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DexAge is a DECENTRALIZED exchange with a multi-tiered trade ecosystem. Its decentralized nature means that users are fully in control of their funds. This exchange aims to solve the problems faced by most centralized exchanges. In centralized exchange, all user funds amount to millions of dollars usually in one crypto wallet that is accessed by a private key. Thus providing hackers with fertile land, all they need to do is to concentrate all their resources on hacking this single wallet.
Meet a user-oriented decentralized exchange, Escrow Trading, and P2P lending market, a multi-level trading ecosystem:    DEXAGE  . DexAge   comes with a promising crypto exchange solution that uses a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain transaction system. The irony is that the blockchain is widely used in various industries, such as health care, banking, real estate and data storage, but little is used in this area which was originally developed, namely, crypto trading. P2P
DexAge has  develop a decentralized and reliable exchange platform where transaction control will be in the hands of the user. This platform will depend on innovative concepts of social networking, where interactions between users, traders and investors will influence the growth and development of the DXG platform. Our user-oriented platform will enable a variety of peer-to-peer activities, including cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto trading, crypto-decision trading, P2P and chat loans via DAPP DXG chat. Because the platform will work through a decentralized blockchain network, all transactions will be verifiable and resistant to hacking because the architecture is strong and distributed, by coordinating exchanges using smart contracts and involving user authorization during operations.
The difference between   DexAge   and other efforts to create a decentralized exchange system is its ingenious business model, according to which the entire DexAge ecosystem   will be managed through social Internet space between users, traders, and investors. DXG main goal    is creating a user-friendly ecosystem where companies and partners benefit from each other and enable them to grow and develop together. Of the two hundred exchanges currently operating, only a dozen of them have gained a global customer base and solid reputation. This includes Coinbase, Bitfinex, Binance,, etc. Despite the fact that all these centralized platforms have useful functions, each has certain weaknesses that create obstacles in smooth cryptocurrency transactions. The aim of   DexAge   is to overcome these shortcomings by using a reliable and decentralized exchange platform. Dexage Trade infrastructure is strengthened by combining distributed blockchains with decentralized social networks and marks a shift in the socio-economic paradigm in the current crypto-trading landscape. This is a financial system that gives its members the green light to manage their money with their will without the intervention of various agents, this is all the future that   DexAge predicted  . To promote the concept of user-oriented architecture,   DexAge   will come with P2P. Mobile chat application where users will have the opportunity to participate in various relevant exchange activities along with chat. The four main objects that can be given by application users are as follows:
Cryptocurrency exchange trading
, Crypto-Fiat deposits
P2P lending
DXG chat
The idea behind  this powerful DexAge social network  is to empower every user to have a voice in the network and can play an important role in determining the direction of the DXG platform    .

Features and benefits of DEXAGE

Decentralized Exchange;  total wallet user control and private key when trading on the Dexage platform.

Crypto acquisition;  One of the main features of Dexage is that it enables seamless crypto P2P for crypto exchanges between buyers and sellers.

P2P escrow trade;  crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat exchanges occur peer to peer with traders matched from matching machines.

P2P loans; Financial application using crypto collateral. Giver of the issue of money borrowers get cash.

Stalking;  customers, investors, and users can reinforce their DXG tokens and get rewarded for doing so.

Dexage dApp;  Dexage makes instant messaging with instant cash. This platform will allow users to send DXG tokens and others using only the chat function.

Portfolio diversification;  with a simple mouse click, users can buy coins to diversify portfolios that allow users to determine% of their funds allocated to each coin.

Voting and government;  Dexage will arrange for people by allowing them to choose their favorite tokens to be listed on the Exchange Dexage platform.

Profit sharing;  Dexage will use 30% of the revenue generated to reward those involved in snooping on their DXG tokens.

Referral scheme; Dexage will also provide information to users because it invites investors and traders to use the Dexage platform.

Detail Token

Token symbol: DXG

Total Token: 5,000,000,000 DXG

Token Type: ERC20

Soft Cap: $ 5.000.000

Hard Cap: $ 24.000.000

We accept: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC


Qty: 500.000.000 DXG

Starting: 11/30/2018

Completion: 12/31/2018


Qty: DXG

Starting: 01/01/2019

Completion: 02.28.2019


September 15 – November 29, 2018

Allocated Token:  250 Million

100% discount:  $ 0.0 / DXG

Numbers raised:  $ 0.0

Pre Sale

30 November – 31 December 2018

Allocated Token:  500 Million

40% discount:  $ 0.006 / DXG

The money has been raised:  $ 3,000,000

Sales Tokens 2

January 1 – January 15, 2019

Allocated Tokens:  570 Million

15% discount:  $ 0.0085 / DXG

The money that has been raised:  $ 4,845,000

Sales Tokens 3

January 15 – January 30, 2019

Allocated Tokens:  570 Million

10% discount:  $ 0,009 / DXG

The money that has been raised:  $ 5,130,000

Sales Tokens 4

30 January – 14 February 2019

Allocated Tokens:  570 Million

5% discount:  $ 0.0095 / DXG

The money has been raised:  $ 5,415,000

Sales Tokens 5

February 14 – February 28, 2019

Allocated Tokens:  540 Million

No Discount:  $ 0.01 / DXG

The money has been raised:  $ 5,400,000

Forecast Allocation Forecast


45% Program Crowdsale 2.25B Tokens

10% Airdrop & Bounties 500M Tokens

15% Team and Founders of 750M Tokens

15% Patent 750 million Tokens

10% Pre-sale of 500M Tokens

5% of the Token Core Investors are 250 million

Budget allocation

40% Platform Development

40% Marketing, Branding, Education

20% Contingency Plan


2017 Q1:  Concept of proof

2018 Q1: Team building Research & Development

2018 Q2:  Prototyping of DXG’s personal Dexage Sales platform for large investors

2018 Q3:  Release of DexAge MVP Airdrop Campaign

2018 Q4:  DXG pre-sales to eligible investors

2019 Q1:  Main Crowdsale diverts Major upon Crowdsale DXG List in the domestic market

2019 Q2:  Register DexAge on another exchange

2019 Q3:  P2P Beta-Exchange Release

2019 Q4:  Conversation of the DXG Version of the Dapp-Beta Version

2020 Q1:  Launch of the DexAge P2P Exchange trading platform

Executive team

Precious Kenneth W:  CEO & Co-Founder

Suanu Neenwi: CTO & Co-Founder

Gody Wogu:  Business Director and Head of Operations, Europe.

Ukaoma Stanley: COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Kenneth Chile W: CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Jude Umeano: CSM (Community Support Manager)

David Oti:  Solution Developer & Main Developer

Zuzana Mejdrova: Chief Content Manager

Ombudsmen:  Kepala Analis CSA

Wapinter:  Bounty campaign manager


Kingsley Okes Idisi:  Legal Retention

Sydney Ifergan:  Advisory Board

Manoj Rana:  Pen of Marketing opinion

T Aravinda Babu:  Pen for Blockchain Technical recommendations

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