DNAtix Platform is the information that can be used by CONSUMERS, researchers, and laboratories to make genealogies accessible, transparent and hidden. PT. For Singer purposes, DNAtix will use Advanced Infrastructure And Blockchain Technology to PROVIDE SERVICES such as scanning, storing and exchanging AKSes through digital Direct DNA data platforms to CONSUMERS.

In addition, DNAtix will issue a token utility that is used for the DNAtix genetic platform and also contribute to the development of DNAtix projects in the future. On this platform, users will be able to download some or all of the genetic information quickly, reliably, and anonymously.

What does DNAtix offer?

1 A blockchain Infrastructure for Genetic storage and transfer

2 An ecosystem and Portal for GDAPPS (genetic apps)

3 Anonymous genetic services

4 Own your DNA

5 Propelling genetic research to develop new health solutions

6 Get specific big Data for small money

7 Propelling precision personalizes medicine

8 Customer targeted platform- easy to use

Why is DNAtix platform so innovative?

1 Enabling upload, storage & transfer of DNA sequences

2 Advanced Blockchain Genetic platform – able to deal with large data files

3 Provides complete anonymity

4 Connects customers with solutions

5 State of the art user experience

What does DNAtix offer to the community ?

DNAtix enables everyone to control and manage their genetic information:

DNAtix makes raw data of DNA sequence accessible to end users, enabling them to take active actions towards preventive medicine.

DNAtix platform will allow uploading of partial and/or full genome sequences as well as storing, transferring and testing of these sequences.

DNAtix platform is based on advanced blockchain technologies enabling anonymous and secured digitized genetic services.

This service is provided by DNAtix

Some Genetic Tests

DNAtix will provide a variety of lifestyles and costs that will be carried out in a separate test or packaging.

High security

In general, blockchain applications cannot be solved. This is information about the confidentiality of users’ genetic information.

Contact your service provider

The DNAtix sales platform automatically submits users to the corresponding PROVIDER SERVICES, analyzing the findings of the solutions provided by Specific Solutions.

DNAtix portfolio

DNAtix will develop an electronic wallet where Participants will monitor and access the DNAtix platform. Besides that, the Singer’s wallet will also store genetic information from each particular user.

Our technology


DNAtix develops the genetic ecosystem in the Future, where CONSUMERS, Researchers, laboratories and clinics meet reviews for use and produce genetics with a more transparent way, accessible, safe and secure.


A genetically modern platform based on the block chain that provides anonymous and encrypted genetic services, including analysis, storage of transferring and sequencing DNA through digital platforms that go directly to consumers.


DNAtix completes the First Evidence concept (POC), Transferring the entire viral genome sequence into the Ethereum block chain. The Singing Test Is A Key Step, And The Company Believes That Singers Are The First Time Someone SUCCESSFULLY Transfers DNA Sequences To The Block Chain.


This will be the only payment adopted on the DNAtix platform. This total coin delivery is set at 150,000,000 VND, which means that additional tokens are not issued. Until the first year, 15% of DNAtix will be stored in a backup account.

DNAtix token

This will be the only payment medium received on the DNAtix platform. This total coin supply is set at 150,000,000 VND, which means no additional tokens are thrown. In the first year, 15% DNAtix will be stored in a backup account.

Sales Token

DNAtix is expected to launch ICO in June 2018. During this event, 85% of 150,000 DNAtix tokens will be sold. Hard caps for fundraising events were set at $ 30 million. Other details about upcoming ICOs are not yet available on the project’s website.

ICO information

Token symbol: DNTX

Token Sales Start: June 2018

Token Price: $ 0.01

Total supply: 150,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 30 million



Website: https://www.dnatix.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.dnatix.com/download/White_Paper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dnatixgenetics/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DNAtixGenetics

Telegram: https://t.me/dnatix_tokensale

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4900060

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2038562

ETH:  0x1cff5da802703815aea69be79491c636369d0d1f


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