Dinero ONE products that count money in real time

Thе DineroOne  platform has been conceived to allow the use of cryptocurrencies for the payment of day-to-day consumption. Seeking to solve the main problem faced by cryptocurrency holders regarding their use for routine payments DineroOne will also act as an ATM for cryptocurrencies.

With the rise in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by more users around the world, it is convenient to have the possibility of using cryptocurrencies in everyday life, such as in restaurants and coffee places, however it must be admitted that the current infrastructure does not allow it in a massive way. Now it is beginning to evolve in solutions that point to that massive normalization of the use of cryptocurrencies like any other fiduciary currency in everyday uses.

Features offered by Dineroone.

  •  Payment with Crypto – Dineroone will be a Cryptocurrency payment Enabler in the real world. we can pay for coffee or croissants with digital currency in a very simple and safe way.
  •  Automatic money calculations – for a moment we forget to count or worry about the money we have. and let us focus on what matters most in our business to make a profit
  •  Dineroone will automatically calculate the money and report it to the asset owner in realtime as well.
  • ATMs are everywhere-let’s start saving time by redeeming Cryptocurrency assets that we have with cash easily. with coverage of existing self-contained Automatic Tactics. will directly transform our environment into a place of exchange by creating a variety of Crypto ATMs with self-access.

Token token program

DeniroOne will also conduct a token sales program to be implemented on 01 March 2010 2018 until 11 April 2018 with details of sales program as follows

  •  Token Name: DineroONE
  •  Symbol Token: DNRO
  • Token standardization: ERC20
  •  Total Supply tokens: 350,000,000 tokens, and unsold tokens will be rolled out after the Crowdsale program
  •  Token distribution: done after the crowdsale program
  •  Exchange Rate : 1 DIN = 0.153 EUR
  •  Crowdsale payment instrument: ETH and BTC
  • Softcap = 18 Billion EURO
  •  Hardcap = 45 Billion EURО


Every investor in this project will get a number of DINERO tokens (DIN) in accordance with the amount of his investment. and subsequent to success with Dinero’s sales program will be listed under the relevant securities to enable Dinero token trading (DIN). The DIN token itself is an Equity token that will allow investors to receive a constant stream of revenue generated by the transaction in the form of DINERO. Payment of token transactions to be shared once a month. and to continue to increase demand, and in the long run continue to increase in price and thus will directly create added value for Dinaro investors.

Dinero One DIN ICO Token Sale Details

As is clear now, Dinero Token (abbreviated DIN) will be used for all small internal payment needs. This is a compatible ERC20, and in it there will be a total of 350 1000000 DIN token that will be distributed to the public through crowdsale.
All DIN products can be done through the use of BTC, and the distribution of tokens will be maintained in the following ways:
297.5 1000000 (which serves up to 85%) of the total amount of the country’s currency has been set aside for public spending and expenditure.
17.5 1000000 (5%) of all tokens will be reserved for future growth of the company, and also for the establishment of an exchange partnership.
10.5 1000000 (3%) will be used exclusively by core team members.
Another 7 1000000 (2%) have been provided for this project advisor.
The remaining 5% will be used for prize making program.


DeniroOne will also conduct a token sales program which will be implemented on 01 March 2010 2018 until 11 April 2018 with details of sales program as follows
Token Name: DineroONE
Symbol Token: DNRO
Token standardization: ERC20
Total Supply tokens: 350,000,000 tokens, and unsold tokens will be rolled out after the Crowdsale program

Another method of income generation of the company that develops this multipurpose cash drawer is by charging a commission to merchants for credit card and cryptocurrency transactions. Part of the commission will go to the company and investors. Another alternative that will be put into practice is to license the software used by the smart teller. The approximate charges for the licensed use of the software are € 0.99 / month for remote software and € 9.99 a month for the main ATM software.

Investors will be rewarded with DNRO tokens – the native token of the platform – according to their investment in the crowdsale. After the crowdsale, the token will be included in the exchanges so that it can be negotiated. Investors become shareholders of the company that manufactures and sells the cash drawers. They will be entitled to 30 percent of the annual profits from the sales of the multipurpose ATMs.

Any other bonuses or any characters will not be offered after that. However, we reserve the right to offer up to 40% bonus to selected participants (block hedge funds) on our direct invitation and consideration.

All investors will receive a DIN token, as well as all relevant instructions, after successfully completing the token crowd phase.

DIN signs given to the team and its founders will be frozen (via a special Smart Contract) prior to the official launch of Dineroone.

For more information visit the official website below:

Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1776393

Ethereum Address: 0x0bdF15D19B1c37f55E36B82590DD49958439d2f9


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