Investments in real estate are mainly made through the purchase of real estate. However, this can also occur through a real estate investment trust (REIT), real estate mutual funds or the stock market (ETF). Regardless of the type of investment, the sector is considered one of the best, especially because it is safe. It is risk free, unstable and is a hedge against inflation.
Dominium is innovative, the platform use Blockchain technology to to provide real estate clients with the best solutions for the services they are looking for. Through Dominium platform, a person in Nigeria can invest in Dubai’s lucrative real estate market without having to worry about burdensome paperworks and other limiting barriers.
Dominium will convert all interests in property investment to be simpler and easier to understand by presenting a platform built on a blockchain basis Dominium
companies can be used as a tool to improve services offered by members of the property market. The company uses blockchain technology, to find solutions to problems that often occur in the property market and will make the lives of clients much easier when they are looking for services in the property industry.

The Digital Platform will be more convenient and more flexible to continue to evolve with a combination of the latest and updated technologies.
Dominium gives priority to the convenience and convenience of investors when placing funds in the ecosystem.
The use of BL blockchainchain technology has been proven to increase liquidity and security of transactions. You will enjoy transactions that are carried out transparently in decentralized systems.
Dominium realizes a healthy system of real estate investments, using the latest technology for a better and safer and more comfortable work.
You will have access worldwide to every investment you make in the ecosystem. The platform can be available anytime and anywhere you are.
Using cryptocurrency will help you to have practical and affordable transactions without the need to involve intermediaries or third parties when investing.
The system works in accordance with the law, so it will increase the comfort and security of the transactions that you do on the ecosystem.

Registering On Dominium Platform
Dominium takes the identification of their platform users very serious. This make the registration requirements for identity verification on the company’s website very important. To register on the platform, you must go through several verification steps, starting with the verification of mobile phone number and email address and ending with KYC/AML including bank account information. Also registration of a company will require registration documents with number and verifiable contact information.

Name: DOM
Protocol: ERC20
The release amount: 1,000,000,000 DOM
Of which for sale: 700 million DOM
Minimum purchase: 100 DOM
Price: from € 0.10 to € 0.25 (depending on which stage)
What coins can you buy with: EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, NXT, ARDOR
Softcap: 2 500 000 euros
Hardcap: 92,500,000 euros

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