Clients of DOCADEMIC PLATFORM will get the accompanying advantages:

1. Decrease of counterparty hazard:

The stage is secure in connection to the accessible data is good with controllers. DOCADEMIC is controlled in the United States of America, known as an organization of the most thorough wellbeing controllers on the planet.

2. Expanded Efficiency:

Specialist clients of the DOCADEMIC stage will be able to refresh their insight into different medicines without seeking specific therapeutic diaries straightforwardly. Updates to the daily paper will be

set aside a few minutes distributing innovation, and ought to be prompt for doctors when articles are distributed.

3. More exact conclusion for patients:

The specialist client of the DOCADEMIC stage will be able to see and select the conclusion

proposed by the incorporated AI, got from the distinctive authority clinical aides. This will enable clinicians to exploit to enhance wasteful aspects in joining, now and then slower than current advancement in medications in the wellbeing framework.

The M T C is an all inclusive local token: the TOKEN MEDICAL CURRENCY, MTC is the fuel that will be the energy of the considerable number of administrations offered by DOCADEMIC. DOCADEMIC is now in arrangements with social insurance foundations, governments and accomplices to make MTC the favored Token for

their current and existing restorative administrations as they move to decentralized stages. The future gauge is that TCM will be utilized as a part of social insurance in the medicinal business and some other enterprises for different purposes, including installment and delivery.

The MTC Token Sale will start at 00:01 Central Standard Time (UTC – 6 hours), January 29, 2018 and end at 00:00, Central Standard Time (UTC – 6 hours), February 28, 2018 ( the Sales Period for crowdsale 1).

The DOCADEMIC PLATFORM´s DOCADEMIC APP is built on top of DOCADEMIC´s existing, patient data routing and AI assisted technologies soon to be blockchain enabled. With its simplicity of use It becomes the ultimate resource for anyone who needs orientation in a health-related issue a one touch system that connects any patient with a Doctor through Video Telemedicine for free, from any country a user is located in. All patient information will be secured on a blockchain and represents a perfect On-Ramp to healthcare services on a blockchain. In comparison, other healthcare related blockchain projects don’t have an effective On-Ramp to healthcare services. With our free Telemedicine service we can get the masses to benefit from blockchain technology in Healthcare.
The DOCADEMIC Platform combines it’s DOCADEMIC APP and DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS social network to derive high-end services such as real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting, Automated AI-Driven treatment and diagnosis suggestions for Doctors in institutions or private practice, massive access to patient populations for preventative campaigns, and DOCADEMIC´s advanced proprietary Tools such as its AI-assisted Electronic Health Record and Digital Vademecum.
The DOCADEMIC APP solves two important problems that limit patients in the healthcare world: Accessibility Silos and Underserved Markets. As mentioned above, Accessibility Silos are pockets of healthcare providers like hospitals and clinics that exist because access in certain locations is not readily available to those people who live far away or want healthcare service at hours when the accessibility silos are not operating. Underserved Markets are markets that, in isolation, are not wealthy enough to support the cost of traditional medical services. People in the countries that only have Accessibility Silos and Underserved Markets would like to be able to have full access to healthcare services in their home countries, but there is no highly-accessible on-ramp into the healthcare world for them. The Accessibility Silos and Underserved Markets problems are solved by connecting these healthcare services into a single point of access, and by allowing patients to be orientated to a cure at home or the correct healthcare providers and healthcare services.

Token Overview

MTC will be issued by Sidrese Sa. De CV. and may be distributed by itself and/or designated distributors. Please note that MTC does not represent any equity in DOCADEMIC and does not entitle holders to any voting rights, dividends or profitsharing of any entities of DOCADEMIC. MTC is a Crypto Token that can be used as the fuel that powers all services provided by the DOCADEMIC Platform and DOCADEMICS’s existing services (DOCADEMIC APP and DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS).
MTC has two main functions:
1. as Crypto Token users can pay for products and services on all our platforms;
2. as a tradable Crypto Token on the open market.

Token allocation and use of proceeds

  • Token Allocation
30% Community / Ecosystem
20% Management / Team / Shareholders
35% Offered to public
15% Strategic partners
  • Use of proceeds
50% Expansion of services
20% Product development
15% Operations
15% Legal / Regulation

Token Specifications

Token Name : Medical Token Currency
Symbol : MTC
Issuance Amount : 1,000,000,000 MTC
Token Sale Price :Token Sale Price 1 MTC = 0.001 ETH (Special bonus of 20% will be applicable to the purchases during the Sales Period described in Section 4.3)
Particulars : ERC-20 Ethereum-Based Token
Maximum Token Offered : 350,000,000 MTC ~350,000 ETH Crowd Sale 1 with 20% Bonus 150,000,000 MTC 150,000 ETH Crowd Sale 2 AUCTION 200,000,000 MTC 200,000 ETH
Minimum Token Required : 3,500,000 MTC ~3,500 ETH
Use of Proceeds : Section 4.4


  • 2012 Q2. is incorporated under Sidrese SA de CV.
  • 2013 Q1. Launched DoctorDice.Com
  • 2013 Q2. becomes the largest Social network for doctors in LatAm
  • 2014 Q3. gets accepted by various business accelerators Including Society 3 and 500 Startups
  • 2015 Q1. becomes Docademic to better achieve its worldwide vision during Society3 accelerator in San Francisco.
  • 2015 Q3. Docademic CEO Charles Nader gets accepted into “Technology Enabled Blitzscaling” Program at Stanford University given by LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman, Former Mozilla CEO John Lilly, and business author and Venture capitalist Chris Yeh.
  • 2016 Q1 Docademic applies new strategy to expand and introduce new services using blockchain and AI and develops first Free 24/7 Video Telemedicine assistance service in the world available in the App store and Play store.
  • 2016 Q3 Docademic Launches Docademic APP a Medical Assistance service, and quickly expands to 5 other countries in LatAm. Legal and regulatory is covered by Hogan Lovells LLP team in LatAm.
  • 2017 Q1 Docademic Medical Assistance service is a success and further expands to 15 more countries. Totaling 20 countries. Receives excellent reviews in App Store and Play store.
  • 2017 Q2. Docademic starts sales of its Geographic health monitor (GHM) and Direct targeted notification system (DTM) to Private Industry and Governments.
  • 2017 Q3. Docademic builds Regulatory compliant strategy with legal firm Foley Lardner LLP to offer services in the US.
  • 2017 Q4 Docademic Inc. incorporates in the US.
  • 2017 Q4 Docademic starts plans to start offering service in California.
  • 2017 Q4 Docademic signs contract with IQVIA formerly QuintilesIMS
  • 2018 Q1 Docademic MTC Token Sale
  • 2018 Q1 Support for tokens and token listing on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • 2018 Q2 Launch of Docademic Marketplace inside Docademic Platform
  • 2018 Q2 Launch of Docademic Platform in US
  • 2018 Q4 Launch of Docademic Platform in Europe
  • 2019 Q1 Launch of Docademic Blockchain and Medical Coin (MC)
  • 2019 Q2 Launch of Docademic Platform in Asia and Middle East
  • 2019 Q3 Further expansion into rest of world and increase in services and products offered in marketplace.
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