Welcome to the DRIVEHOLIC platform. If we observe how society has evolved, from tribal societies we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and Internet.
Driveholic is a blockchain based distributed commercial center for autos. Driveholic will probably make a social commercial center where purchasers and dealers can meet up to offer autos utilizing our safe escrow based framework. The Driveholic stage will enable clients to purchase and offer autos utilizing digital money, without being confined to fiat monetary forms or land impediments.
Furthermore, it will build up its advancements, and in addition cooperation with creating nations, which will altogether grow the skyline of chances. A cutting edge, secluded blockchain framework will maintain a strategic distance from botches and pull in both the expert network and huge venture supports that want to keep their advantages in a protected place.

A defining feature of the Driveholic platform is the merging of social interaction and trading in a single digital platform. Traditional social media interactivity will bring a trust element to the trading experience. Platform will also integrate other interactions to promote beneficial social behaviour.

Driveholic is a very exciting revolutionary platform and service that facilitates commerce within the Community.

DriveHolic allows you to buy, sell or auction new and used cars from sellers and dealers across the country/world within the scope of the largest blockchain e-commerce system. DriveHolic lets you buy, sell, or sell new and used cars from sellers and dealers across the country/world within the scope of the largest blockchain e-commerce system. Users / You can pay in a cryptocurrency currency for a car you dreamed of, with a low transaction fee rate and secure cash payment prores on the DriveHolic platform.

Due to the nature of the decentralized blockchain, Driveholic is a very promising global platform because outran is not limited by geographical boundaries.

With smart contracts, no intermediaries are required for transactions. In the smart contract also has provided security services to buyers and sellers.

The DriveHolic platform also features a mix of social interactions with commerce on a single platform. The key feature of the Driveholic platform is the incorporation of social and commercial interactions within a single digital platform. The interactivity of traditional social media will bring the element of trust to the deepest experience in commerce. A platform will also integrate other interactions to promote beneficial social behavior.

We also have a generous gift program designed for existing community members and new members. Please visit our reward thread for more info.
For more details, visit our Bounty Thread:


Instead of the initial offer of the coin, the project will implement an air launch phase and phase gifts. The project will distribute 900 million tokens to all holders EOS EOS token with balances of more than 100 in an of 1:1 ratio.

We have a generous rewards program designed for existing members of the community and new members. Please visit our reward thread for more information.


900,000,000 tokens will be launched from the air to Genesis snapshot addresses with more than 100 EOS tokens in a 1: 1 ratio.


• Q1, 2018 Launch of the social network platform (live)
• Q2, 2018 Bounty (live)
• Q3, 2018 Airdrop
• Q4, 2018 Market launch
• Q1, 2019 Launch of mobile applications

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My bitcoin profile link:;u=2103401


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