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At about 5000 BC ago, Gold is one of the first metals used by man (this report was gotten from research made by Archeological). In 1803 at United States of America, the first registered gold weighing 7.8kg was found. Gold are normally stored in a vault for safety. Federal Reserve Bank of New York happens to be the world’s largest gold reserve; the vault was able to stored 540,000 gold bars. Gold can be found on Earth, Mercury, Mars, and Venus.

There are some physical gold properties I will like us to know: Gold is a soft metal that has a high melting temperature. Gold being a soft metal make it a good conductor of heat and electricity. Gold are ductile; this means gold can be stretched. Gold has a density of gold is also high, though it’s not the densest of metals.

The gold can be mint and this process has been in existence since the last 100 years. The gold are very expensive, very rare to see and it has a high value. These are the reasons why about 70% of gold mint for years back are still in circulation. I know everyone want to get gold, but the fact is that gold is rare to see and it is very expensive.


In most regions, especially the rural areas, they don’t have access to bank or it is sited in a place far from their residents. The interest rate or transaction rate on the traditional financial institute are very high because it always involves intermediaries before a transaction could be executed. Those banks you are saving your assets can go bankrupt and all the customers will lose their savings. The physical money are sometimes affected by inflation. The emerged of cryptocurrency is simply the solution to those problems. Investing in Gold token will protect your assets from inflation and enjoys minimal volatility.


The crypto are market are very volatile unlike the normal commodity market. This is why for you to excel in crypto business, you must be aware of every single development of the crypto market to know when to pull in or pull out. But one funny thing about the crypto market is that, no matter the level of your understanding of crypto market, there are days the bearish market will catch you up. These are reasons why stablecoin is more preferable to volatile coin. The stablecoin is the type of cryptocurrency that has a stable price. As an investor, you can make a trade on stablecoin and travel for a break without having the fear of bearish market.


The challenges of stablecoin is that they are most affected by inflation, but Gold token is the stablecoins that can address that challenges because it was backed by physical gold. GOLD stablecoins are not affected by high-volatility and it preserve it’s internal value. Since the price of gold will keep increasing, the value of Gold token will be increasing as well. So the difference between Gold stablecoin and other type of stablecoin is that, Gold stablecoin are backed by physical gold while others are not. Again, the value of other stablecoin does not rise but the value of Gold stablecoin rise in accordance to how the price of pure gold ride.


The Digital Gold project was created in order to facilitate an easy, effective and efficient purchase system for gold market. The Digital Gold marketplace will also serve as an avenue for buying and selling of Gold token. In Digital Gold marketplace, the pricing information of gold will be displayed for everybody to see. The Digital Gold marketplace is very secure and they are equipped to offer regular customers services to the users of the platform. The marketplace was designed to suit web base and also be compatible mobile application.

Here is the short link of the Digital Gold marketplace:


BullionStar is a platform offering storage solutions for precious metals including physical gold, silver, and other metal coins.. BillionStar already have license from Singapore government to offer storage for precious metals. With the license BillionStar got, any investors that buy or sell precious metals through this platform does not pay any tax. BillionStar is one of the top platforms offering this type of service and the last report published by the platform shows that they have processed up to 100,000th order. BullionStar is a transparent platform that offer a loyalty services to their clients.

People can buy precious metals from BullionStar through their store or through the website and it will be delivered to the customer prefer destination and for those that wish to keep it with the platform, it will be stored on BullionStar’s secure vault. BillionStar a lot of low and free services. BillionStar is exceptional in the sense that their easily secure bars of precious metals, sell and convert it to the currency of their choice so fast.

For Digital Gold platform to BullionStar, it means people can buy gold with Gold token and your gold assets will be stored on BullionStar’s secure vault if you wish to store it or it will be shipped to your destination.


The main aim of this project is to tokenize and digitize gold asset and optimize the use of blockchain. So therefore, people will be able to purchase physical gold with the digital Gold token. By doing this, you will enjoys the following benefits:

Purchasing of physical gold with Gold token attract no transfer fees. You can as well make unlimited payments without any restriction. The only charges you pay for executing a transaction is the one the ethereum network deduct as transaction has fees.

The Digital Gold platform give clients the opportunity to diversify their portfolios in a safe state since cryptocurrency price is volatile in the market. This will limit the rate of fear and risk of losing your investment.

Through the Digital Gold platform, clients can easily secure gold ownership. This platform will help you to secure a reliable supplier and all paperwork. This means users won’t undergo all the stress of filling paperwork before they will have access to purchase grams of gold.


Digital Gold platform provides a comprehensive set of solutions for buying, selling, and storing of gold. The service charge of purchasing, selling or storing of gold are very cheap. Digital Gold want will digitize the gold market via the Gold token by enables clients to purchase coverage in physical gold. The Gold token can instantly purchased, sold, and traded, why it represents customer cryptocurrency portfolios.

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