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Digital Ticks is a Commodity-Crypto Exchange which as the name itself infers, enables clients to exchange or exchange cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or items, for example, Gold (XAU) Silver (XAG). The DTX, DTX remaining for “Digital Ticks Exchange” platform would start a progressive pattern on a worldwide level since it is the first to pioneer another period for exchanges of this kind. Digital Ticks Exchange (DTX) is simply not another crypto to crypto exchange but rather is additionally a semi-calculation platform supplier in its own. DTX intends to take into account a wide range of crypto resources and in addition commodity to crypto resources. Digital Ticks Exchange would not impose any exchange charges for initial couple of long stretches of beginning consequently offering dealers to exchange on zero exchange charges. DTX would give volume-based impetus for high recurrence dealer (HFT) which would give them scope for holding higher productivity in the exchange. The DTx platform would be control pressed with high innovative highlights including all the essential highlights of an exchange required by any sort of broker. From the tenderfoot dealer to an expert broker and the high recurrence merchant the DTX platform would come in as the most trusted and secured platform with a specific end goal to give the client the ideal trading and exchange involvement.


Highlights (To be taken off on platform in following request)

An exchange very much outlined by dealers for brokers. Digital Ticks exchange would be control pressed by a great deal of cutting edge highlights including all the essential highlights of an exchange required by a fledgling dealer to an expert broker and additionally for a high recurrence merchant.

Crypto: Crypto Currency Pair

Commodity: Crypto Pair

Spot Trading


Calculations and High Frequency trading

Decentralized (on-chain) exchange

Significantly more for simplicity of doing trading

Trading Coins/Commodities

Digital Ticks Exchange would bolster following trading coins/wares:


Additional trading pairs would be included over some stretch of time according to the request of the trading group. On the off chance that you wish to list a coin or some other monetary instrument on Digital Ticks Exchange in future, investment in token deal will help.


Clients of the Digital Ticks platform are certain to expect motivators from the platform as DTX gives high-volume administrators discounts on all expenses identified with exchanges, and all clients, no matter what, will get a remarkable referral interface for the client. This reference connection will be utilized to welcome another person to begin utilizing the platform. Whenever utilized, the client who lent your connection will take 5% of each commission that would ordinarily be conveyed in full to the Digital Ticks exchange. This applies to every one of the tasks make the individual you welcomed). You purchase their “tokens” or chips utilizing a referral connect and the individual who will give you the connection will get 5% of the sum you chose to purchase, just this time it leaves the 10% doled out to references.


Digital Ticks Exchange group has experienced part of security agenda to guard customer resources and individual information. Assets redundant for quick withdrawal are held in secure disconnected air gapped icy stockpiling. Digital Ticks Exchange normally offer a moment withdrawal include, so to limit the likelihood that an interloper could take the whole save in a security rupture, and will take after a best practice by keeping most of the save in icy stockpiling, or at the end of the day, not present on the web server or some other PC.

Multi Signature Wallets

Digital Ticks Exchange would utilize Multisignature (frequently called as multisig). Multisig is a type of innovation which is utilized to include extra layer of security for cryptocurrency exchanges. Assets can be pulled back through Multisig wallet just if 2 out of 3 enrolled marks coordinates on Blockchain Technology.


Volume based discount Model

Digital Ticks Exchange would give trading expense discount to its High-volume merchants. To profit the Volume based discount a merchant would require to hold 2000 DTX tokens in their wallet on the Digital Ticks Exchange with a base secure time of 1 month.

Creator and Taker idea

Digital Ticks Exchange would give expense motivator to Maker. As the name proposes a merchant who gives profundity and liquidity on the exchange would be named as producer, henceforth he would be qualified for a charge motivating force, the points of interest of which would be distributed through declarations on site under Latest News segment. A taker is one who commonly exchanges available costs and along these lines their exchanges are considered as dynamic exchanges.

Insignificant Trading Fees

Digital Ticks Exchange trusts in giving more profundity and liquidity to the members by lessening the exchange charges. Digital Ticks Exchange would distribute the aggressive exchange charges on the site through the declarations.


DTX token would be accessible for buy to open. DTX Token is an UTILITY Token. A strict point of confinement of 128 MM DTX tokens will be made, never to be expanded. DTX token will be an ERC20 perfect token and based on Ethereum blockchain innovation.


DTX token deal will be open for pre-deal from 25th March 2018. One can buy DTX token by giving comparable measure of BTC/ETH/WIRE TRANSFER. Wire exchange would be adequate through our Intermediaries over the globe.


Digital Ticks Team Jitu Bajaj – Chief Executive Officer Mayur Poddar – Chief Communication Officer Pooja Juneja – Project Legal Advisor Tushar Panchbudhe – Blockchain Developer Gauri Bhagat – Social Media Community Manager

Hurry now! Do yourself a favour and invest in Digital Ticks. But first, ensure you avail yourself of all necessary information out there by visiting the links below.

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