Dexa Coin

Dexa Coin

Instant payment platform by combining Blockchain technology and also  NFC  &  QR Code

Dexa Coin is a revolutionary application that will simplify the way we send and receive money worldwide, while allowing people to communicate through integrated instant messaging services. The main purpose of Dexa Coin is to make the process of sending and receiving money faster, safer and easier access for anyone who can operate a smartphone device. This has been done using the power of blockchain technology that will help facilitate money transfers and exchange of money like never before. By eliminating intermediaries, we will simplify the process of sending and receiving money. We offer easy-to-follow instructions, which will allow anyone with a basic understanding of smartphones to transfer money at low cost and without complications.

The main objective of the DEXA Coin project is to make the process of sending and receiving money more secure, affordable and transparent for everyone who has a smartphone and knows how to manage it. The basis for solving this problem is innovative blockchain technology that will help facilitate the exchange of money. Thus, the main weakness is removed from the chain, this intermediary, and this, in turn, will allow anyone who has a basic understanding of smartphone devices to transfer money with low, transparent and uncomplicated commissions.

Under the existing system, money transfers are inconvenient and time-consuming. But we will change it. We have created a system that allows our users to make money transfers that are easy and economical anywhere in the world at very low prices.

Other features of this application include instant payments, where users can pay for coffee or dinner using NFC Payment Technology & QR Code. This application will also allow users to connect to their payment cards. For example: Visa / Master Card.

In the next phase of the project, Dexa Coin plans to expand its global presence in new markets by introducing branded prepaid cards that can be useful for those who do not have a bank account. Users will be able to apply for this card, which can be used in many cities around the world for purchases, payments and withdrawals.


The world rotates and things in the world need to spin too. Traditional payment systems charge enormous fees when transferring or sending money from one end to the other. All of these abundant exchange fees prevent discouraged people from sending and receiving money from their friends and family or even business partners. The traditional system security state shakes only because all systems are connected to one server, and if the central server is down, the whole system will collapse. Blockchain is the only system that can provide adequate security, transparency and low costs for transactions and that is what led to the creation of this platform.


Because conventional database systems that work on customer server dynamics are no longer productive with inundation floods in the money transfer business, decentralized control will end up as a key segment of the cash movement, ultimately evacuating the dangers that accompany centralized control that combines openness of substances. DEXA COIN will discard the mediator and any other problems that accompany the traditional strategy for settlement and transfer of money. With just a few screen addresses, people can for all intents and purposes make a pain free income moving to friends and family. This requires a lot less cost, requires less time and does not expect the physical to send cash. Nevertheless,

How to Work DEXA Coin

In addition, based on the DEXA Coin application, social communication functions will be arranged which will allow users to communicate with people not only on the issue of sending money, but only communicating with friends and family. Wherever you are, wherever you are in the world, with the help of powerful blockchain technology and the unique DEXA Coin application, there are unique opportunities to send and receive money anywhere in the world at a low cost.

Another possibility of the DEXA Coin application is the ability to make instant payments where users can pay for small purchases, coffee or dinner using NFC payment technology or QR codes. This application also allows you to connect payment cards to your system, such as VISA, MasterCard.

In addition, in the future, the DEXA Coin project plans to issue its corporate prepaid card, which is likely to benefit users who do not have a bank account. Each user will be able to apply to buy such a card and in the future use it in many cities around the world for purchases, payments and withdrawals.

Let’s highlight a few points of excellence and outline the future trends of the DEXA Coin project:

  • Send and receive money worldwide. The simple user interface ensures that this system is easy to use and anyone who has a smartphone connected to the Internet can make international money transfers, payments and purchases.
  • Instant Payment. Ability to pay quickly and efficiently using payments without NFC contacts or QR codes
  • The ability to connect your bank account. You can connect payment cards like VISA, MasterCard.


  • DEXA = $ 0.00005



DEXA Personal Card

Prepaid cards are a convenient alternative for those who do not have a bank account. Prepaid cards will be launched later in the project. Users can also order prepaid cards and link applications. Brand prepaid cards can be used for shopping, payments and withdrawals in many cities around the world.

Dexa wallet

Dexa Wallet is where users hold DEXA tokens. The wallet also allows users to generally hold other cryptocurrency, especially ERC 20 and Bitcoin tokens. This wallet has many security features to ensure the security and security of digital assets.

Token Information:

Type: ERC-20


Symbol: (DEXA)

Supply: 100 billion

Contract: 0x725440512cb7b78bf56b334e50e31707418231cb

Decimal number: 18

Personal Sales:

Iron for sale: 5% (5 billion)

Special price for personal sales!

30% bonus for all participants!

Personal sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00003 USD


Iron for sale: 10% (10 billion)

PRA-SALE special price!

A 20% bonus is awarded to all participants!

Pre-sale: 1 DEXA = 0.00004 USD

Public sales:

Iron for sale: 35% (35 billion)

Total sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD




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