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Smart Doctor platform gives integrated consultation to every single related gathering, therapeutic consultation, doctors from insurance agencies and others. With the usage of smart contracts, we permit the dispatch of telemedicine services in the protection program, to decrease the cost of giving programmed and online consultation to most projects for all projects. Doctor Smart is an ecosystem that enables individuals to deal with their medicinal services wherever they are on the planet, day in and day out. Bucilt on blockchain innovation, our ecosystem makes collaborations between all members transparent and basic. Doctor smart platform encourages common money related settlements, open access to medicinal records and to pros’ affirmation status.

We give arrangements


Smart doctors will enable qualified youthful pros to discover business while restorative experts will have the capacity to acquire additional wage. These incorporate wellness mentors, nutritionists, veterinarians and that’s just the beginning; It will likewise give a chance to working without protection and go between costs among various nations

Insurance agency

Under the wise assention, build up another market protection strategy, lessen the cost of expert services, extend the scope of protection items.


Diminishes finish control and medicinal access to pertinence, the examination and examination of intensifying of any physician endorsed drug, consultation expenses with common organization and decreases the quantity of qualified doctors and other wellbeing experts around the consultation.

medicinal facility

Pull in clients from new zones, lessen client development costs, support doctors


Enhance personal satisfaction for individuals living in various zones, creating condition for excellent therapeutic look after remote regions, making employments and new occupations, transparent money related stream

Token Details

Token name: DSTT

1 DST = 0.001

Hardcaps: $ 50m

Previous Personal Sales 17.04.2018 – 15.05.2018

General Sales 16.05.2018 – 30.07.2018


May 16 – 24 May: Bonus 20%

May 25 – May 31: Bonus 15%

June 1 – June 7: 10% reward

June 8 – June 15: 5% Bonus

June 16 – July 30: Bonus 0%

To accomplish its objective, it would be imperative to pull in doctors and patients around the globe. This will empower us to enhance access to medicinal services for patients of poor and immature nations.

Assets gathered amid the ICO were disseminated as takes after:

2 percent for each year when the framework is begun; 10 percent of the salary will be utilized to buy extra tokens for doctors and patients

  • half promoting and extension in pertinent regions
  • 10% M identified with AI and a decent undertaking
  • 15% group
  • 15% venture calibrating
  • 10% reward token


every minute of every day in and day out for quick restorative counsel

A video or voice call office with a specialist

Clients need to hold up over one moment to find a solution

All specialists are exceptionally qualified

Consequently checks for any endorsed solution for significance, similarity with past patient therapeutic records, and for the associations of pharmaceuticals

Machine learning and neural system arrangements give the chance to find new indicative methodologies

Smart understanding enacted by BlackChannel makes the cooperation unblemished and transparent

Presenting and investigating pictures with the assistance of AI will empower more proficient therapeutic assessment and finding

We will probably help enhance restorative guide and general personal satisfaction.


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