DNAtix is a proposed genetic information platform where consumers, researchers, labs and medical fac

The extraordinarily delectated the exhaustive arrangement of this present age with some scrambling highlights which have made our quotidian life kineticism all the more fundamental and fundamental for us. with the Everest which have constructed a decentralized stage composed of three components DNAtix is a proposed hereditary data stage where customers, scientists, labs and therapeutic offices will cooperate to make family history open, straightforward and abstruse. To understand this objective DNAtix will utilize bleeding edge substructure and blockchain innovation to give administrations, for example, the examination, stockpiling and trade of digitized DNA information through a Direct-to buyer stage.

What is DNAtix?
DNAtix Platform is the data that can be utilized by CONSUMERS, specialists, and research facilities to make parentages open, straightforward and covered up. PT. For Singer purposes, DNAtix will utilize Advanced Infrastructure And Blockchain Technology to PROVIDE ACCOMMODATIONS, for example, examining, putting away and trading AKSes through computerized Direct DNA information stages to CONSUMERS.
What’s more, DNAtix will issue a token utility that is utilized for the DNAtix hereditary stage and furthermore integrates to the amendment of DNAtix elongates later on. On this stage, clients will have the capacity to download a few or the more preponderant part of the hereditary data rapidly, dependably, and namelessly.

The Vision
DNAtix denotes to make a future environment for Genetics where customers, specialists, research centers and facilities work making Genetics more available, straightforward and abstruse. DNAtix expects to offer front-line Genetics and Blockchain administrations which designate to be unknown and scrambled and plans to include: examination, stockpiling and exchange of digitized DNA arrangements through a direct-to-consumer stage (D2C).
DNAtix denotes to offer a crypto Token – DNAtix token, that plans to avail future amendment and utilization of its DNAtix hereditary stage. The DNAtix stage expects to empower clients to transfer halfway or full genomic successions in a simple and unknown way. It signifies to enable hereditary tests to be performed and plans to offer customers the chance to get referrals to a fitting arrangement supplier for endeavored hereditary conditions. DNAtix betokens to empower its clients to take responsibility for hereditary information, urging them to deal with their well being today, peregrinating from Reactive to the Preventative solution.

The Quandary
Coordinate to-Consumer (D2C) hereditary administrations furnish awe-inspiring guarantee to clients with exponential development gauges. For quite a long time D2C administrations have stayed in the underlying stages in light of the fact that:

The Solution
By and by, individuals need to go to medicinal administrations suppliers to get to genome sequencing test, a viewpoint that significantly bargains their aegis. Additionally, there is no arrangement that offers blockchain-driven direct-to buyer administrations.

What does DNAtix offer to the network?
DNAtix empowers everybody to control and deal with their hereditary data:
DNAtix influences crude information of DNA to succession available to culminate, clients, empowering them to take dynamic activities towards the preventive drug.
DNAtix stage will sanction transferring of halfway or potentially full genome arrangements and putting away, exchanging and testing of these groupings.
DNAtix stage depends on cutting-edge blockchain advances empowering unknown and anchored digitized hereditary administrations.
This administration is given by DNAtix
Some Genetic Tests
DNAtix will give an assortment of ways of life and costs that will be done in a different test or bundling.
High security
By and immensely colossal, blockchain applications can’t be comprehended. This is data about the secrecy of clients’ hereditary data.
Contact your specialist co-op
The DNAtix deals stage consequently submits clients to the comparing PROVIDER ACCOMMODATIONS, breaking down the revelations of the arrangements given by Concrete Solutions.
DNAtix portfolio
DNAtix will build up an electronic wallet where Participants will screen and access the DNAtix stage. Other than that, the Singer’s wallet will likewise store hereditary data from every categorical client.
Our innovation

DNAtix builds up the hereditary biological system in the Future, where CONSUMERS, Researchers, labs and centers meet surveys for utilize and distribute hereditary qualities with a more straightforward way, open, sheltered and secure.
A hereditarily current stage in view of the square chain that gives inscrutable and scrambled hereditary administrations, including investigation, stockpiling of exchanging and sequencing DNA through advanced stages that go straightforwardly to shoppers.
DNAtix culminates the First Evidence conception (POC), Transferring the whole popular genome arrangement into the Ethereum square chain. The Singing Test Is A Key Step, And The Company Believes That Singers Are The First Time Someone PROSPEROUSLY Transfers DNA Sequences To The Block Chain.

This will be the main installment embraced on the DNAtix stage. This aggregate coin conveyance is set at 150,000,000 VND, which implicatively insinuates that extra tokens are not issued. Until the primary year, 15% of DNAtix will be put away in a reinforcement account.

DNAtix token
This will be the main installment medium got on the DNAtix stage. This aggregate coin supply is set at 150,000,000 VND, which implicatively insinuates no extra tokens are tossed. In the principal year, 15% DNAtix will be put away in a reinforcement account.

Sales Token
DNAtix is relied upon to dispatch ICO in June 2018. Amid this occasion, 85% of 150,000 DNAtix tokens will be sold. Hard tops for raising support occasions were set at $ 30 million. Different insights about up and coming ICOs are not yet accessible on the venture’s site.

Token Details
Exchange Rate – 1 DNATIX = $1.00
Currencies Accepted – ETH, BTC, BANK WIRE USD/EUR
TOKENS ISSUED – 150,000,000
Token Pre-sale Dates – August 15 – November 14
Public Token Sale Dates – November 15 – December 15
Hard Cap – 45,000,000 USD
Soft Cap – 1,000,000 USD
Token Distribution and Use of Funds


For more information, please visit:
Website: https://www.dnatix.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.dnatix.com/download/White_Paper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4900060
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dnatixgenetics/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DNAtixGenetics
Telegram: https://t.me/dnatix_tokensale
Bitcointalk username: Timzbrand
Bitcointalk URL:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2040852
Ether address: 0xC7Ee1071822E818Be0e55AefD4BD3Ea033192609


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