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We will provide Article to present the “ Dove Network” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.
The hope of joining the This project is very big for us, before you join it will be better if you understand the project besides it will add to your insight and improve information for you especially understanding the project’s vision and mission so that it adds to your trust in.
Video about Dove Network :

Dove Network seeks to bring affordable internet access to the world by allowing peers to trade their unused data capacity.

This is all possible with Blockchain technology and mesh networks. Dove’s blockchain powered application uses a peer-to-peer network to allow people and Wi-Fi enabled devices to seamlessly trade unused data capacity anonymously and automatically.
Our Blockchain enabled back-end applications are securely developed for devices. Some of these applications include:
  • Do Protocol (Data Transmission)
  • Smart Algorithm (AI Powered)
  • Trade Engine
  • Consensus Engine
Dove Network-200,000,000 Tokens Allocated!
The Dove Network allows user to share unused data by sharing it at a fixed and agreed price, making that user a stand-alone Internet Service Provider (ISP) to those who have no access to the internet. This solution is hitting two birds with one stone and is extremely helpful to all. What is best is that internet connection has become more accessible and the internet capacity can now be monetized with just a push of a button. All this is because of the effort of the Dove team.
Dove Networks’ General Architecture
The Dove network aims to address problems regarding data shortage, lost internet connection, unused data wastage, costly roaming fees and other extra internet or data usage fees. But how will this problem be addressed using the Dove Network…
The Dove users will be making use of the Dove Application. Users with so much extra data in their account will now be considered as Dove Hotspots and be able sell it to other Dove users who badly need it. So if ever you find yourself in an area with no internet connection, just open the application and click the connect button to find nearby Dove Hotpots in Dove’s mesh network and seamlessly connect to it to gain internet connection. With this configuration, Dove Hotpots which are Dove users as well has now become the new ISP provider thus solving the no accessibility for internet connection problem.
As for lost connection, Dove users need not to worry about such as Dove’s handoff smart algorithm will allow you to remain connected by finding another nearby Dove Hotspot with stronger signal strength and disconnects you from the old connection. The handoff process is so fast that you will not notice it, this principle is similar to our mobile phones signal handoff process.
If you want to be a Dove Hotspot user, you can share your extra data through any WiFi enabled devices. As an internet provider, you will have the chance to configure your data’s connection fee, your allowable data allowance to be shared, speed, duration and maximum connection allowed. This way, you can get the chance to monetize your data and earn from it. Your data will become readily available to users who need it and are willing to pay your price through Dove tokens. The payment the hotspot user will get will depend on the data usage of those who availed and consumed the allotted data.


Opportunities for hundreds of millions, even billions, of people to start trading data and earning extra money by setting up Dove hotspots in remote areas.
Most businesses are not using their data plans during non-business hours. With Dove, businesses can sell their unused data to cut down on costs.
Governments want to increase Internet accessibility. With Dove, there will be increased Internet connectivity resulting in more economic growth.

How To Exchange Data Capacity

Now you can buy, sell, donate, exchange, or borrow excess Internet data with your mobile, home, or office device. Just pick your plan details and Dove Network takes care of the rest.
Trading and monetizing internet capacity with the Dove application is simple. Just install the Dove application on a mobile device or any Wi-Fi enabled device and set up your plan.
  • Install The Dove App
  • Import Or Create A Wallet
  • Configure Your AI Powered Plan
  • Connect With The Push Of A Button


Dove Token is ERC-20 compliant token sold for parrticipants in the universal Dove network platform , the token will give credits to reach wi-fi global serves and data sharing packets.
Token Dicker : Dove
Total supply 10,000,000,000 DOVE
Current Status Private
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Yes (Reference KYC Page)
MVP & Technology
Yes (Reference Whitepaper)



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