Dove Network

Dove Network
The Dove Network is a peer-to-peer internet sharing network that utilizes blockade Ethereum to create an Internet Service Provider (ISP) network. With Dove, every user on earth has the ability to become an ISP. This will effectively make Dove Network a global wireless Internet provider and bring the internet to billions of people.
The Dove Network team is trying to bring the Internet to every human on planet earth. In the 21st century, internet access is a basic necessity, but there are still billions of people around the world without the internet. Dove operates under the idea that every human being on earth should have the Internet. We will not rest until they do it. “The right to the internet or” freedom to connect “is a 15-year-old movement.For over a decade, some giant companies are making their plans to cover the planet with stratosphere balloons, nanosatellites and other global forces.However, the status quo has not changed much With the introduction of the Dove Network, the remaining 3 billion people who are still without the internet will eventually be brought online and can join the global economy.Increased internet accessibility will lead to remarkable global economic growth and unmeasured positive impact for people around the world .
With our peer-to-peer model, a reliable internet connection will be available to more people, in more places than ever before. People in rural communities, tourists from other countries, and many others will have access to high quality internet like never before.
By commoditizing the data and giving people the power to trade it for free, we will look at the total price of internet data. This is for all mankind and will lead to an exponential leap in education, human interaction, and global economic prosperity.
This approach allows individuals to “pay per usage,” and not buy unwanted data that would be wasted. This new data on the demand model is much more efficient and practical. People will use the data they need and sell their excess data to those in need.
Dove token is an ERC-20 compatible token sold for token sales participants. Dove’s goal is to attract future users of our decentralized app by selling Dove tokens that will be used for access to WiFi Global services and data sharing.
Bounty Program
Bounty / ICO period: June 1 – End of Sale Token public Q3 2018
Budget Bounty: 2% allocated to Bounty, 20M DOVE Tokens ~ 200k USD
Bounties: DOVE Tokens
Bounty Allocation
2% of total supply is for reward campaign
20% Twitter Campaign
Facebook Campaign – 20%
Signature Campaign 25%
Content Creation – 10%
Translation – 5%
Telegram- 5%
Instagram- 15%
Negative trust members, using multi-account, cheating, using someone else’s work and spamming, multiple signatures for the same user, or any kind of unethical behavior will be banned from campaigns, and payments will be rejected.
Corporate and gift managers can make small changes in bounty campaigns.
Reply in this thread of your weekly report. Always reply with new posts. Do not edit.
Do not quote your previous report.
Late reports will not be credited.
If you enter a campaign 2 days before the end of the week, you will be accepted next week. So sending a report for this week will not give you a bet.
We will not change the fine address you provided in your registration. Do not lose your private key or get phishing
You must join our official telegram group.
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