Multi-Tier Trading Ecosystems

DexAge is a DECENTRALIZED exchange with a multi-tiered trade ecosystem. Its decentralized nature means that users are fully in control of their funds. This exchange aims to solve the problems faced by most centralized exchanges. In centralized exchange, all user funds amount to millions of dollars usually in one crypto wallet that is accessed by a private key. Thus providing hackers with fertile land, all they need to do is to concentrate all their resources on hacking this single wallet.

Here are some of the centralized exchanges hacked in the past.

  • MT.Gox: the   exchange of cryptocurrency was hacked twice; in 2011 and 2014. A total of 750,000 BTC (worth $ 350 million) were stolen. The company declared bankruptcy and users lost their money.
  • Bitfloor  : In 2012, this exchange lost 24,000 BTC for hackers. They also closed and investors lost their money.
  • Poloniex:   This trading company lost 97 BTC for hackers in 2014. They are still operating today, but at that time must reduce the number of bitcoins for all users by 12.3% to accommodate losses.
  • Bitstamp lost 19,000 BTC (worth $ 5 million) to hackers in 2015
  • Bitfinix lost 120,000 BTC (worth $ 72 million) in 2016. However, they were able to pay back the users slowly over a period of time and regain their trust.

In addition, more than 25 exchanges have been hacked in the past which caused investors to lose their funds.

From the explanation above, you can see that decentralized exchanges are a solution to crazy crypto theft by hackers. Decentralization ensures that users have full control over their funds so that they are understated and economically not feasible for hackers to try to hack.

DexAge is the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges. This is still in the ICO stage and today I will review the platform and tell you how you can participate to get passive income from DexAge.

Our vision

To create exchange and exchange platforms without P2P, without permission, which can be independent by a synergistic network of traders, users and investors.


The DexAge blockchain decentralized exchange platform allows users to carry out crypto P2p crypto cryptography, P2P and P2P fiat crypto-trading in very strong ecosystems against hacking.


Crypto-trading infrastructure in DexAge is an autonomous, independent system triggered by social connections and investors who use our platform. Mutual incompatibility that avoids the system, which is continued by DexAge stakeholders, is the main force that drives our growth and development.

Social web movers

DexAge’s innovative business model will harness the power of the people. The DXG platform together with Dapp will not only allow players, users and investors to trade and lend crypto-assets but will enable them to communicate and share information when using each other through meetings and by chatting on Dapp.

System without trust

Crypto P2P transactions on the DXG platform, whether for trading or loans, will be coordinated by a decentralized escrow service that provides safe smart contracts.

Our mission

DexAge is clean as a P2P platform We are an autonomous ecosystem where our users, traders and investors will work as fuel and not just as nuts and bolts of our platform. The real growth and development of DXG lies in empowering its stakeholders, which we strive to introduce through the multipurpose function of our DexAge tokens. By enabling users to reinforce, vote and manage them in decentralized exchanges, trade and markets, we are for DXG and stakeholders to develop with the potential for proliferation of cryptocurrency.

Main feature

  • Decentralized Crypto Exchange
  • P2P crypto exchange is facilitated using order books and matching machines. This is similar to what was done on   this decentralized trading platform like   Binance .
  • P2P Fiat-Crypto Trading
  • Users from different locations can easily exchange their crypto assets on the DexAge platform to their local fiat money.
  • DXG Staking
  • This is an opportunity to partner with DexAge and generate passive income. 30% of the revenue generated on the DexAge platform will be shared among investors who risk their DXG tokens on the platform.
  • P2P loans
  • This is another income opportunity on the DXG platform. One can use his digital assets as collateral to borrow money on the platform. They might do it if they imagine that their digital assets might value their value in the nearest future and thus don’t want to sell. Lenders can then lend money to the borrower with an interest. This is a win-win for both parties.
  • Dapp Mobile Chat for Socio-economic Transactions
  • Social media has made communication and sharing easy. With the DexAge mobile app, you can chat with friends and send crypto assets through the chat application.
  • DXG Autonomous Decentralization Organization
  • This gives DXG stakeholders with smart contracts the power to choose and participate in decision making in platform development.
  • Smart One-Click Diversification for Crypto Asset Manager
  • With this feature, users can diversify their cryptographic assets by clicking a button.

DexAge ICO – Token Economics

  • DXG tokens are built on Ethereum Blockchain with the standard ERC20 platform
  • Total supply of tokens – 5,000,000,000 DXG
  • Total circulation supply – (70%) 3,500,000,000 DXG
  • Token soft cap – 25.000ETH
  • Token hard cap – 120.000ETH
  • Price of Presale Token – 0.00003ETH
  • Price of selling Crowd Tokens – 0,00005ETH

Prices per token vary according to the sales stage. Crowdsale is then broken down into 4 stages with different prices as can be seen in the picture below.

Before the start of presale and crowdsale, 250 million tokens will be given free of charge in the air drop. Current airdrop and will last for around 2 months (10 October – 30 November 2018). By completing an assignment on airdrop, participants will be rewarded with 3,000 DXG worth $ 30 when the token is registered in the stock exchange at the end of the crowdsale. Participants will also get 50DXG for each person they invite to participate in air walks and crowdsales.

Benefits of Investing in DexAge ICO

There are several benefits from Investing in DexAge ICO

  • Profitability
  • The DexAge team has developed two ways to ensure that DXG tokens remain valuable:  1.   20% of the revenue generated from the platform will be used to buy back and burn DXG tokens up to 50% DXG tokens in purchased and burned supplies. This will reduce supply, increase demand and thus ensure coins remain valuable. 2.   30% of the revenue generated from the DexAge platform will be shared among DXG tokens in proportion to the number of tokens at stake by each stakeholder.
  • Versatility and Stability
  • DXG tokens can be used for various functions, including snooping, voting, payments, transactions, guarantees, etc. in the DexAge ecosystem. The benefits of these various functions will be a wide range of applications for DXG tokens, which together with minimum price volatility will ensure long-term stability for stakeholders.
  • Portfolio
  • Using a one-click diversification tool from the DXG platform, traders at DexAge can manage their crypto assets and allocate funds to be allocated to each coin at their own discretion. Tokens can be used as collateral in the P2P loan feature of DexAge, thus increasing the liquidity of our currency base.




Conclusion: I will Personally Invest in DexAge.

 A decentralized exchange is the future of cryptocurrency exchanges and DexAge has taken bold steps to provide this with many other additional features. The development team as seen on the official website ( has years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. The co-founder currently runs a centralized crypto exchange. 

So far, the Dexage team has demonstrated professionalism in design on the official site and presentations and information available on the   Whitepaper  . The roadmap clearly highlights the plan, what you want to achieve and the development of the schedule.

I would recommend investing in this platform as I want. At this time, you can enjoy a $ 30 DXG token by joining an   airborne bridge  . You will also get more tokens by inviting friends to participate. All the best.

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