Enjoy
  • Customer can scans QR Codes to receive Dew Rewards or Dew Crypto Points . It’s that easy!

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