We all know that the future lies in “advanced technologies”. But what is it? Most of us take this name seriously. Of course, information technology occupies an important place, but there are many other important areas. Consequently, “advanced technology” will be more accurately defined as a technology that forms new industrial structures with higher quality, more accurate production, with lower costs and better energy efficiency.

Today I present to you an interesting and unusual project, DRIFE: Decentralized Ride Hailing Platform – a non-profit organization in the UK, officially created to finance, develop and implement technologies that are useful to humanity and the planet.

The transport business is very promising, given the mobility of ordinary people who need to move from one place to another. Therefore, it is not surprising that the world of transport is constantly growing over time. We see that in recent years, the online shipping business has become a public concern. Customers choose a lot of vehicles online because of the various advantages over conventional vehicles. The cost is relatively cheaper, the tariff is transparent, it is easy to get, because it can only be obtained using the Gadget application, you can check the price at the beginning and others.

The development of modes of transport does not stop there. Now we are starting to see the existence of future technologies, namely blockchain technology. This technology is seen by many people, including national media, as the technology of the future. This technology will now penetrate the world of transport through a platform called DRIFE.

DRIFE is a decentralized transition platform that runs on the blockchain in order to empower value creators in our ecosystem, including drivers, passengers and community developers. DRIFE plans to destroy the existing business model and eliminate the intermediaries of the company involved in the transaction. Our platform for calling passengers has created a new paradigm for the upstream call industry. We are the first platform in this niche that expresses all the possibilities of a decentralized driving economy. Using Blockchain technology, the DRIFE platform seeks to bring a new paradigm to the challenge platform and solve a bunch of problems arising from the current centralized business model. Platform growth not only contributes to the achievement of DRIFE goals, but also increases overall value.

In less than ten years, there are currently more than 1600+ cryptocurrency platforms built on the basis of blockchain technology. New start-up companies, great innovative technologies and scalability features, which were updated from the original blockchain, were admired. However, more than 90% of these projects have no practical use or utilities. Most of them are made in the form of subchains or side chains that use the capabilities of a more efficient system. Regardless of the capabilities provided by the blockchain company, adaptation of most of these platforms is still unavailable because:

“There are not many real-world use cases that are completely compromised.”

Look at the four main components of DRIFE that highlight this project.

  1. No commission: DRIFE seeks to shift the focus from the existing platform on the basis of commissions to a decentralized network with a new economic model in which 100% of the costs paid by “commuter passengers” are sent directly to drivers.
  2. Promotion of social platforms: DRIFE provides additional incentives to network users that contribute to the improvement of the platform through social interaction and network development.
  3. Management: DRIFE believes in the democratic participation of network participants in making financial and operational decisions for the platform.
  4. Safety: DRIFE respects the safety of passengers and tries to conduct some safety checks of the driver before boarding the ship and during operation. DRIFE also provides an infrastructure for broadcasting SOS alarms in the community asking for help.

Built on the EOS blockchain, our architecture uses three unique properties of the parent chain:

Payment processing flow

DRIFE allows you to make payments in cash, cards and DRF tokens. This gives passengers access to various payment options and options. For each trip, the payment is paid 100% directly to the driver and, thus, ensures that DRIFE does not have hidden fees, charges or commissions. This 100% driver fee provides greater economic benefits compared to a competitive fastening system and returns all income to the community at its place of origin.

DRIFE tokens (DRFs) are created and stored in the EOS blockchain for use by drivers and passengers. The use of tokens allows all users to easily process transactions and use transport, while at the same time receiving additional benefits from using the platform. In the future, various incentives developed by DRIFE will appear to attract the attention of many people today.

Token Details

  • Token: DRIFE
  • Symbol: DRF
  • Blockchain Type: EOS
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • ICO Price: 1 DRF = $ 0.23
  • Softcap: 32.5 million DRF
  • Hardcap: 162.5 million DRF
  • ICO Date: 02/25/2019 – 05/31/2019
  • Receive: ETH
  • Whitelist / KYC: KYC
  • Country: England

The sale of DRF tokens has three stages, namely:

  • Stage 1 – Presale: 20% discount on the sale of a total of 32.5 million DRF.
  • Stage 2 – ICO I: 15% discount rate with a total sale of 65 million DRF.
  • Stage 3 – ICO II: 10% discount rate with a total sale of 65 million DRF.

Token Distribution

The total number of tokens is 325,000,000 tokens and will be issued with hard caps, which are sold at a price of 60%. The distribution is 50% of the total number of issued tokens that will be divided between personal sales (10%), social incentives (10%), developers (5%), team founders (5%) (10%), gifts and air drops ( 3%), Reviews, Prizes and 5% Bonuses and advisers (2%).

Fund allocation

All pre-sale funds will be used to develop, test and release the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). In addition, these funds will be used to support community development campaigns.

Funds contributed through the ICO will be spent on launching the final version of the platform and widespread implementation. Areas for which ICO funds will be spent include product updates (including bugs), third-party audits, testing, marketing, and backups for all possible opportunities. Details of the funds that will be spent in each area can be seen in the chart on the left.

Road map

Q1 – 2018

Platform ideas

Decentralized Taxi Ideas

Convert Ideas to Business Plans

Community development

Q2 – 2018


Website launch

List of Drife Indexes for EOS and Other EOS Projects

Social Media Profile

Q3 2018


Drife List

DRIFE Technical architecture on the EOS blockchain

Q4 – 2018

I’m in the Dapp phase

UI Dapp released

Participation in Dubai WBS

Take part in the EOS Summit

Q1 – 2019

Phase II Dapp

Dapp Alpha Tested

Participate in the Endless Dappathon


Phase III Dapp

Drivers and riders app downloaded for beta testing flights

Driver acquisition

3rd quarter – 2019

Phase I Launch

Drife to live – Phase I

An Introduction to Staking, Subscription Models, and Security Features in Dapp

Q4 – 2019

Phase II Launch

Drif to go Stage II

Introduction to Social Communities, Unique Identifiers and Management

Q1 – 2020


Grow globally

Improve technology


DRIFE is one of the most anticipated wallet applications this year, both in terms of investor popularity and profitability. In addition to providing multiple income options for token holders, Pieta allows users to mine blockchains, which is fast and economical to generate exceptional income.

DRIFE will be one of the most successful of its kind! They have excellent vision and goals. This project needs attention. Ideas about team competitions, results achieved, partnerships. All this is an indication that this project has a good future. This project is a good and strong team with a predictable and transparent roadmap, planned and predicted campaign growth, and your money invested in it suggests that this project came to us once. Worth to attend!

DRIFE is a wonderful company with a good history, the technologies of the future are not so simple, but this company managed to prove to many people what they are capable of! This project has good prospects. Of course, this time I believe that this is the best project for investment.

For more information about DRIFE, please click on the link below:


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