Blockchain technology is a transparent digital transaction book and records that are immune to modification or deletion. Offering additional features of increased security, cost reduction, time efficiency and error tolerance, the chain-chain grew, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is unlimited, triggering an increase in the list of companies, industries and government studying its potential adoption. A blockchain is an immutable public book that records digital transactions.

Some telecom companies offer a solution to unused data, especially in plan holders, and that is to carry over the data on top of the allotted monthly data allocation for the next month. So if you have a monthly data allowance of 8GB per month and only used up half of it, your next month’s data allowance will become 12GB. While this solution might be good enough, but we believe that there are still a lot of things unused data could be used for.

With the situation stated above it ignited another issue that we have to tackle, and that is the availability of the internet anywhere we go. Lucky are those who are thinking of ways to utilize their unused data, but how about those who hardly have an access to it? As much as the governments globally has spent their time and efforts in ensuring that every single area has an access to the internet, this might still take an ample amount of time before this goal becomes a reality, although the world is indeed slowly getting there.

On a date gathered, more than 50% of the world still has no access to the internet while 35% have so much data to waste each month. The team of Dove sees this as a crisis, an “internet crisis” to be exact. With the problems and scenarios stated above, the team decided to give the world a solution – a cure to unused data wastage and no internet connection.


The Dove Network allows user to share unused data by sharing it at a fixed and agreed price, making that user a stand-alone Internet Service Provider (ISP) to those who have no access to the internet. This solution is hitting two birds with one stone and is extremely helpful to all. What is best is that internet connection has become more accessible and the internet capacity can now be monetized with just a push of a button. All this is because of the effort of the Dove team.

Dove Networks’ General Architecture

The Dove network aims to address problems regarding data shortage, lost internet connection, unused data wastage, costly roaming fees and other extra internet or data usage fees. But how will this problem be addressed using the Dove Network?

The Dove users will be making use of the Dove Application. Users with so much extra data in their account will now be considered as Dove Hotspots and be able sell it to other Dove users who badly need it. So if ever you find yourself in an area with no internet connection, just open the application and click the connect button to find nearby Dove Hotpots in Dove’s mesh network and seamlessly connect to it to gain internet connection. With this configuration, Dove Hotpots which are Dove users as well has now become the new ISP provider thus solving the no accessibility for internet connection problem.

As for lost connection, Dove users need not to worry about such as Dove’s handoff smart algorithm will allow you to remain connected by finding another nearby Dove Hotspot with stronger signal strength and disconnects you from the old connection. The handoff process is so fast that you will not notice it, this principle is similar to our mobile phones signal handoff process.

If you want to be a Dove Hotspot user, you can share your extra data through any WiFi enabled devices. As an internet provider, you will have the chance to configure your data’s connection fee, your allowable data allowance to be shared, speed, duration and maximum connection allowed. This way, you can get the chance to monetize your data and earn from it. Your data will become readily available to users who need it and are willing to pay your price through Dove tokens. The payment the hotspot user will get will depend on the data usage of those who availed and consumed the allotted data.

Who will benefit from the Dove Network?

For Individuals…

For individuals who have a lot of extra data to waste, not only will they be able to provide data to other users but also earn from doing so.

For Businesses…

Corporations make use of the internet for many business purposes such as expansion or seamless interaction between the employees. But in actual cases, businesses also have a lot of extra data getting wasted every month. With the Dove Network, they now have the option to share it to the community or to some schools and institutions.

For Government…

Sharing extra data will benefit students and local and small businesses. If Governments make use of the Dove Network, they now have another opportunity to finally realize their goal of providing internet connection in every single place.

Getting Started with Dove

To get started with dove, it only requires simple and few steps.

#1 Register devices together with the location and plan details. This should be done by both data users and data providers.

#2 Set-up data plan and configure AI powered smart algorithm to allow seamless handoff or data connection transition.

#3 In every transaction, the payment will be handles automatically and payments will be debited to the data provider’s ERC20 wallet.

#4 After getting connected, it is now time to enjoy the internet connection.

As for data sellers or providers, there are various plan options to choose from to base the payment scheme. The image below shows the different selections.

To get the latest updates on this ICO, visit their official social media pages and view their website and whitepaper.











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