DOMINIUM:The best real estate industry.

The real estate industry often uses blocking technology. Because the use of modern technology has greatly influenced the development of the modern world. It’s still not all smooth in that environment, but life doesn’t stop and talented developers work every day to fix this problem. The Dominium Platform has been working since 1833 in real estate, where talented professionals with extensive experience in this field work.


The main problem of the world real estate market is that, for its function, obsolete technology is used which, in turn, is very limited, because they are subject to regulations by financial institutions and agencies. Language and financial barriers also affect the market, making it a profitable place but often inaccessible.

By placing property finance, listing and property management on the blockchain and by providing a multi-lingual platform with regulatory standards that are compliant, markets are opened to various nationalities, affordability and record agents. Real estate, management and trade finance are thus facilitated and simplified.

The Dominium Platform is built on a chain of Ardor children who evolved from the time-tested blockchain Nxt. Childchain Dominium decentralizes trading of assets and lease agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks, and more on blockchain. The condo will get the regulatory license needed to allow a standard legal template for funding the property to be created. This allows companies to make assets that are in accordance with regulations, which can be purchased by the holder of the Dominium account. Because assets are made on blockchain, they will of course be 100% transparent.

Condominiums are being developed by industry professionals as a tool to improve services to their existing and future clients, after identifying weaknesses in their own markets. Using third generation blockchain technology to modernize one of the most established and ancient industries in the world, Dominium is an international platform where regulatory documentation for property funding is standardized, and assets are placed on blockchain along with property, rental and management sales.



With the Dominium platform has put property, listing and property management on the blockchain and by providing a platform with many Languages ​​with standard documentation in accordance with regulations, the market is open to various nationalities, affordability and recording agents. Real estate finance, management and trade are thus facilitated and will be simplified by the condo.

Buy-Back Program

Damin’s buy-back token program ensures that the token value is maintained regardless of market fluctuations in cryptocurrency or platform performance. This in turn will have a stabilizing effect on DOM tokens, such as gold supported by tokens (DGD) or currencies supported by tokens (USDT). Income generated by the platform and Dominium BV will be used to repurchase tokens regularly, which will ensure a fixed request for tokens.

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