Since the birth and evolution of blockchain ecosystem, quite a number of development and advancement has occurred in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem, this development has brought about the deployment of new blockchain and mainnets ecosystem.

The adoption of blockchain technology has brought about the creation of DNAtix. DNAtix is a blockchain based genetics platform that provides anonymous and encrypted genetics services including: Analysis, storage and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through D2C platform (Direct-to-consumer). The DNAtix ecosystem will be created to offer an easy, transparent and anonymous genetics services. The DNAtix also will enable users to take ownership of their genetic data, and also encouraging them to manage their health by moving from reactive to preventive medicine. Despite the enormous growth in the genetic ecosystem, there are still major barriers facing the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) genetic services


Government Regulations: Government regulations have being seen to be a major barrier facing the D2C genetic services. The Worldwide Health authorities have shown inability to decide on D2C genetics services thereby rendering it obsolete till this moment.

Costly: The total practice of full Genome Sequencing is too expensive to operate thereby rendering the services in accessible to all and sundry.

Anonymity: Since data is highly sensitive, the distribution of genetics data over the internet ensuring privacy and integrity of data in the old traditional way was limited.

To solve the above mentioned barriers, DNAtix has come to proffer solution by leveraging blockchain based genetics platform that provides anonymous and encrypted genetics services including: Analysis, storage and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through D2C platform (Direct-to-consumer).


The DNAtix platform is leveraging blockchain technology for Genetic storage and transfer.

The DNAtix ecosystem aims to provide complete anonymous and encrypted genetics services.

The DNAtix platform is user-friendly where customers can get their own DNA.

The DNAtix platform is an ecosystem and portal built for GDAPPS (genetic Apps)

DNAtix aims to move genetic research to develop and enhance new health solutions.

DNAtix offers specific big Data for small capital.

DNAtix aims to arrive accurate personalizes medicine.

DNAtix platform enables users to upload, store and transfer DNA sequences.

The DNAtix platform is an innovative and advanced blockchain genetic platform built to deal with large data files.

DNAtix also aims to develop the most efficient and innovative Genetic crypto-wallet that can be used to perform and pay for different Genetics services. Users will be able to upload DNA sequences to the DNAtix blockchain.

The DNAtix Virtal Machine is a virtual machine developed by the DNAtix platform; the machine will be running or be operated as a node on the DNAtix blockcchain technology. The DNAtixVM will be distributed and arranged by different service providers in the Genetic ecosystem-These are genetic labs, genetic researchers, hospitals, genetic research institutes and any companies that provide full genome sequencing, crypto miners and etc.


DNAtix has developed an effective, enhanced and dedicated compression algorithm for digital Partial or Full Genome Sequences. The reason for the creation of the compression algorithm is for the conversion of 4 Genetic Code letters into a 2-bit code, which can then represent any of the 4 letters; C,G,T,A. The current working algorithm can compress any sequence to approximately 25% of its size.


The DNAtix token is an ERC-20 Token built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The total token to be issued is 150,000,000 and the token will be used in the DNAtix Genetic ecosystem. The token can be used in the following ways:


It can also be used in testing DNA Sequences

It can be used to store DNA Sequence

To transfer DNA Sequence

It can also be used to inherit DNA Sequence









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