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Greetings to all guests of my blog and today the object of our close study, a unique project – DineroONE .
DineroOne is a new ecosystem based on blockbuster. It will allow to make crypto-currency transactions simple and accessible. Each person will be able to take advantage of the capabilities of the crypto currency, as well as crypto-savings without technological barriers, thus effectively introducing the crypto currency into everyday life.
DineroONE offers the world’s first crypto currency solution “All in One”! Namely :
  • Pay or exchange crypto currency in your favorite places without any difficulties. Independent universal solutions designed for cafes, restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Do not worry about calculating cash, DineroONE will do it for you, this aspect is important for doing business.
    Dinero will automatically calculate the money and report this in real time.
  • Save time by exchanging cash in cash right around the corner.
    Change where it is convenient for you, creating many independent ATMs with crypto currency.
  • Pay with the help of crypto currency. DineroOne will become an incentive for paying kriptocurrency in the real world.
    Pay coffee or croissants with digital currency in a simple and safe way.
  • PCs, cash registers, POS-devices and systems of invoices – on one device!
    Just connect your Dineroone and stop worrying, start making money.
  Also DineroONE will provide a huge number of functions for ordinary currencies to simplify the work of your business.

Benefits :

  • PC, cash register, POS-device and billing system – on one device.
  • Get dividends from using cards, thanks to cryptographic transactions and earn profits from the sale of Dinero!
  • Easy payment, one touch.
  • Pay at the local grocery store or Dinero store, using your smartphone, credit card or crypto-Dinero!
  • Conversion of crypto currency into cash in one fell swoop. Improve and simplify your business.
  • Save time by exchanging crypto currency for cash around the corner.


  The company DineroONE created a DNRO token. It, in turn, is an instrument to attract capital to the project. The main idea of ​​it is that owners of DNRO tokens will become full shareholders of the company, which will develop and sell the smart box of DineroONE and its services.
The owners of the tokens will receive a part of the profit each year from the sales of DineroONE and monthly dividends from the crypto-currency transactions (30% of the annual profit of the project). In addition, the largest investor of his country gets the opportunity to become the exclusive distributor of DineroONE in it.
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Details of selling DNRO tokens :
  Name of the token: DineroONE
  Token Symbol: DNRO
  Standard: ERC-20
  The pre-sale is scheduled for March 1, 2018, and will last 7 days .
  Price in the pre-sale period: 1 DNRO = 0.1 EUR
  Hardcap during the pre-sale period: 2 000 000 EUR
  The main sale will take place from April 1, 2018 to May 12, 2018
  Price during the main sale:
  04/01/2018 – 07/04/2018: 1 DNRO = 0.153 EUR
  04/08/2018 – 14/04/2018: 1 DNRO = 0.166 EUR
  04/15/2018 – 21/04/2018: 1 DNRO = 0.173 EUR
  04/22/2018 – 28/04/2018: 1 DNRO = 0.181 EUR
  04/29/2018 – 05/05/2018: 1 DNRO = 0.190 EUR
  May 6, 2013 – May 12, 2013: 1 DNRO = 0.200 EUR
  In total, tokens will be created: 350,000,000 DNRO (unused will be burned)
  Softcap: 18,000,000 EUR
  Hardcap: 45,000,000 EUR
  Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH | 0,01 BTC
Screenshot of 2018-03-10 at 22.47.13.png
  The creators of DineroONE estimate their potential market at least 45 billion euros from the global introduction of multi-purpose monetary assets. For the commission from the use of cards and multi-currency exchange (including crypto currency exchange), the project plans to get another 4-7% of the amount of transactions. For the use of software – about 4.99-9.99 EUR per unit, for the use of remote software – 0.99 EUR.
After the creation of the finished product DineroONE, the authors intend to conduct a large-scale marketing company during the launch of the project and its widespread introduction, to increase sales and successful monetization of DineroONE.

Command :

 The project has a powerful team, led by Martina and Maria Zeljko, who has experience in trading industries, blocking technologies, IT technologies, network integration, etc. for more than 10 years (DellEMC, OMD, Whirlpool Corporation, Electrolux, VMWare, Eurofast, Connectad, Gemius, and others).
The creative credo of the team is the maximum dedication to the project DineroONE!
  Thanks to DineroONE, everyone can experience the benefits of using a new generation of DineroONE devices and software. DineroONE will allow your business to develop without payment barriers, making financial transactions in record time!
Join the project DineroONE, invest in your Future!
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