Think of blockchain technology, think of the amazing benefits, opportunities and possibilities associated with it. Blockchain technology has made it possible for both new and existing platforms to be part of its outstanding potentials thus contributing to solving issues in this current era.
The healthcare systems with reference to genomics are what a team of professionals aims to transform with the aid of blockchain technology.
The human DNA stores a large amount of information which can be used to identify an individual’s traits as well as figuring out genetic diseases.
Genome information can be used to recognize the relationship between hereditary variations and diseases. Owing to this, large cooperation has been able to apply genomic information in the development of drugs for patients with genetic diseases. Thus the reason for the creation of DNAtix, which can help to create an ecosystem for genetics where consumers, scientists etc will come together so as to make genetic information more accessible, which will be done in a secure and transparent way.


DNAtix is a blockchain-based genetic platform using advanced technologies such as blockchain technology to provide encrypted genetic services which will be anonymous at the same time. This genetic service includes the exchange of digitalized DNA sequence carried out through a direct-to-customer basis (D2C). This is to empower users to transfer genomic sequence in a simple and basic way that upon incorporation with the blockchain advancements will result in an anonymous and encrypted data.
DNAtix aims to offer advanced technologies for genetic qualities as well as blockchain services which will be encrypted in order to make a future environment for genomics where users, analysts or even research centres and facilities will work to make genetic data more open, transparent and reliable.
Also, DNAtix believes with a digital currency, that is the token of the platform, future improvement and utilization of its platform will be a success, in addition, arming users to transfer fractional or full genomic data in an encrypted way.
In the same manner, DNAtix aims to empower its users to be the master of their genetic data, thus improving their lives.
Furthermore, DNAtix plans to create a genetic ecosystem without bounds that will in the end convey to the entire world new potential outcomes in genetic disease prevention as well as customized drugs in light of the fact that DNAtix trusts that by blending genetics and blockchain a genetic platform of the future will be created where individuals can remain anonymous, their data encrypted yet have access to the necessary knowledge of genetic.


DNAtix customized Medicine and Genetics, owing to the fact every individual has its own one of a kind genomic sequence with minor contrasts among people and that is the reason customized solution is being alluded so as to be in line with medical standards thus making it possible to treat patients belonging in different groups and expects to tailor restorative choices, practices and pharmaceutical treatment to the individual patient in question.
Also, by making testing of DNA sequences easily accessible, every user in the ecosystem can perform an examination on the DNA sequencing that he possesses in an easy and user-friendly way. This means that users can run an alternate genetic test on their sequencing and investigate them all the time being anonymous.
The blockchain system guarantees that the genetic information is highly secure, with no room for data manipulation. This is important owing to the sensitivity of the genetic information.
Furthermore, DNAtix implemented Proof-of-Concept (PoC) so as to carry out technical research on transferring DNA sequences on the blockchain. That is to say, DNAtix has succeeded in completing the first PoC test by uploading the sequence of the “enterobacteria phage phiX174 sensu lato”. This complete genome and transferring data are carried out through Ethereum blockchain.


DNAtix Platform has a token known as DNATIX which is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 150,000,000. DNATIX being an ERC-20 token means its based on Ethereum blockchain.
DNATIX is the fuel that powers the DNAtix ecosystem, thus enabling DNAtix ecosystem to function properly while accommodating genetic data consumers, researchers, clinic etc thereby making genetics data more accessible, anonymous and transparent.



Website: https://www.dnatix.com/

Whitepaper:  https://www.dnatix.com/download/White_Paper.pdf

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