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Hello everyone, I’m not sure to follow you. thank you. still about ico DEXAGE

DexAge is a DECENTRALIZED exchange with a multi-level commercial ecosystem. Nature of their funds. This is a centralized exchanges face. In centralized exchange offices, it is usually located through a private key. Therefore, it is a single wallet.

Here are some centralized exchanges that have been hacked in the past.

MT.Gox: this cryptocurrency exchange was hacked twice; in 2011 and 2014. 750,000 BTC (worth 350 million US dollars) were stolen. The company filed for bankruptcy, and users lost their money.

Bitfloor: In 2012, this exchange lost 24,000 BTC for hackers. They also closed, and investors lost their money.

Poloniex: this is a commercial company lost 97.3% to compensate for the loss.

Bitstamp lost 19,000 BTC (worth $ 5 million) to hackers in 2015

In 2016, Bitfinix lost 120,000 BTC (in the amount of $ 72 million. USA). However, they were not allowed.

In addition, in the past, more than 25 exchanges were pirated, which led to investors losing their fund.

From the above, you can see that cryptography trick by hackers. It makes sure that you can’t get it.

DexAge is a new generation of cryptocurrency exchange. I’m still in the ICO DexAge stage.

Our view

The transaction creates an unreliable, unauthorized P2P exchange and trading platform.

Dispersion – P2P encryption transactions, P2P encryption transactions, and P2P lending.

autonomy. It is an autonomous system that uses our platform. It has been the main reason for our growth and development.

Social Network – DexAge’s innovative business model takes advantage of people. There are no limits on how much you can expect to see your password.

Trust leasing system. Encrypted PXP transactions and secured secured intellectual contracts.

Our mission

DexAge is committed to our P2P platform. It is our commitment to achieve our dexAge tokens. In the case of the cryptographic activity.

Main functions

Decentralized Cryptography Exchange

Exchange of P2P cryptography is facilitated using order books and corresponding engines. This is similar to what is being done on commercial platforms, such as Binance, simply decentralized.

P2P Fiat-Crypto Trading

Users from different places can easily exchange their cryptographic assets on the DexAge platform for their local fiduciary money.

DXG in the game

This is an opportunity to cooperate with DexAge and earn passive income. 30% of the income earned on the DexAge platform will be distributed among investors who put their DXG token on the platform.

P2P loan

This is another chance to win on the DXG platform. A person can use their digital assets as collateral for borrowing money on the platform. They can decide what to do if they think their digital asset can be assessed in the near future and, therefore, they do not want to sell. Lenders can provide money to borrowers as a percentage. This is a win-win game for both parties.

Dapp Mobile Chat for Social and Economic Transactions

Social networks have facilitated information sharing and sharing. With the mobile application DexAge you can chat with your friends and send encryption resources through chat application.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization DXG

This gives interested parties DXG intellectual contract, allowing to vote and to participate in decision-making in the development of the platform.

Intellectual one-disk diversification for Crypto Asset Manager

With this feature, users can customize their cryptographic resources.

DexAge ICO – Token Economics

DXG toners are built in Ethereum Blockchain with standard ERC20 platform

The total number of chip shipments is 5,000,000,000 DXG

Total circulation supply – (70%) 3 500 000 000 DXG

Symbolic soft cover – 25,000ETH

Hard Cap Tab – 120,000ETH

Price – 0,00003ETH Chip Retail

Price – 0,00005ETH

The price of the chip varies. The crowd is divided into 4 stages below.

250 million chips will be delivered before the pre-sale. Air start is currently activated and will last approximately 2 months (from October 10 to November 30, 2018). He received a reward of 3000 DXG, which costs $ 30.

Benefits of investing in DexAge ICO


The DXG token remains: 1. It’s 50% of the DXG token in delivery. and, therefore, will ensure the safety of the currency. It is a 30% of the income earned by the DexAge platform.

Versatility and stability

DXG tokens can be used for a large number of functions, including rates, polls, payments, transactions, guarantees, etc. In the DexAge ecosystem. DXG tokens can be used in a wide range of applications.


If you’re on the DXG platform, you’ll be able to complete your project. Lecturers can be used for the P2P DexAge loan function.

Executive team

Our team combines passion for industry knowledge with proven results in finance, development, marketing and licensing.

Kenneth Precious – CEO and Co-Founder

Suanu Nenvi – CTO and Co-Founder

Years of Vogue

Ukaoma Stanley – COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Kenneth Chile – Finance Director (CFO)

Jude Umeano – CSM (Community Support Manager)

David Ooty – Solution Designer and Lead Developer

Zuzana Meidrova – chief content manager

Owoh Onwuchekwa Ogbuefi – Principal Analyst of CSA Strategy

Wapinter – Bounty Campaign Manager


Kingsley Oks Idisi – Legal Advisor

Sydney Ifergan – Counselor

Manoy Rana – Marketing Consultant

T Aravinda Babu – Blockchain Technical Advisor

For more information, visit the official website of DEXAGE Website:

and white paper:

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