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Modern the taxi service at the majority is associated with Uber. I have started the application, I have planned a route – I have received the driver in three minutes. There is an impression that taxi drivers work for themselves sharing with Uber the tiny commission. It’s not true. With the decentralized platforms of Uber has nothing in common.

The commissions in favor of service reach 25% though made 15% several years ago. Taxi drivers complain but to break system not in forces.

Fortunately they will be come to the rescue by Drife soon.

We consider with you one more very interesting project today. On a wave of interest and development of the sphere of cryptocurrencies very tempting and functional idea! https://www.drife.one/

Ride-hailing – a concept which provides use of various services which function online through applications most often mobile for the purpose of a vehicle call for movement from one place in another. A bright example will be the Uber company which allows the clients to call the taxi through the application or to plan a trip in advance.

To each of us to have to go by the taxi. To someone it is very rare to someone often. I think that many of us tested as the driver. Any taxi driver knows that he could receive more if not one but the commission for services of dispatchers and huge percent to intermediaries. The DRIFE project – https://www.drife.one proposes the solution of these and not only these problems by start of the same name decentralized platform which will work at a blockchain. You only imagine as the known smart contracts in branch of transportation of passengers can work with everything

The DRIFE project believes in technology a blockchain and wants to completely change a business model which exists now and also to refuse corporate intermediaries. The decentralized DRIFE platform will help to lower a fare for passengers to increase income for drivers. This platform will work at a blockchain of EOS and all information on transportations all comments on drivers will be stored there. Also on the platform the system of vote by means of which improvements will be brought in the platform and the solution of various controversial issues will be provided. The system of loyalty for payment of trips by !ttokens of DRF will work still!
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The DRIFE technology is infrastructure available to drivers and passengers. And a blockchain — the Wednesday allowing to achieve decentralization. All forms of inquiry will be carried out through smart contracts of a different look. A huge number of the data generated in the sphere of transportations is kept in a blockchain of EOS!

The artificial intelligence will process them. The models of training which are available in technologies will allow to unite high technologies — AI and a blockchain.
The platform rewards its participants that is an incentive for development of all ecosystem. Thanks to architecture of DRIFE clients can provide the best services allowing all participants to receive a maximum from system products


What will allow the DRIFE project to be allocated against the background of already existing corporations which are engaged in passenger traffic?

Zero commission
Creation of absolutely new decentralized network with innovative economic model where 100% of the tariff paid by the passenger go directly to drivers.

Stimulation of a social platform
Granting additional incentives for the network users promoting improvement of the platform through social interaction and creation of network.

The DRIFE project believes in democratic involvement of participants of network in process of adoption of financial and operational decisions for the platform.

DRIFE appreciates safety of passengers and seeks to enter high-quality checks of drivers before they work. The project will also provide infrastructure for broadcast of emergency signals of SOS within community to secure with the help.

The ICO project will pass from October 20, 2018 to February 1, 2019. Now there is a round of the closed pre-sale which to last till December 10. DRF token at this stage can be got from 50% a bonus and at the price of 0.13 USD. After the termination ICO 1 DRF 0.25 USD will equal.

In total 325 million DRF from which from the hammer it is planned to sell 163 million will be produced.

Project hard cap – 39 million USD, Software cap – 4 million.

DRF will be raised by the platform as the small journey payment commission (it will be from one to three percent, depending on the solution of community), for the organization of votes and for voices.

You know, I very much like the idea and the concept of the project. If it is realized that we will receive service working and attractive economically. Plus decentralization tendencies fashionable nowadays, have found the reflection in DRIFE too. What does it have to do with probably as in one other project. I mean full democratic character of the platform.

In more detail you can study the project on exiles below. Including there you will find the reference to demonstration of the platform where you will be able to estimate own eyes convenience of future application. https://www.drife.one/

Team of founders and DRIFE developers mainly natives of India:

Firdosh Sheikh is the cofounder and the CEO.
Surya Randzhit is the cofounder and the finance director.
Abchidzhit Roy — HUNDRED and architecture.
Mario Pacudan is marketing director.
Arpit Sharma is the executive operating officer.
Andrew Willis is the chief specialist on strategy.
Giovanni Kasagrande and Abkhishek Singh — consultants.


four main Drife components it

  • any commissions
  • the community can vote on the important questions concerning the platform;
  • the stimulating bonuses – the same free trips during creation of a purse of Drife;
  • safety. Even service SOS allowing to transfer in emergency situations is planned.
    Practically useful the blockchain startups isn’t enough – many ideas are incompatible with scenarios of real life. The Drife service – is compatible. Taxi drivers will begin to earn more, passengers – to pay less.

Who will suffer – Only intermediaries. Drife changes an uberoobrazny business model in time, I think the company will shoot.

Anything difficult:

  • you load the application on the smartphone, you enter personal data and phone;
  • the interface is minimalist, intuitive – on the following screen you will see where the closest driver;
  • further the application will take an interest where to take away you / where to deliver and will construct a route;
  • all data of the driver before you – phone, the machine, history of trips;
  • for creation of a purse in system and his binding the bonus – several free trips is put. DRF is optional to pay off, you pay that in currency that near at hand.
    Full prototype of the application here https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/KNOQ9YLJ685#/screens
    The personalized taxi it not about Drife. It is impossible to call the pleasant driver, the next approaches always.

Creators of Drife specify that in the taxi transportations industry an array of problems:
Tariffs go up and reputation of Uber and the same “Yandex. Taxi” shaky. Sometimes drivers complain of passengers, sometimes on the contrary. But guilty it is difficult to calculate. The solution of Drife – full transparency. All data are fixed in a blockchain. Just write honest responses.
Centralization and its shortcomings: control from the state, loss of personal data of users, the growing commissions. Solution of Drife: decentralization, a possibility of community to vote for these or those options and innovations including to determine by the whole world an honest tariff, cyber defense.
With Uber at drivers unstable earnings. In addition it is necessary to take care of an insurance and to keep the car in a trade dress. The solution of Drife-a startup promises stable earnings. You the commissions two-week expectation when means will fall to a card from the moment of the trip.
Certainly taxi drivers will undergo strict selection of Drife. The community itself has the right to appoint a peculiar checking commissioners and by sharing the cost to pay them DRF koinam.

Why it is worth investing in Drife?

  • The size of the market of the taxi is equal to $36 billion for today. His growth to $285 billion by 2030 is predicted. The industry isn’t going to hand over turns.
  • Settling in DRF with drivers by the way allows discounts and bonuses.

Web: https://www.drife.one/
Whitepaper: https://www.drife.one/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Drife-Whitepaper-v1.0.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5027608.0
Telegram: https://t.me/Drife_officialchat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Drife_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drife.official
Medium: https://medium.com/@drife_official

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