DicoBlock Digital Content Eco ecosystem

1. Introduction

The global digital content market centered on advanced countries such as the United States, Japan, and the UK has undergone a rapid change in recent years due to the increasing penetration of smartphones and tablet devices in China and emerging markets, and consumers’ perception of digital content consumption. Especially, multi-screen usage including TVs and smart devices is increasing worldwide, and mobile-oriented economy is emerging as a core industry. In addition, as the wired and wireless network and smart device penetration rate of developing countries as well as advanced countries are rapidly increasing, digital contents distributed through such digital devices are expected to have a full-blown growth power in the future. In particular, digital contents are being integrated with ICT technology that combines information and technology, leading to the 5G era of high-speed wireless Internet, and it is analyzed that the era in which culture, technology and contents are integrated into one is accelerating.

In 2015, the global digital content market grew into a $ 1.38 trillion market with an increase in thepenetration rate of wired and wireless networks and smart devices and the emergence of various distribution platforms. The digital content market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 11.0% to 20.2trillion US dollars by 2020, driven by high growth of e-learning and realistic contents market.

DiCoBlock is a service that can enhance the transparency of the settlement and distribution of works and maximize the profit of the creator by applying block chain technology with strong security and transparency to the content distribution field to provide decentralization-based digital contents distribution service technology.

DiCoBlock service provides a way to secure the traceability, copyright information clarity and credibility in addition to the content distribution. The change of social perception through the establishment of a virtuous cycle structure has led to the expansion of the digital contents industry market, the protection of the rights of the creator, and the opportunity for recreation through fair and transparent settlement and distribution. The industry can expect changes in social perceptions. The rational use of content due to the direct transaction between the user and the creator. As the price increases, the rate of illegal circulation works will be reduced to expand the entire digital content s industry and monitor and supervise illegal distribution works. The cost will also decrease. As a result, it is possible to secure the mutual trust through promoting the creation and circulation of digital contents based on the expansion of trust between the creator and the user, securing transparency in settlement, and thereby, the digital contents use can be activated. As the flow of new content creators increases through activation, the digital content industry can grow and create a virtuous cycle structure in which authors’ creative activities will be promoted.

2. DiCoBlock, Digital Contents Eco-System

There have been many researches and attempts to overcome various problems of digital contents distribution system. However, the conventional centralized system structure mentioned above has not yet provided adequate solutions. Obviously, the purpose of creation and use of contents are the same yet it is structure focusing in profit and authority that it eventually gives birth to a management perspective also has different formal rules. In order to overcome these problems and to secure the efficiency, reliability, and proper profit distribution of copyright owners (creators) a new structure Is needed, DiCoBlock team uses block-chain technology to establish a digital contents distribution system based on a decentralized system that could not be achieved with the current system, and it would provide digital contents copyrights check and distribution based on an auction service. This can ensure both transparency and reliability of the transactions, according to the characteristics of the block chain, and it is a reasonable platform for users. The DiCoBlock platform is a digital content distribution service, not a single service, and along with users, it is possible to define the price of digital contents which were not possible through conventional auction and reverse auction services. Unlike existing services with high entry barriers in the distribution market, one creator and small creative companies can actively participate. By providing standardized APIs and SDKs, it is easy to securely access data from third-party applications and services, thereby creating a digital eco-friendly ecosystem. It also uses the DiCo password to be used in the DiCoBlock service for issuance of copyright and distribution activities.

3. DiCoBlock Technical Details

  • DiCoBlock Platform Architecture

DiCoBlock digital content distribution service is a C2C model in which the copyright owner and the user can directly transfer the work on the block chain without intermediaries. This model can be used to freely distribute works between individuals irrespective of existing legal systems related to copyright. Even one creator and a small-scale creator can freely distribute using DiCoBlock.

The advantage of DiCoBlock, a digital content distribution platform, is that anyone can freely register his / her own work and sell it, and he / However, the license terms can’t be changed when registered in DiCoBlock ledger, so careful setting is necessary. If profits are generated through digital content transactions, the copyright holder can make the most profit, and the profit will be divided according to the distribution rules specified in the smart contract, and the money will be remitted to each electronic wallet. This makes settlement and distribution happen immediately by the smart contract program and is handled without intermediaries or human intervention.

4. Token model

/ DiCoBlock issues a digital token [DiCO Token: DICO] that follows Ethereum’s ERC20 foundation. The DiCo token is used as the monetary value of the Digital Content DiCoBlock system. /

DiCo tokens are the main tokens that can serve as means of payment for digital content exchange. DICO TOKEN allows you to participate in auction and reverse auction services within DiCoBlock, and also to sell and purchase general digital content.

Token Specifications and Itinerary

◈ Token name: DICO

◈ Token symbol: DICO

◈ Token Contract Address: 0xa1F4b654283E65F81bb5E9BD0647080D17Cdd4C5

◈ Token Issue: 1,000,000,000 DiCo

◈ Exchange rate: 1 DiCo = 0.0001 ETH

◈ Minimum target sales: 5,000 ETH (can be changed according to ETH price)

◈ Maximum target sales: 50,000 ETH (You can change according to ETH price)

◈ Private Sale: April 10, 2018 ~ May 26 00:00 UTC + 9( KST) (Bonus: 60%)

◈ Start Date: May 27, 2018 00:00 UTC + 9 (KST)

◈ Deadline: July 22, 2018 00:00 UTC + 9 (KST)

The ICO period is divided into four sections, and DiCo is awarded to each ICO participant in the form of a bonus. The percentage of bonuses for each period is as follows.

┗ May 27, 2018 00:00 KST ~ June 10, 2018 (Bonus: 50%)

┗ June 11, 2018 00:00 KST ~ June 24, 2018 (Bonus: 30%)

┗ June 25, 2018 00:00 KST ~ July 22, 2018 (Bonus: 10%)

Token Distribution

The tokens paid to ICO participants are about 50% of the total initial issue volume. Approximately 20% of total token issuance will be used for DiCoBlock marketing purposes, the remaining 20% will be distributed to the DiCoBlock development and operations team, 10% to advisors and initial investors.

5. DicoBlock Service UI/UX

6. Future Plan

7. Other (Legal Considerations)

8. Refrences

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Korea Copyright Committee. Study on Copyright New Service Model Using Block Chain Technology. 2017

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