DREAMPOT – Use smart contracts to collect and supplement funds

Lottery players using the Internet access as a link in the field of the table with the chance to win, with the drawing work as a reference, such as the use of offers the option “service”, with various tariffs on the payment system as the initial input to provide the business area and prepare Evaluate yourself with the tasks of the evaluation on the purpose of the systematic arrangement of the technical work, to provide one with the best switches to put on the table of the drawing, since it is expected that the publication with the identical numbers the profits are made to win the prize with the profit to collect the dedicated personal purse.

Dream Pot gives players of lottery games the chance to win with the higher prize than the conditions with the draw are to be released, with regular intervals of 10 minutes to 1 hour interval of the session with the entry into the table of games and with the same or to apply for similar numbers on submission as the use of returns with the management of the staffing of the Customs Staffing system as technical returns as the initial introduction upon entry, as the games with the chance of entry are expected to win The lottery player offers from the developer DREAM POT platform.

The algorithm relating to the return of seed to random numbers in drawing works like the ORACLIZE system occupancy to provide results in return, as well as in-game chance to place a new ticket in position at the time of the decision as an exchange option Service as to win Reference of offers of Dream Pot Developer.

A Billions Super Jackpots prize could be beneficial to a player in order to work cumulatively submitting a minimum amount worth more than US $ 1 billion than the total number of players’ DREAM POT platform subscriptions ,

The longer-term subscription deadlines for playing games on the DREAM POT lottery table, which could win the users’ decision to set the “pay” option, include drawing with the terms of the regular schedule to win entry to supply requests to players and with the chance to return, such as collecting prize money, which is collected at the wallet account on personal account at the service of the developer.


Address: 0xfa45a09e17056d352BfE7f75d5D2c9dEbedDaeE5

Token: DPT

Decimal fractions: 0

Token Type: ERC-20

Use this information if you want to add your own token to your wallet.

Funds from ticket sales are distributed to the prize pool as follows:

Hour Lottery – 40%

Daily lottery – 10%

Weekly lottery – 5%

Monthly lottery – 5%

Annual Lottery – 5%

Super Jackpot – 15%

Commission – 20%

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