Dinero ONE products that count money in real time


The Dinero ONE platform will be a product that calculates money in real time and shows the total amount of cash in box, cryptography and on-screen credit card transactions, as well as apps for smartphone owners. The amount and cash balances on accounts and coins will be displayed in real time on Dinero ONE screens and mobile apps.Along with showing current cash balance, credit card and current crypto balance, the total current balance in the Dinero-powered crypto (DIN) will also be displayed at the current exchange rate.Automatic cash count is one of four key features of the Dinero ONE cash / cash platform. Second, it provides a payment gateway service for transactions with cards and has the three most important features: it provides a simple two-way stable flow of stability.Twoway means Dineroone will be able to accept cryptococcal payments and restore cryptographic and / or monetary changes, depending on what the business and customers want (the cryptococcal payment gateway).

DinerOne is a project that will benefit the digital space and the physical world alike, and will help transform the way we handle cryptocurrencies today.DineroOne wants to make cryptocurrencies viable for companies and thus make them viable for their clients. It is a multi-purpose solution that will help businesses and cryptography enthusiasts alike, encouraging more widespread use of cryptocurrencies.DineroOne Cash  is the solution to the daily problems that companies usually have when handling cash daily. The DineroOne multipurpose cash drawer will make the transactions more secure and simple using cryptocurrencies mainly.

The power of Dinero One

Pay using Crypto: Dinero itself will have real-time kriptocurrency payments. Pay coffee or croissants with digital currency in a simple and safe way.Taking money automatically: forget to count or worry about your money and focus on what matters to your business. Dinero will automatically calculate the money and report it in real time.ATMs everywhere: saving time by redeeming cash in the corner. Change the place where your environment is in exchange, creating multiple independent ATMs with crypto currencyAll-in-one solution: PC, cash register, POS device and invoice system – on one device! Connect your Dinero, stop worrying and start earning money.Team Variety: Its members work for a long time in the digital world and have a passion for creativity.

Each cash, credit, and cryptocurrency transaction (withdrawal and deposit in Dineroone drawermoney ) will be recorded in a database accessible to the business owner through the GUI interface, and the data will then be used to analyze total revenue and make further business decisions.
Dineroone drawer / platform Second, it provides a payment gateway service for card transactions, and the third most important possibility feature: it allows simple two-way flow of cryptourrency.Twoway means Dinarone will be able to accept cryptococcal payments and change back crypto and / or cash, depending on what the business and customers want (the cryptocurrency payment gateway).

Token token program

DeniroOne will also conduct a token sales program to be implemented on 01 March 2010 2018 until 11 April 2018 with details of sales program as follows

  •  Token Name: DineroONE
  •  Symbol Token: DNRO
  • Token standardization: ERC20
  •  Total Supply tokens: 350,000,000 tokens, and unsold tokens will be rolled out after the Crowdsale program
  •  Token distribution: done after the crowdsale program
  •  Exchange Rate : 1 DIN = 0.153 EUR
  •  Crowdsale payment instrument: ETH and BTC
  • Softcap = 18 Billion EURO
  •  Hardcap = 45 Billion EURО


Every investor in this project will get a number of DINERO tokens (DIN) in accordance with the amount of his investment. and subsequent to success with Dinero’s sales program will be listed under the relevant securities to enable Dinero token trading (DIN). The DIN token itself is an Equity token that will allow investors to receive a constant stream of revenue generated by the transaction in the form of DINERO. Payment of token transactions to be shared once a month. and to continue to increase demand, and in the long run continue to increase in price and thus will directly create added value for Dinaro investors.
Investors in this Project become shareholders of a new model company that will continue to produce and sell existing shares on DineroOne’s versatile cash platform. 30% of the annual profit generated by the sale of cash drawer / multipurpose cash platform Dineroone, crypto transactions and credit card owned by the investor (token holder DIN). Profit sharing will take place once a year. for the previous year in the form of transaction token as transaction payment.
The biggest investor of a particular market has the right to be the exclusive importer, the distributor for the market on which they are located. if they wish to do so and in accordance with the agreed upon agreement. for example there are three investors from Sweden who have invested in this project, Investor A invests as much as 1EUR, Investor B invests 2 EUR and investor C invests 3 EUR, with the above scheme clear Investor C has Exclusive rights as distributor in Swedish zone . but if Investor C is not interested then the exclusive rights will fall to Investor B, but if Investor B is not interested this will also fall to Investor A, but if Investor A also not interested in the Exclusive Rights offer. the DineroOne team will find Investors through Crowdfunding to become one of the investors in their country.

For each investment equivalent to one (1) euro, five (5) DIN tokens plus potential bonus will be issued:

Investors invest 1 ETH (Ethereal), where the cost of one ETH is 500 euros. Investors are entitled to receive 2,500 DIN tokens plus potential bonuses.

Investor invests 0.1 BTC (bitcoin), and at the time of investing the value of 1 BTC is 10,000 euros. The total investment cost is 1000 euros, so investors are entitled to receive the latest 5,000 tokens plus potential bonuses.

Any other bonuses or any characters will not be offered after that. However, we reserve the right to offer up to 40% bonus to selected participants (block hedge funds) on our direct invitation and consideration.

All investors will receive a DIN token, as well as all relevant instructions, after successfully completing the token crowd phase.

For more information visit the official website below:

ETH address:0x88A7F22E3170cC2fE934B7087f9944ff410e3bfc



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