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DineroOne itself is present to pursue technology and trends, it certainly comes from the offline and online world where several teams are involved in different jobs. Regardless of whether it works in the company itself or with an agent. Some companies do digital business such as cloud hybrid, 3D modeling, mechatronics and so forth. It can be said that DineroOne is in the offline and online world.This is the best combination of diversity needed to reach DineroOne cashier and ultimate goal to create versatile cash platform. DineroOne team itself consists of diverse people, especially working for many years in the digital world.


In this era of digital revolution today almost all the real world exists online. The digital revolution has made progress in our lives (eg quick and easy access to all kinds of information I could not have imagined decades ago), the digital world infrastructure is launched Always there and remain. The idea of Dineroone comes from our own needs. We know many business owners who work cash every day. We personally own such a business and we all share the common problems of this document. In cash work, we use computers for product costs and port bills using software, but we use cash with drawers to keep cash. The amount in the cash drawer is very incompatible with the appropriate amount in the software.This is a difficult problem for all businesses.
For mobile apps use an online country currency tracker that continues to monitor currencies such as Dinero (DIN), ETH, BTC at current market prices. Every cash, visa, and trading of cryptocurrency is carefully stored in a distributed database that can be accessed through the use of the GUI owner. In addition, recorded data can also be used to exchange analytics and other analytic purposes.
Investors in the DineroOne project have the right to acquire a 30% shareholding in the company that distributes DineroOne equipment and services. Generate all credit cards and cash transaction payments and take advantage of DineroOne sales. With just one touch of DineroOne. Please use a smart credit card or Cryptocurrency Wallet for payment processing at local grocery stores and local stores that support DineroOne. Crypto will exchange money and vice versa in seconds. Improve business convenience.
The presence of DineroOne’s goal is to start creating applications that are compatible with Dinero ATM that allow unlimited money/encryption transactions if local law/permit permits. Explanation of future payments Multipurpose stand-alone solutions for coffee shops, restaurants, shops, etc. Easy password payment and swap where you like. Dinero will be the enabler of crypto cleansity payment in the real world.Coffee or croissant in digital currency in a simple and safe way. How to use it Install your Dineroone on PC, cashier, Point of Sales and computer system with one Stop-worry device and get other extras.
Token Crowdsale : Period 01.03.2018 – 11.04.2018 [6 weeks].
Token Name : DineroONE.
Token Signs : DNRO.
Standard token : ERC-20.
Token generated : 350.000.000 [unsold / unsold token burned].
Distribution Token : after Token Crowdsale.
Course 1 DIN : 0.153 EUR [W 1] | 0.166 EUR [W 2] | 0.173 EUR [W 3] | 0.181 EUR [W 4] | 0.190 EUR [W 5] | 0,200 EUR [W6].
Investment Token : ETH, BTC.
Soft Hat : 18 Million Euro.
Maximum limit : 25 Million Euro.
Hard hats : 45 Million Euro.
As is now clear, Dinero Token (abbreviated DIN) is used for all small internal payment needs. This is a compatible ERC 20, where there are a total of 350 million DIN tokens, which are generally distributed through crowdsale.
Participating in ICO DineroOne, communities will participate in future project growth that is also tailored for their own needs. DineroOne itself is the result of teamwork of experts and experienced in their respective fields. who strive to give their best abilities in this project. In addition, the team also strives to provide the best benefits and services, to anyone interested in joining this project please to join.
Thus the ICO project info from DineroOne is also the best ICO project, cryptocurrency, token, altcoin from blockchain ethereum er20 technology. This article is made based on personal views, related to investing how well we do the analysis first. The type of investment must have risks depending on the scale or size of the investment and the goodness of the concept. For more information please visit their official website below :



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