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Hello everyone, have a nice day. The hope of joining the DriveDeal project is very big for us, before you join it will be better if you understand the project besides it will add to your insight and improve information for you especially understanding the project’s vision and mission so that it adds to your trust in investing.

Most vehicles remain unused for 95% of the time which is a wasteful treatment of resources. Car sharing companies offer solutions to utilize these assets by making them accessible to many consumers simultaneously. However, these companies create the supply in one way only — taxi services do not offer their vehicles for car sharing and vice versa. In this way companies have too much power and do not add enough value to the economy — they basically only operate as matchmakers between owners and users of the cars. A true sharing community should function peer2peer, where no intermediaries are required and services provided by any available resource can be used on demand. Unfortunately most business transactions require someone to take care of security, trust and payments, because most consumers and providers do not trust each other. Until now there has been no way to bypass the need for a centralized authority which owns user’s data.

Solution for this problem because DriveDeal is developing an open and decentralized platform as the foundation for future mobile and transportation applications in the shared economy.

DriveDeal is a blockchain technology project designed to develop a platform for asset and service sharing in the mobile and transportation sectors. From the first day, we have established a new organization that will fully embrace the idea of decentralization from people all over the world.

We are a multinational team that combines our personal expertise and valuable experience from a variety of industries to achieve our vision to build the best way to serve the community.

Existing mobile applications only handle a limited set of targets through their services. For example, a taxi service does not provide a vehicle for car sharing, and vice versa. In this way, most vehicles are still unused 95% of the time, which is a waste of resource processing. A true shared community should run peer2peer, which does not require an intermediary and can use any of the available resources on demand. Unfortunately, most business transactions require someone to handle security, trust, and payment because most consumers and providers don’t trust each other. So far, there is no way to bypass the need for centralized authorization.

Shared mobility solution

All mobile providers are committed to the entire community. They provide services based on market needs and tailor solutions to the actual needs of customers.

However, with the invention of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, it is now possible to directly sign binding agreements and share assets without anyone controlling the market. DriveDeal will be the first platform for these interactions and will provide the infrastructure and technology needed to enable distributed peer2peer sharing. Each application built on top of DriveDeal will combine all possible mobile sharing use cases and enable customers to determine market supply. Participants will be able to provide cars for everyone in the community to share, rent other people’s vehicles, develop applications or provide mobile-related services. This not only helps to take advantage of unused resources, but it also makes transportation more efficient and cheaper.

Only customers and service providers can design the networks they really need. A productive and productive shared community will emerge in an environment of mutual trust and correct motivation.

In an unregulated market, there must be different solutions that motivate business partners to comply with rules and fulfill agreements. This can be ensured by so-called smart contracts — the independent part of the programming code on the blockchain is not corrupt. This guarantees that once a deal is reached, it must be adhered to. One of the smart contracts is the token contract, which is the backbone of the DriveDeal platform. The DriveDeal token creates currency for various interactions on the network. It can be used for many different purposes at the same time as today’s money. DriveDeal tokens not only provide payment functionality, but also help network participants reach consensus or vote on solutions. DriveDeal tokens are fully integrated into the exchange behavior and influence how decisions are made. All in all, smart contracts set the right incentives and allow for agreements without the need to trust counterparties or monitor interactions.

Value proposition

Hybrid use cases improve mobile services on a single, decentralized platform. Providers respond quickly to on-demand mobile requests to provide the right supply. Existing resources are used flexibly and efficiently.

The current car sharing market is characterized by a lack of innovation and higher prices. Traditional companies are happy to provide services in a way that maximizes profits, rather than having to ask for improvements. They don’t have publicly accessible algorithms, so they must trust their integrity and honesty. In addition, they only provide one-dimensional solutions that do not fully utilize their vehicle inventory. The DriveDeal platform is designed to solve all of these problems by leveraging a decentralized architecture. Mobile applications will benefit from sharing the same data layer, while open source solutions will provide transparency. This way, the application becomes mixed and the shared use cases are merged into a demand-driven solution.

  • Developers
    In order to maximize the utility of the platform, developers are invited to contribute ideas and help to let the platform grow. Token rewards for contributions will be given.
    – Individuals
    As a consumer as well as provider of services individuals will benefit from the platform capabilities most, which is also an added value for the public good.
    – Companies & Institutions
    Already existing or newly established service providers will be represented on the platform as an important part of a holistic ecosystem.

Value proposition

On one decentralized platform, hybrid usage scenarios improve service mobility. Providers respond quickly to on-demand mobility requests to offer a suitable offer. Existing resources are used flexibly and more efficiently.

Application cases

P2P Car Sharing

Sharing P2P cars is the most effective way to increase the efficiency of car ownership and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Trip come

Since all resources can be made available to each platform member, travel services can be offered by anyone.

Pool of cars

Instead of driving around four empty seats, a pool of cars offers low-cost transportation for users and an additional source of income for travel providers.

Delivery service

Huge potential for the transport of goods lies within routes covered by millions of car users every moment.

Data control

As a key property of the platform, each user regains control over their data. If desired, he can then monetize this data or use it to optimize applications.

Not yet disclosed

The possibilities in the field of transport and mobility are endless. Everyone is invited to deploy their own services and applications on top of the DriveDeal platform

Platform Project

Multi Smart Contract

All applications will be developed using individually designed smart contracts on the ethereum network.

Javascript library

Networking Ethereum and IPFS removed using the Javascript library.

Integration with the car

Platforms allow you to create a digital twin for each mobile resource, associating it with a decentralized world.

Project Community


To maximize the utility of the platform, developers are invited to share their ideas and help develop the platform. Current rewards for contributions will be provided.


Both consumers and service providers, individuals, will benefit most from the capabilities of the platform, which is also an added value for the public good.

Companies and institutions

Already existing or newly created service providers will be presented on the platform as an important part of a holistic ecosystem.

Token Functions

Monetary function

Cost accumulator, agreed exchange medium, unit of account


Leadership, encouragement, transparency and demonstration of intentions, confirmation and truth

Control and supervision

Governance, decision making and voting, security, compliance, consensus and conflict resolution

Road map

2 neighborhood 2017

The first concepts for innovative solutions are formalized.

Increase vehicle utilization and activate unused mobility resources.

Challenging various concepts for potential business realization and developing potential opportunities, threats and preconditions

3 District 2017

Outlines of the mobility paradigm review

The core team is formed: interdisciplinary approaches and strong crypto focus

Clear ecosystem building goal to replace existing weaknesses

Q1 2018

Setting up a team, partnership and early consultants

Idea process

System conceptualization

Feasibility study

Visual design

Q2 2018

System design

Token Economy Design

ICO Structuring and Components

White Paper Draft

3 quarter of 2018

Development and implementation of Crowdsale Smart Contracts

Audit code

Final White Paper

Promotion and marketing

Q4 2018


Listing on exchanges

Platform prototype

Developer Program

Partnership with institutes and universities

Q1 2019

First DriveDeal demo released

Beta version of the command line tool

3 quarter of 2019

MVP Platform: Print, Detect, Book, Rating and Download Data

MVP Car Sharing Application

1 District 2020

Integration of car sharing devices

Platform beta

Beta Car Sharing

3 District 2020

Stable version of car sharing platform and application.

further integration of the use case

Collaboration with related concepts in the division of the economy

Team and Advisors

Arjun Ahluwalia: CEO

Pedro Andrade: CTO

Alexander Frank : COO

Krzysztof Paruch: CFO

Marc Oliver Gestefeld: Project Manager

Michal Bican: Blokchein Development

Benjamin Wang: Blockchain Consultant

Philipp Omenitsch: ICO Consultant

Maria Jordan: Graphic Design

Philipp Schwinger: Motion Design

Laurence Kirk

Stephan Yue

Dr. Bernhard Haselhofer

Florian Kleedorfer

Alexander Kargol

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