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Today, many people have heard about cryptocurrency, but not everyone wants to deal with the opportunities that they provide. Many do not understand why it is needed, as well as be bothered to enter various exchanges, and platforms that are associated with cryptocurrencies. What then to speak about investing in digital assets. This is precisely what scares many. After reading reviews about the number of projects that have broken off, no one believes in the success of any particular project. So today I would like to talk about a project that affects the freelance market, which is familiar to many people. The project is called Digiwage. Before nachalos, I wanted you to get an initial idea of the project by watching this video. The platform will find its use among freelancers. In addition, it can be used by companies and individuals who need an employee for a short time, as well as sellers of digital goods. Digiwage is still a young platform that needs development and an influx of users, so it is trying in every way to attract customers and performers to itself. Yes, now it is difficult, and many do not understand why creating such platforms, of which there are already so many.

Features and advantages of the project:

  • Digiwage is a decentralized platform for freelancers and customers who need specialists not for permanent recruitment to the company.
  • The project does not charge a commission from customers and performers.
  • The peculiarity of the platform is that it does not depend on other blockchain. The platform is a separate independent network.
  • The presence of the local currency of the project, which is already being traded on many exchanges. Token is called WAGE.
  • Zero fee for transactions on the platform. By the way, if you do not know, then on other freelance sites, the system itself takes a commission of 10% or more of the order amount. And it is expensive for each customer and is reflected in the work of the contractor.


Personally, I think the Digiwage project is promising, since I am a supporter of the blockchain and everything related to tokenization and decentralization. I think many of you are also interested in this topic. I recommend to deal with this project and explore its capabilities through the links listed below.

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More information can be found here:

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram


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