Bringing quality health care services to everyone for free   PreviewImagine a world where anyone who takes ill presses a button on his phone and is instantly connected to a doctor who attends to him immediately – for free! The patient is informed about his situation from a professional perspective and hence knows whether to go to a hospital, rest, avoid a certain medication, etc.    Imagine a world where patients can access On-Ramp for medical service, a world where doctors all over the world can share information on a dedicated social network and have access to over 600 medical journals! Surely this will reduce diagnosis errors and keep healthcare providers up to date thereby restoring efficiency to the system.   Imagine an app wherein one can be given a prescription by qualified health care personnel face to face via video telemedicine service (much like the video call service) and one can purchase the treatment directly from the app’s Market Place! Imagine a world where quality medical services are not only available to a privilege few but to everyone, everywhere, every time!   Imagine no more! Docademic has made all these possible and free and you need to know about it. The world needs free basic access to healthcare and Docademic is offering it – free! A remarkable breakthrough, indeed!   Docademic – a giant leap for mankind’s health Docademic’s app is the first to operate fully-regulated Video telemedicine service in the world and the most widely used video telemedicine service in the world with active users in some 20 countries.   Docademic is a platform which can be accessed through an app. This app can be easily loaded on your device and then you have access to uncountable number of professional health care givers anywhere in the world. You can speak directly to any of the doctors anytime any day – for free. That is right, for free! It is just like making a video call.    Docademic also another feature: Market Place. Here you can find qualified, world class medication sellers and dealers from whom you can buy medications and as well as medical equipment.   None-identifiable patient information (like age, gender, illness, etc) is available even to third parties who can pay to view such information. Researchers, government, etc can rely on such information for insights.   Doctor users of the platform can update their knowledge of treatments directly thereby forming part of a medical journal which will be an invaluable tool for healthcare practitioners.    Docademic’s Vademecum is the most complete and easy to use Vademecum and includes constantly updated prices of drugs at local pharmacies.   Docademic has a decentralized system of referring patients to doctor users. The platform also offers On-Ramp to health care services based on blockchain technology.   Docademic also has a feature called Cool Emotions, which is used for the psychological treatment of patients.


We know the importance of using the mobile phone today, and the importance of having an application for immediate help, so it was important to launch this application .
The DOCADEMIC Platform’s DOCADEMIC APP offers an easy to use interface that aggregates the services of artificial intelligence’s various analytical benefits and assists Human Doctors who are present 24 hours a day into a single highly userfriendly application, allowing users to solicit medical assistance in the place and time of one’s choice as well as follow up on treatments they receive and take and share their health record through blockchain with doctors of their choosing:
The DOCADEMIC APP solves two important problems that limit patients in the healthcare world:
Accessibility Silos and Underserved Markets

The Two problems problems are solved by connecting these healthcare services into a single point of access, and by
allowing patients to be orientated to a cure at home or the correct healthcare providers and healthcare services.

:: Smart Patient Routing (SPR) ::

The Smart Patient Routing Technology maintains quick referrals for all major healthcare providers throughout the countries where the services are given. When any of those healthcare providers changes, it’s reflected in DOCADEMIC
Platform’s DOCADEMIC APP´s patient referral services database.

When a patient referral is given on the DOCADEMIC APP, and no match is available locally, the Smart Patient Routing Technology checks to see if there is a match for the service needed available in a nearby area. If so, it automatically
routes the patient in to the service of the neighboring region.

The Use of Docademic’ Medical Token Currency (MTC) The Docademic platform is powered by the MTC, the Medical Token Currency based on blockchain. The currency is more or less the next Bitcoin or Ethereum for universal healthcare and services. The utility of the currency will continue to grow as more healthcare services join the platform. Docamedic hopes that the MTC will become a universal currency of preference, thereby increasing the value of the currency. The utility of the currency includes the following: · Holders can pay for all Docademic products and services using MTC. · The token can be used to pay for other healthcare services outside the platform. · One can trade the tokens on major exchanges. · The tokens can be used as collateral by doctor and other healthcare giving users. · Token holders can lend their tokens to Docademic in return for a fee.  ICO ü Amount of Token Issued: 1,000,000,000 MTC. ü Token Price:  1 MTC = 0.000035 ETH. ü Minimum purchase: 0.01 ETH. (Particulars: ERC-20 Ethereum-Based). ü Max Token Offered to public: 350,000,000 MTC. ü Token sales date: From January 29, 2018 to February 28, 2018.   Team Docademic – qualified and capable Docademic has a team with over 2 centuries of combines experience in technology and healthcare. Each member of the team has world-class reputation in various fields. With such mammoth experience, Docademic knows the healthcare terrain like the back of their hands. Meet just three of the team members.    Charles Nader, CEO Charles studied Medicine in Anahuac University. He is a serial and accomplished entrepreneur.  Charles gives talks about the innovations in Healthcare as well as the application of AI and Blockchain to the industry. He is a co-founder of Docademic – world’s most widely used Video Telemedicine service, regulated by the USA. Docademic has users in some 20 countries. He has worked with several distinguished people including former Mozilla CEO, John Lilly.
Isao Hojyo, COO. Isao Hojyo studied Medicine in La Salle University in Mexico City. He has a Masters degree from La Salle University in Health Care Administration.  He has worked in IT projects for the government of Mexico as well as developed the first protocols for Docademic’s Medical Assistance program.
Arturo Diaz, CTO.  Arturo Diaz studied engineering at Anahuac University. In the past, he has been funded by US Venture capital investors.    Arturo was the CTO of Netmark. A software development company he founded. In 2010, that company won the Latin America Cloud Partner of the Year award from Microsoft.    Conclusion Docamedic is determined to bring free, quality basic healthcare to everybody. This is a revolution that the healthcare sector urgently needs. With Docamedic, basic healthcare services are not reserved for the elite. Finally, everyone can access basic healthcare for free – anytime, anywhere!    Join this revolution that is already succeeding in 20 countries. The sky is the limit for what Docamedic can achieve!   For further information about this project, visit

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