What is DocTailor exactly
DocTailor is a unique self-customizing smart
legal contract platform, that allows, lawyers, individuals, and
organizations to send and create legal tailor-made smart contracts and
agreements on the blockchain.
Basically, DocTailor will be used solely to enable the creation of customisable legal smart contracts. Users of the platform will be able to select, find, and replace clauses from standard legal document templates, from a database created by legal professionals.
DocTailor has competent team members with over years of experience in this kind of field with numerous experienced advisors as well, thus making this project highly trustable.
What kind of features it has
Based on the characteristics and benefits of DocTailor, it is clear that the platform has the necessary features and most importantly, the unique selling point required (USP) to achieve its goal of revolutionizing the existing smart contract landscape. The platform A special focus on user experience and accessibility makes DocTailor the most appropriate candidate currently to disrupt existing system contracts.
However, DocTailor’s success relies heavily on the greater adoption of blockchain, not only from individuals, but also from legal organizations and professionals. As a tailor platform, there is dependence on users to work on creating DocTailor data. However, blockchain
adoption is said to soar in the coming years, with more than half
of executives claiming that their business will be in a significant
‘loss’ position against future competitors if they fail to capitalize on blockchain.
The main concern is that, to get the value of
technological blockchain , a significant change or complete overhaul often
takes place an existing ‘test and test’ system. For blockchain to
Be a part of everyday life, problems need to be identified and
addressed, with appropriate solutions implemented.
DocTailor solution has been introduced as a viable long-term solution to the issues that hinder the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Focuses on the weakness of existing intelligent contract application
user experience – DocTailor allows easy access to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracting. This platform will support third party API integration, enabling
any smart contract that is customized for inclusion into a third party system. The idea is simple: it is easy and easy for businesses to create and implement smart contracts while benefiting from the cryptocurrency economy.
Number of Tokens Sold
500M (500,000,000) DOCT, where:
300M will be available in tokensale.
50 million is provided for ICO bonus.
100M detained by DocTailor.
50 million is reserved for early users at PRESALE
Etherum ERC20 Etherum ERC20
Purchase method accepted: BTC and ETH (1ETH = 2700 DOCT tokens)
Team Members include:
Sam Enrico Williams
Founder and CEO
Alexandrine Masse
Senior Legal Officer
Marco Zaratta
Legal Counsel
Pavel Rubin
Blockchain & Software Developer
Dominic Brown
Chief Operations Officer
Victor Khomiak
Front-End Developer
Bounty Campaign:
The Official Bounty Program
We have a wide range of campaigns available including; signature,
blog/media, translation, social media and telegram campaigns.
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