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23, 38, 31, 25, 33 and 11 are the top six most drawn lottery winning number right?. nah just kidding.  lottery as a form of gambling involves drawing of number whereby one would select certain numbers in hopes of winning huge sum. currently, there are lots of lottery-based games such as keno and Powerball that are played worldwide. lottery serves not only as an investment asset but also as a consumable goods for people looking for the thrill in gambling.


according to reports, the global 2019 market is expected to reach 376.87 billion dollars. this is huge but there is still a global problem of transparency and fairness facing the industry today that we have to look for ways to tackle this issues; one potential solution is blockchain and a company called donocle has come to integrate blockchain and lottery to make lottery safe, transparent and enjoyable for all.


            What is Donocle

Donocle is a blockchain base lottery company that aims to increase transparency, security and equality in lottery base activity. with donocle trust would be gained back in lotto as everyone involved can easily verify what is going on through its implemented immutable smart contract and open data flow.

donocle operation would be worldwide meaning anyone can easily take part, the only thing that you need is btc/eth/ddl/etc, an internet connection, a device( smartphone or pc) then with luck on your side be that each participant has equal chances of winning, you could emerge as one of its grand winners.


   How Donocle Blockchain Lottery Work

donocle offers and perform lotteries both locally and globally using a lottery ticket. also as trust and transparency are some of its core principles, it embraces a decentralised management system of blockchain technology. this technology works on a platform called donation global blockchain lottery system(DGBL)

     DDL Features

the whole process involving donocle token from its lottery ticket to the distribution of prize money is taken care of by a distributed consensus-based system with a platform called donation global blockchain lottery system.

its lottery tickets use up to 50 different coins and token in the market. this tokens would be selected based on trading volume and market cap making sure that everyone is able to take part.

Also in order to reduce/eliminate disruption that is faced by many countries and cryptocurrency exchanges, donocle make use of pos(proof of stake). this system has a feature whereby a part of the profit is secured through a proof of stake protocol.


  Donocle raffling Method

  • there are 50 cryptocurrency option to choose from in purchasing tickets
  • the six digits of bitcoin nounce is used as the raffle number
  • the six digits of bitcoin nounce is used as the raffle number
  • payment for lottery is paid out based on winning ratio
  • from sales of ticket to winners selected, everything is recorded to make sure everyone can monitor progress


             price money share

  • 1st price: all 6 number match (75% of the total money after reducing 4th and 5th price)
  • 2nd price: 5 number match pus the remaining 1 number match with the bonus number (12.5% of the total money after reducing 4th and 5th price)
  • 3rd price: 5 number match (12.5% of the total money after reducing 4th and 5th price)
  • 4th price: 4 number match ( 0.005 btc prize to be handed randomly)
  • 5th price : 3 number match (0.0005 btc prize to be handed randomly)


you can check out my more technical post on donocle here


       lottery pool composition

  • 3% charity donation
  • 10% pos
  • 17% operation of lottery ticket system
  • 70% winning prize money


 donocle ico audit scores


            Ddl ICO Details


Token Symbol : ddl

Token type:  ecrn20

Pre Sale Price : $ 0.1 USD [10 0ct 2018 – 30 jan 2019]

Main Sale Price : $ 0.2 USD  [30 jan 2018 – 28 feb 2019]

Softcap:    10m usd

Hardcap:   30m usd

Total tokens: 600m

Country:  Singapore

kyc/ Whitelist: kyc


Token distribution

  • 50% presale
  • 16.6% ico
  • 16.6% investors
  • 3.3% advisors
  • 1.6% team
  • 1.6% marketing
  • 1.6% bounty
  • 8.3% reserve



2018 Q1

  • White Paper developed
  • Donocle project idea conceived
  • Research on how to integrate MIB blockchain platform

2018 Q2

  • Donocle singapore established
  • DGBLS( donocle blockchain lottery system)
  • Official website of donocle including DGBLS is designed

2018 Q3

  • More degree of sophistication is added to donocle
  • IDCM listing agreement

2018 Q4

  • Hong kong affiliate was established (donocle international)
  • Global market presale

2019 Q1

  • Trading opened on exchange( hong kong, korea)
  • Demonstration of the donocle project
  • Secured license for the lottery business( in 2 regions outside of korea)

2019 Q2

  • Expansion of business
  • Extablishment of the donocle donation foundation
  • Pilot services launched for global users
  • Pos system tested



Team Behind Donocle

  1. David Han – ceo, cofounder
  2. Jaden Park – ceo, co founder
  3. Jake jin – co founder chief strategy officer
  4. Seunggoo cho – cto, chief technology officer
  5. Kyungsook Ahn – developer
  6. Daehyn lim – cmo of donocle
  7. Cheoljoon Park – lead sw engineer
  8. Namgon Kim – sw engineer
  9. Andrew Young- advisor
  10. Jang Mokhwan – advisor
  11. Park Jong Ho – technical advisor
  12. Jupil Joung – advisor


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