DINERO — block-based multibased money-based platform

Business owners with cash flow face some problems nowadays. Dinero one is created as “block-based multi-based platform” that will help businesses to solve their problems.
It is a great and innovative idea for cafes, restaurants, pubs, malls, shops and other places where the amount of money is constantly coming to business and going out of it.
In spite of the use of this network, customers will be able to gain access to “ease of learning, safe, and fast costs” through the use of various emergency cryptoes. At this point, it should also be mentioned that Dinero will be able to be used for transition owners, as well as customers.

The main Characteristics of DineroOne
  1. Automatic cash counting;
    There is no need to worry about the right calculations when giving a change or counting money. DineroOne takes care about your health and money.
  2. Cryptocurrency payments (all coins and tokens possible)
    Payment with Crypto is a simple and nice way. You can pay for some drinks and food using any coins you have.
  3. Modularity(all in one)
    Currently, there are a lot of devices you use to sell some products. But DineroOne will simplify the process of selling goods. Because PC, Cash Register, Point of Sales devices and invoice systems will be in one device. All you need to do is just to plug your DineroOne and start creating some additional income.
  4. ATM integration:
    According to company reports, if local legislation/ laws permit, the company aims to start making the Dinero app compatible with ATM’s so as to allow for seamless cash/ crypto transactions to go through.
    Forget about a complex system of payments. Use one-touch DineroOne only in the payment process at your favorite pub or shop that supports DineroOne by using our Smartphone, Credit Card or DineroOne Cryptocurrency Wallet. This project can make Crypto exchange for cash and vice versa in a few seconds.

DineroOne Tokens and its Sales Program

Token Name: DineroONE
Symbol of Token: DNRO
Token standardization: ERC20
Total Supply tokens: 350,000,000 tokens, and unsold tokens will be rolled out after the Crowdsale program.
Token distribution: done after the crowdsale program
Exchange Rate: 1 DNRO = 0.153 EUR
Crowdsale payment instrument: ETH and BTC
Softcap = 18 Billion EURO
Hardcap = 45 Billion EURO

The idea of creation of DineroOne drawer / cash platform / leap as a product, a highly prospective one that will make a good profit for its founders and investors, of course.
Another reason why Dinero one is a perspective project is that they have a great team of experienced professionals working in their field for decades.

Team DINEROone

Martina Zeljko

Martina Zeljko has been engaged in digital business for 5 years, she is living a digital fairy-tale. When it comes to business, her motto is “Learning and adapting”.

Marija Zeljko

Co-founder, Content Manager
Marija is rich with experience in digital communication with animate business sense. Being a part of younger generation means being constantly present online .So, Marija thinks that every person should keep up to date and taking into consideration all IT industry development factors.

Ivan Stričak

Digital Marketing
Ivan is a technology expert with more than 8 years of experience gained in local and global markets. He has been working on numerous technological solutions, including those for online digital planning and advertisement development of some of the world’s largest companies.

Mario Janković

Lead developer & product design
He has been engaged in developing all related to the web for 15 years. He has developed product appearance, application interfaces and all products on Dinero.

Jurica Ramljak

Sales Manager
If something needs to be sold, Jurica is the right person for the job! With over ten years of experience in globally known firms, we can say he’s a sales specialist.

Srećko Beljak

Mechantronic Specialist
With technical know-how, suggestions, visualization and other related skills, he is the main person for the development of DineroONE.

Marinko Penava

Community Manager
The most silent person offline but chatty online. With a laptop and three smartphones constantly present with him, Marinko claims that very little information from the digital IT can escape from him.

David Jakovljević

Legal & Compliance
A lawyer specialized in commercial law, information technology and cryptocurrencies.David is a part of the team in charge of the legal affairs of the DineroONE project and coordinating the implementation process in accordance with local and EU legislation.

Iva Milić

She has excellent experience in handling the entire financial and commercial activities of the organization and guiding the finance team.
In conclusion, I would like to say that DineroOne has a revolutionary idea which is needed in our world. As everyone knows cryptocurrency is dominating and it demands new devices to put into use.

ICO detail

  • Category: Paymentplatform
  • Pricepertoken: $0.25
  • Platform: Etherium(ERC20)
Hype rate: Low
Risk rate: Normal
ROI rate: Normal
CatalogICO interest: Medium Interest
Team from: Europe
Fundraising goal: 18 000 000 € USD
Total tokens 350.000.000 DNRO




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