Doctor smart

Doctor smart

Innovative platform for digital health and health services

Doctor Smart    Innovative Platform for Digital Health and Health Services 

Smart Doctor ecosystem that gives people the power to manage their health, whether they are in the world, 24/7, built with blockchain technology, our ecosystem translates between translucent and simple conversations among all participants will help. Our platform provides open financial access to financial institutions, medical records, and specialist certification status.

Smart Doctor platform provides integrated consultation for all related parties, medical consultation, doctors from insurance companies and others. With the implementation of smart contracts, we allow the launch of telemedicine services in the insurance program, to reduce the cost of providing automatic and online consultation for most programs for all programs.

We provide solutions


Smart doctors will help qualified young specialists find employment whereas medical practitioners will be able to earn extra income. These include fitness trainers, nutritionists, veterinarians and more; It will also provide an opportunity for working without insurance and mediator prices among different countries

Insurance company

Under the intelligent agreement, develop a new market insurance policy, reduce the cost of professional services, expand the range of insurance products.


Reduces complete control and medical access to relevance, the investigation and investigation of compounding of any prescription medication, consultation fees with civil administration and reduces the number of qualified doctors and other health professionals around the consultation.

medical clinic

Attract customers from new areas, reduce customer expansion costs, do more for doctors


Improve quality of life for people living in different areas, developing environment for high quality medical care for remote areas, creating jobs and new jobs, transparent financial flow

Sale token

Token name __________________ DSTT

1 DST = ____________________ 0.001

____________________ currency BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, JEC

Hardcaps ______________________ $ 50m

Former Personal Sales 17.04.2018 – 15.05.2018

General Sales 16.05.2018 – 30.07.2018


May 16 – 24 May: ____________ Bonus 20%

May 25 – May 31: ____________ Bonus 15%

June 1 – June 7: ______________ 10% bonus

June 8 – June 15: _____________ 5% Bonus

June 16 – July 30: ____________ Bonus 0%

minimum amount

0.1 ETH

IoO target

To achieve its goal, it would be very important to attract doctors and patients around the world. This will enable us to improve access to health care for patients of poor and underdeveloped countries.

Funds collected during the ICO were distributed as follows:

2 percent per year when the system is started; 10 percent of the income will be used to purchase bonus tokens for doctors and patients

* 50% marketing and expansion in relevant areas

* 10% M related to AI and a good project

* 15% team

* 15% project fine-tuning

* 10% bonus token


  • 24/7 24/7 for immediate medical advice
  • A video or voice call facility with an expert
  • Users have to wait more than one minute to get an answer
  • All experts are highly qualified
  1. Automatically checks for any prescribed medication for relevance, compatibility with previous patient medical records, and for the interactions of medicines
  2. Machine learning and neural network solutions provide the opportunity to discover new diagnostic approaches
  3. Smart agreement activated by BlackChannel makes the interaction intact and transparent
  4. Introducing and analyzing images with the help of AI will enable more efficient medical evaluation and diagnosis

Our goal is to help improve medical aid and overall quality of life.

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