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 DNAtix company intends to create a future genetics ecosystem where consumers, researchers, laboratories and clinics are working to make genetics more accessible, transparent and anonymous. The task is not an easy one, but when implemented, this project will be a success. Let’s try to find out what it is.

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DNAtix intends to offer the advanced services of Genetics and Blockchain, which intend to be anonymous and encrypted and intends to include: analysis, storage and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through the Direct-to Consumer platform (D2C). As far as I remember, this idea is something new in this market. This is a serious step for the development of this direction.

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DNAtix intends to sell Tokens-static cryptographic Tokens that intend to support the further development and use of the genetic platform DNAtix. This will give the profitability of a permanent coin. It is interconnected with the platform so it has an interest in trading. The DNAtix platform allows users to download partial or complete genomic sequences in a simple and anonymous way. He intends to conduct genetic tests and intends to offer clients the opportunity to contact the appropriate genetic disease testing solution provider. DNAtix intends for users to take responsibility for their genetic data, encouraging them to manage their health today, moving from reactive to preventive medicine.

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In general terms, the idea is quite understandable and real. For those who do not understand the idea, I advise you to watch a video that will help you understand even easier.

I also advise you to subscribe to the YouTube channel. That would not skip the new video.


The principle of the platform. The distribution of coins and their number. I’ll do it all in a separate article in a week. If you entertain yourself to learn new things. I advise you to go to the official website and read the white paper. There’s a lot of technical details. Which I’ll talk about later. At the moment we have a very interesting project. Which will be the first on the market. It is quite clear idea and liquid token on its platform. At the moment, I see the potential of the project is highly effective second-to make a list of pre-sectional and start monitoring its development. Do not forget that only those who are the first to become investors at an early stage, get the most favorable offers for the purchase of coins.
Join the official social networks of the company. Follow the news. Much more interesting, I’m sure. Also don’t forget about the telegram to the project team. There the community is actively discussing the project.

Official site https://www.dnatix.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/DNAtixGenetics
Telegram https://t.me/dnatix_tokensale

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