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It is not a secret that every day more and more people are interested in cryptocurrency. They learn something new every day, for example, modern innovative methods of protecting their cryptocurrency assets and forms of secure access to trade in stock exchanges. Now there are a lot of crypto-exchanges in the market, but many of these exchanges have a major problem with payment delays. Sometimes, exchanges try to cheat their clients by inventing new sophisticated and fraudulent schemes to freeze users’ accounts. Sometimes, the exchange can find its illogical actions and block all actions related to the deposit and withdrawal of funds. It is also worth mentioning the problems with the restoration of access to the account in case of loss of password or mobile phone. Of course, these problems complicate conditions for trade and force users to seek more convenient and appropriate options for trade. Using different wallets and exchanges for each coin can sometimes be really tiring. If you’re an investor and have more than 50 coins in your portfolio, you’ll have to keep it all in your own private wallet. And in addition, you have to send what you want to sell to one-on-one and different-different exchanges. What do we do when we’re tired, even when we’re reading?

To take care of the present issues in the field of computerized resource exchanging, the designers of the Dinngo stock trade have made their very own one of a kind item, which has no analogs as of now. Engineers give careful consideration to anchor and advantageous access to business in their trade for all clients. Dinngo was built up in 2015 in the San Francisco Bay territory, used to be a versatile installment stage concentrated on the day by day costs of college understudies. Dinngo was an installment application that transformed the basic demonstration of labeling into installments. By transferring a photograph and labeling companions in the application, costs and bills are separated among those that are labeled, permitting bunch exercises to stay fun, short the torment of ascertaining shared expenses. With involvement in the versatile installment industry and the joining of budgetary frameworks, Dinngo knows about conventional keeping money frameworks and controllers, particularly the troubles with the old and brought together managing an account structure. Accordingly, Dinngo is changed into a computerized cash stage, with the point of overseeing advanced resources wisely and straightforwardly, exploiting blockchain innovation. With the foundation of portable installment practice and the new colleagues with involvement in the blockchain, Dinngo is completely arranged to be the computerized money trade of the period.

DGO is the token utilized in the whole Dinngo biological community. There are two principal areas in the biological system, the trade, and the shipper, and the environment will extend to be the premise of things to come of everything that will be computerized. Likewise, there is a reward for the primary clients of the DGO, which is the quarterly discharge from the principal commemoration of the DGO issuance. At regular intervals, we will make a depiction to enroll the DGO units between every holder. At that point, we return to purchase the DGO token with 10% of the quarterly payment from the exchange expenses. Likewise, make an airdrop to the DGO holders enrolled in the depiction per rodent.

  • DINNGO ICO and DGO Token:

Token Name: Dinngo Token
Token Symbol: DGO
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Total Supply: 200,000,000 DGO
Available for Sale: 100,000,000 DGO
Token Price: 1 DGO = 0.00047
Soft cap: 4,000 ETH
Hard cap: 40,000 ETH
Accepted: BTC (private sale), ETH (public sale + private sale)
Minimum Invest: 0.1 ETH
Website: https://dinngo.co/
Whitepaper: https://crowdsale-files.dinngo.co/whitepaper

  • Final Words:

In detail, the Dinngo platform is very useful for all those who deal with crypto-coins. Dinngo can be one of the most preferred platforms in 2019 with its many different features thanks to both multiple crypto-money wallet support and the possibility of trading with external exchanges to be connected with third-party software. Dinngo aims to provide us with a professional system, thanks to its built-in multiple crypto-money wallets, much different crypto-money support, instant exchanges with exchanges, quick buying, selling crypto-coins, and many other features. Obviously, the situation of crypto-money markets has been quite bad recently. Nevertheless, some low-cost projects, such as Dinngo, rely on the technology they have and the community support behind them. Nevertheless, I cannot give you any investment advice, but I can tell you the details of the Dinngo project.

For more details, please refer to the links below.

  • DINNGO All Official Links:

Website: https://dinngo.co/
Whitepaper: https://crowdsale-files.dinngo.co/whitepaper
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4948105
Telegram: https://t.me/DINNGO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dinngohq/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinngohq
Medium: https://medium.com/dinngo-exchange

Ethereum Wallet Address:  0xF16F499Df2B409b9F4880c312E7d4da8248cBa49


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