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Dexa Coin is a platform that claims to be able to solve the biggest money problem in the world.

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Dexa Coin is a revolutionary application that will simplify the way we send and receive money worldwide, while allowing people to communicate through the integrated instant messaging feature. The main purpose of Dexa Coin is to make the process of sending and receiving money faster safer and with easy accessibility to anyone who can operate a smartphone device. This is done by harnessing the power of blockchain technology that will help facilitate Remittance & Money Exchange like never before. By eliminating intermediaries, we will simplify the process of sending and receiving money. We offer easy-to-follow instructions that will allow anyone with a basic understanding of smartphones to transfer money at low cost and without complications.

The basic concept of DEXA COIN

Take advantage of the power of blockchain technology to simplify the way you give and receive money worldwide. Anyone who is accustomed to using smartphone devices must be able to design applications to be easy, easy to use and secure.

The innovative “Social Message Feature” from APP is used not only to allow users to communicate with people who send money, but also to socialize with friends and family.

Dexa Coinis is an innovative new business that simplifies sending and receiving money worldwide by providing a process to transfer payments directly, without going through various steps in the traditional way. The whole transfer process is not easy and fast.

Dexa Coin has revolutionized the world of cash transfers by combining blockchain technology. Even in the modern world, companies and bank transfers still use traditional methods that are time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Feel better using traditional money transfer methods, poor customer satisfaction, so the entire process is the same.

Dexa Coin wants to go further by introducing the “Instant Message Feature”. This feature allows users to connect and communicate with each other.

Competitors and features that open the door to opportunities and possibilities are not available with colorful and unique features.

Blockchain technology

Today’s technologically advanced world requires a fast and fast method of money transfer for urgent solutions to money problems. While traditional methods of money transfer still exist and are being used by many individuals and businesses, the need for new technology has emerged. Blockchain technology can make the most of this need by providing solutions to the latest requirements of modern institutions. The use of blockchain technology is changing the process of transferring user funds.

Blockchain technology makes payment transfers very easy and ultimately increases overall productivity.

In addition, while traditional methods require brokers to process approvals and process payments, blockchain is the main reason for traditional methods that are time-consuming, because the blockchain completely eliminates important requirements.

The blockchain structure is a major factor that enables the whole process to be carried out at a very high speed, even at a low cost. In addition to an easy and fast process, we aim to send money to the world safely. Anyone who is familiar with smartphones can use their own application. This application is designed to be easy, easy to use and secure, according to Dexa Coin, CEO of Adnan Altaf. CEO, Bp. Altaf tracks the entire process from an application designed to send and receive money from end to end, ensuring tracking and tracking money transfers.Dexa Coin applicationThe Dexa coin application, with its advanced technology, seamlessly connects the two parties together to make the entire payment transfer experience hassle-free. Dexa Coin APP comes with several features that together make the whole money transfer process easy for its users. Several unique features have been incorporated into the application that provide competitive advantages for applications. Some interesting features of the application are mentioned below:Send and receive money worldwide:International and national money transfers. You can send and receive money without delay or wait whenever or from wherever you want. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. That is all. The incorporation of new technology makes the whole process of money transfer.Instant Payment:Dexa Coin is a money transfer platform that can be used for local and global transfers. This can be used anywhere at any time instantly. Planning on going out for dinner? The latest NFC and QR technology allows multiple transactions in various countries simultaneously.Integration with your bank account:The Dexa Coin application allows smooth and fast integration with most bank accounts. This allows users to connect the application to their payment card. For example: Visa Card and Custom Card or Transfer Money from the application to their bank account and vice versa.Security:The Dexa Coin application ensures the financial security and financial information of its users. This application comes with several features that ensure the security of your money and digital wallet are not interrupted at any transaction level. Unmatched security is one of Dexa Coin’s top priorities and the team is fully committed to providing a secure platform for its users. Unlike other money-moving companies, the use of blockchain technology not only makes money transactions easy but also safe.Personal:Apart from all the security features added to the application, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin application ensures complete privacy of its users. The instant messaging feature has ‘End to end encryption’. This restricts access to any third party and ensures messages remain between the two related parties. Furthermore, it is equipped with attributes that detect and fight unauthorized access to payment transactions.Instant messaging features:

The feature that gives Dexa Coin a competitive advantage and makes it stand out among its competitors is the ‘Instant Message Feature’. Instant Messaging is a social feature that allows users to stay in touch with family, friends or anyone they send money to. This in particular helps them get and deliver updates related to money transfers. Although this feature can be used by people for various personal purposes, this feature is very helpful for business users or managers who want to maintain business relations with clients and need to keep in touch with many clients simultaneously regarding various payments. This gives users an unparalleled level of communication that cannot be achieved by other platforms.Problems with Traditional MethodsImagine you have to send money from one place to another, say US maybe? If you have to send $ 100 to a friend in the US, how much do you think he will receive? You do not know. It’s not easy to guess because of some hidden costs imposed by money sending companies. There are many hidden costs that go along with the reduction because the exchange rate produces the whole amount of money you want to reduce. Even if the Money Transfer Operator (MTO) offers a free rate, the exchange rate is always too diluted which ultimately compensates for the lost commission. Apart from their high commissions, there are other factors that make the whole experience regretful. These factors include technology, organizational structure, rules, regulations, and overall price.Apart from these elements, this MTO does not offer the level of privacy and security requested by customers because of sensitive financial information and transactions.Although there are some disadvantages to the traditional money transport method mentioned above, there are a large number of individuals and businesses who still choose the traditional method only to get caught up and wasting valuable time.Mentioned below are some of the fundamental weaknesses of traditional money transfer methods:More expensive:Traditional money transfer methods are usually more expensive.Wasting time:The traditional way which includes several companies and banks provides very slow services. Traditional methods are time consuming because of the presence of intermediaries in the process. The middleman is the main reason for slowing down the sending and receiving of payments. Not to mention the time wasted when filling out money transfer forms and all procedures to prove one’s identity.Limited Accessibility:Companies and bank money transfers offer services for a limited period. Limited number of days and hours. They do not offer 24/7 service. In addition, they are closed on several holidays and all weekends. This means that you most likely will not be able to send or receive money if your money emergency occurs after the official time or on certain holidays.High fraud opportunities:Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of scams with scammers getting access to control & tracking numbers.


The world rotates and things in the world need to spin too. Traditional payment systems charge enormous fees when transferring or sending money from one end to the other. All of these abundant exchange fees prevent discouraged people from sending and receiving money from their friends and family or even business partners. The traditional system security state shakes only because all systems are connected to one server, and if the central server is down, the whole system will collapse. Blockchain is the only system that can provide adequate security, transparency and low costs for transactions and that is what led to the creation of this platform.


Because conventional database systems that work on customer server dynamics are no longer productive with inundation floods in the money transfer business, decentralized control will end up as a key segment of the cash movement, ultimately evacuating the dangers that accompany centralized control that combines openness of substances. DEXA COIN will discard the mediator and any other problems that accompany the traditional strategy for settlement and transfer of money. With just a few screen addresses, people can for all intents and purposes make a pain free income moving to friends and family. This requires a lot less cost, requires less time and does not expect the physical to send cash. Nevertheless,



DEXA prepaid card

The DEXA COIN platform has built a prepaid card to help individuals who do not have a ledger or bank account, but still have to do money processing activities. Interested people who need prepaid cards that we need to submit and will be transferred to them at their doorstep. DEXA COIN prepaid cards will be used for payments, withdrawals, or even shopping around the world.


DEXA wallet

The Dexa wallet is where clients will hold their DEXA tokens. The wallet will also allow clients to hold various forms of digital money. The wallet will have a variety of security including arrangements to guarantee the welfare and security of your sophisticated resources


  • Send and Receive Money Around the World

Anyone who is accustomed to using mobile gadgets must have the option to send and receive money all over the world easily. The DEXA COIN application is intended to be easy, user-friendly and secure.

  • Security

The DEXA COIN application makes security a top priority, so different safety measures will be integrated within the DEXA COIN application to ensure the welfare and security of user funds and sophisticated wallets.

  • Make Instant Payments

The DEXA COIN application will help us eliminate the expenditure of additional cash to go to cafes to make payments via the internet, because the DEXA COIN application is the same as that task. You can make instantaneous payments via NFC Payment Technology and QR Code from the platform.

  • The DEXA application can be connected to a bank account

DEXA COIN can be linked to our various bank accounts. Linking to the general ledger system will allow clients to link applications to their Payment Cards. For example: Master Cards and Visa Cards or Money Transfer from applications to their financial balances.

  • Messenger feature

APP will also join the “SMS feature” which not only allows clients to talk with the general public, but they can send cash as well, but also to hang out with friends and family.


The DEXA token is a platform native token, it is built on the ethereum blockchain and is a utility token.
The DEXA token will change and reorganize the way we send and earn money worldwide by completing the intensity of blockchain innovation. This will also encourage people how to use cryptocurrency that is easily handled.

Selling and IEO Tokens

Personal Sales:

Sales Token: 5% (5 billion)

Exclusive Private Sales Price!

30% bonus for all participants!

Personal Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00003 USD

Days of personal selling will be announced soon.

This is it!


Sales token: 10% (10 billion)

Pre-sale Special Price!

20% bonus is available for all participants!

Pre-Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00004 USD

The pre-sale date will be announced soon.

General Sales:

Sales token: 35% (35 billion)

General Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD

The public sale date will be announced soon.

Information Token:

Type: ERC-20


Coat of Arms: (DEXA)

Supply: 10 billion

Contract: 0x725440512cb7b78bf56b334e50e31707418231cb

Result: 18


Founder and team:



In short, the traditional method of transferring money does not follow the sophisticated technology of global money transfer demand. They are slow, unstable and expensive. In contrast, Dexa Coin, which uses blockchain as its backbone technology, offers a complete, safe, fast, and much cheaper solution for all problems and money transfer requirements.

Then go one step further by giving your users a feature called “Instant Messaging” that will keep them connected with friends and family for personal and professional purposes.

So with efficient and innovative new features, Dexa Coin will revolutionize the money transfer game.

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