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When the blockbuster system was designed, crypto coins were also birthed and along the line the need to exchange them began to unfold which then led to the sprouting of exchanges to make trading possible. With that, trading began and the prevalent coins at that time were exchanged by the traders with ease. But with the advancement of the system, many activities that use to be done well began to fail and falter and that includes the exchange operations too. Needing to scale through these impediments, DEXAGE PROJECT came forth.


Dexage is created to eliminate pending problems holding users back from optimizing the advantages of the ledger chain while putting in features and necessary infrastructures that will help revive the trading economy. With the assurance of safety over the funds of users all other activities that could be done will be aided and supported by this project. This setup will be fair in the fees it charges for the exchange and withdrawal options so users won’t get discouraged and will focus on the essentials in the ecosystem. Users will therefore stand as the social strength of dexage, holding it down and ensuring its growth without any lapses. When users needs loans, they won’t be denied but provided with them to fulfil their crypto-lending programs and users will be able to scale up in profits as this is done.




Dexage perform unique services with all perfection and difference to ensure users satisfaction and progress in the world of cryptocurencies. The Exchange activities is done in different styles from the fiat system to the digital assets in its distributed form.

The first core exchange option is the arrangements of crypto2crypto Trading among users through dexage distributed system. Starting out, the trading will be enabled through the use of users private keys for authentication and then followed by the importation of wallet to the dexage platform from where the transaction will be completed. Furthermore, the decentralisatiion of the project makes users fund only accessible to them while others are kept away and before the deal is completed, the payments will be comfirmed to be present in both users before completing the operation. This is how this type of trading will be done without fluffs and full transparency.

Real life currencies also will be traded against cryptocoins effortlessly among the users of this project. For ease of this type of trading, there would be an appropriate placement of adverts which effectively displays the compactible pairs and let users able to trade their funds easily without middlemen interference but with the coordination of smartcontracts and this serve as a means of protecting the entire system and operations from being monitored externally.

Traders will find it safe and less complex to lend from the system as long as they have the DXG token and are using them constantly in the community. Lending won’t take forever to be secured or obtained as the DXG token can stand for that when this service is needed. This platform will be sure to have the borrowers reviewed and checked for details of their seriousness in the platform and the kind of social relationship or good reputation they have before granting them loans to avoid being defrauded.

In DXG venture, only the DXG token stands usable for utilities. But users must know that the token helps the project to achieve growth and increase its sphere of influence with the several use case it is used for in the community. All necessarily payments and activities in the project like staking, voting and fees charged for operations will be paid in form of the DXG token and for collection of loans also. This native currency holds down the system and fosters its growth.


In dexage, users are enabled to use the mobile chatting app which let’s them connect with other users with the same interest and they also have a medium where they are being updated about the current state of the ledger community and all that concerns the system positively to keep them updated and aware of the state and benefits they could derive per time. This project is able to link users account to their other social media accounts or pages in order to share their journey and experiences with friends and family and also reach out to a great number of people.


Symbol -DXG

Token total supply — 5,000,000,000 DXG

Total Circulating supply — (70%) 3,500,000,000 DXG

Token soft cap — 25,000E

Token hard cap — 120,000ETH

Token Presale Price — 0.00003ETH

Token Crowd sale price — 0.00005ETH


DXG is a complete social innovation and will drive a revolution across all sectors through the active participation of the social users in the ecosystem. Then on the long run, the entire cryptocurency system will be seen resting on its contribution to the community.



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