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The Blockchain generation replaces the modern, centralized business version of the financial services company. Banks and financial institutions are exploring various approaches to implementing blockchain technology to reduce transaction prices, increase transaction speed, erase many transactions and also reduce fraud.

DEXA COIN is a progressive application that will streamline the way we send and earn money far and wide, while allowing individuals to embed it through the default text beam. This platform is intentionally made to change the way to send and get money faster, progressive, safe, and with a simple openness for each individual who can handle mobile gadgets. DEXA COIN will implement blockchain technology into this ecosystem and its influence will help drive Money Transfers and Money Exchange more than ever before. Incorporating a blockchain into this ecosystem will discard mediators, and we are improving the way to send and earn money worldwide.

The DEXA COIN application will offer easy-to-pursue titles that will allow anyone with a fundamental understanding of cellphones to transfer money at low cost under conditions of transparency and there will be no confusion. The DEXA COIN application will also consolidate the “Texting Feature” which not only allows clients to talk to the general population they also send money, but also to hang out with friends and family.


The world rotates and things in the world need to spin too. Traditional payment systems charge enormous fees when transferring or sending money from one end to the other. All of these abundant exchange fees prevent discouraged people from sending and receiving money from their friends and family or even business partners. The traditional system security state shakes only because all systems are connected to one server, and if the central server is down, the whole system will collapse. Blockchain is the only system that can provide adequate security, transparency and low costs for transactions and that is what led to the creation of this platform.


Because conventional database systems that work on customer server dynamics are no longer productive with inundation floods in the money transfer business, decentralized control will end up as a key segment of the cash movement, ultimately evacuating the dangers that accompany centralized control that combines openness of substances. DEXA COIN will discard the mediator and any other problems that accompany the traditional strategy for settlement and transfer of money. With just a few screen addresses, people can for all intents and purposes make a pain free income moving to friends and family. This requires a lot less cost, requires less time and does not expect the physical to send cash. Nevertheless,


DEXA prepaid card

The DEXA COIN platform has built a prepaid card to help individuals who do not have a ledger or bank account, but still have to do money processing activities. Interested people who need prepaid cards that we need to submit and will be transferred to them at their doorstep. DEXA COIN prepaid cards will be used for payments, withdrawals, or even shopping around the world.

DEXA wallet

The Dexa wallet is where clients will hold their DEXA tokens. The wallet will also allow clients to hold various forms of digital money. The wallet will have a variety of security including arrangements to guarantee the welfare and security of your sophisticated resources


  • Send and Receive Money Around the World

Anyone who is accustomed to using mobile gadgets must have the option to send and receive money all over the world easily. The DEXA COIN application is intended to be easy, user-friendly and secure.

  • Security

The DEXA COIN application makes security a top priority, so different safety measures will be integrated within the DEXA COIN application to ensure the welfare and security of user funds and sophisticated wallets.

  • Make Instant Payments

The DEXA COIN application will help us eliminate the expenditure of additional cash to go to cafes to make payments via the internet, because the DEXA COIN application is the same as that task. You can make instantaneous payments via NFC Payment Technology and QR Code from the platform.

  • The DEXA application can be connected to a bank account

DEXA COIN can be linked to our various bank accounts. Linking to the general ledger system will allow clients to link applications to their Payment Cards. For example: Master Cards and Visa Cards or Money Transfer from applications to their financial balances.

  • Messenger feature

APP will also join the “SMS feature” which not only allows clients to talk with the general public, but they can send cash as well, but also to hang out with friends and family.


The DEXA token is a platform native token, it is built on the ethereum blockchain and is a utility token.
The DEXA token will change and reorganize the way we send and earn money worldwide by completing the intensity of blockchain innovation. This will also encourage people how to use cryptocurrency that is easily handled.

Selling and IEO Tokens

Personal Sales:

Sales Token: 5% (5 billion)

Exclusive Private Sales Price!

30% bonus for all participants!

Personal Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00003 USD

Days of personal selling will be announced soon.

This is it!


Sales token: 10% (10 billion)

Pre-sale Special Price!

20% bonus is available for all participants!

Pre-Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00004 USD

The pre-sale date will be announced shortly.

General Sales:

Sales token: 35% (35 billion)

General Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD

The public sale date will be announced soon.

Information Token:

Type: ERC-20


Coat of Arms: (DEXA)

Supply: 10 billion

Contract: 0x725440512cb7b78bf56b334e50e31707418231cb

Result: 18


Founder and team:



In short, the traditional method of transferring money does not follow the sophisticated technology of global money transfer demand. They are slow, unstable and expensive. In contrast, Dexa Coin, which uses blockchain as its backbone technology, offers a complete, safe, fast, and much cheaper solution for all problems and money transfer requirements.

Then go one step further by giving your users a feature called “Instant Messaging” that will keep them connected with friends and family for personal and professional purposes.

So with efficient and innovative new features, Dexa Coin will revolutionize the money transfer game.

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