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when you wake up in the morning what are you always doing? , I think most people’s answers are: – “I’m online”. Almost all of us started our day by checking mail, messages on social networks, during the day we used the mobile app, visited online stores, and ended our day browsing news on the Internet. In today’s world, you can not do without the internet, do you think the internet is everywhere? for residents of these countries, the Internet is a big dream. Implementation of this dream can help DoveNetwork.

DoveNetwork can be useful in countries where there is no problem with access to the Internet? – The main advantage is the increase in network efficiency when overloaded, for example, during large-scale events with the need for Internet access (concerts, conferences, etc.). Also, solve the problem of inadequate Internet services in villages and rural areas

What is DoveNetwork

is a global and decentralized platform, used to manage the points are cumulative and loyalty programs. Analyze a large number of loyalty programs from the use of different points, which the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to users, as well as loyalty programs are not successfully implemented and increase company liabilities.

The Dove Network team tries to bring the Internet to all humans on planet Earth. In the 21st century, access to the Internet is a basic necessity, but there are still billions of people in the world without the internet. Dove works under the idea that every human being on earth should have the Internet. We will not rest until they do it. “The right to the internet or” freedom of connection “is a 15-year-old movement, and for over a decade the giant company has planned to cover the planet with stratospheric balloons, nanosatellites and other global forces.The status quo has not changed much With the introduction of the Dove network, 3 billion people who still do not have access to the Internet will eventually be placed online and can join the global economy. The Internet will lead to remarkable global economic growth and unmeasured positive outcomes – the impact for people around the world.

Advantages Delivered by DoveNetwork

Dove Network users can easily integrate and manage Dove Network tokens and direct you to any company worldwide within the Dove Network Wallet. Users can also easily redeem their points for Dove Network tokens or Token Dove Network for Points Partners. In addition, the Dove Network wallet: a channel ad, which offers advertising partners or coupons to users or partners in real time. This enables Dove Network partnerships to attract more customers and drive more loyalty programs. In addition, in the Dove Network Store, users can purchase products or services through partnerships.

How this project works:

A decentralized, peer-to-peer Internet network uses atherium blockchain to distribute data on the network. Now whenever you press a button, you can connect to the internet anywhere.

Features of DOVE Network!

  • Accessible: With our peer-to-peer model, in more places, more reliable Internet connection than ever before will be available. People from rural communities, tourists from other countries, and many others will have access to high quality Internet like never before.
  • Economical Value: By empowered the data and giving people the power to do business for free, we will see the total cost of internet data. This is for all mankind and will lead to exponential leap in education, human interaction, and global economic prosperity.
  • Practical: This approach allows individuals to “pay per usage”, and does not buy unwanted data that is wasting. This new data on Demand models is more efficient and practical. People will use the required data and they will sell their extra data for the requirement.

Token Dove

Token Dove Network is designed as a token-compatible ERC20 on the Astraleum platform and use of blocking technology. Dove Network’s target group are airlines, travel agents, market leaders, and online stores around the world. With such benefits, the Dove Network, based on sophisticated, safe and effective blocking technology, will control billions of dollars in global markets.

Token name: DOVE

Total inventory: 10,000,000,000 DOVE

Current Status: private

Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes (KYC Page Reference)

MVP & Technology: Yes (Whitepaper Reference)

Team DoveNetwork



The Dove Network is the best unique idea in 2018 blockchain technology to make the internet universal and available to everyone on the planet, they are alone in this field with almost no competition.

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