DIGITAL TICKS PLATFORM: commodity-crypto exchange.

Digital Ticks is the first crypto exchange commodity designed by pedagan for the exchange or trade of cryptocurrencies and commodities such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC/XLT), Gold or Silver. Digital Ticks Exchange is not just a crypto exchanger but also its own semi-algorithm platform provider with advanced features useful to both novice traders, professional traders. Digital Ticks is an exchange with safety features like DDoS attacks, phishing attempts, and perform vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Digital Ticks Exchange will not charge any transaction fees for the first few months from the beginning so give traders to trade on zero transaction fees. DTX will provide volume based incentives for high frequency traders (HFT) that will give them room to maintain higher profitability in trading.

Digital Ticks exchange platform will be sure to support trading coins and commodities such as: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, neo, DTX, gold and silver.

Digital Ticks will be giving incentives to high frequency traders. High volume traders will be expecting discounts on all fees related to trading and all users, with no exceptions, will be given a referral link unique to him/her. This referral link will be used to invite somebody new to start using the platform. When used, the user who lent the link will earn 5% of every commission usually delivered completely to Digital Ticks exchange.Ticks will be giving incentives for inviting more people to join. You buy their tokens using a referral link and the person who gave you the link will receive 5% of the amount bought, only this time this comes from the 10% of funds allocated to referrals(referral pool).


An exchange well designed by traders for traders. Digital Ticks exchange would be power packed by a lot of advanced features including all the basic features of an exchange required by a novice trader to a professional trader as well as for a high frequency trader.

Semi Algo/ HFT

Trade Multiple Crypto’s

Single Portfolio View

OCO Order


Multiple Device Compatibility


Token Name: DTX

Type: ERC–20, Utility

Soft Cap: USD 5.7 Million

Hard Cap: USD 30 Million

Accepted Currencies: BTC/ETH/Wire Transfer

Unsold Tokens will be burned after Token sale ends




15 Dec 2017: Idea Generation (Project Start Up)

02 Jan 2018: Development of User Interface prototype for Investors

20 Jan 2018: Planning of Launching DTX Token Sale

15 Feb 2018: Whitepaper circulated to Angel Investor

7 March 2018: Digital Ticks website goes Live and Whitepaper goes Public

25 Mar 2018: DTX Pre Token Sale begins

15 Apr 2018: DTX Public Token Sale Begins

15 May 2018: DTX Token sale ends

20 June 2018: Launch of DTX Tokens on Leading Exchanges

01 Aug 2018: Launch of Digital Ticks Exchange (DTX) v 1.0

15 Aug 2018: Mobile Apps released

15 Sep 2018: Listing of additional Alt Coins

25 March 2019: Annual Ceremony

15 May 2019: 1000+ cryptocurrencies listed, daily exchange volume expected 200000+ BTC.

15 July 2019: One of the Top 10 worldwide cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Quarter 4 2019: Listing of Digital Ticks Exchange IPO on recognized Stock Exchange.

Kind Regards, ensure to join this incredible project.


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