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Convergence is creating a “Player Acquisition Engine” (“PAE”). The PAE is a Player-Acquisition-As-A-Service (PAAAS) solution driven by the DROID Token. The PAE will on-board tens of millions of players a month to Convergence’s entertainment partners through Video Game Collectible Items on the Blockchain. The PAE benefits Players, Consumer Game Developers, Arcades, and DROID Token holders.

Furthermore, CONVERGENCE (Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC) will create the first comprehensive Cross-Reality Virtual Universe (XR-VU) combining the consumer game market with the arcade and out-of-home entertainment market. Enjoy different ways of interacting with your friends from your one account that spans across Smartphones, Tablets, Consoles, PCs, Arcades, LBEs and the ultimate in Theme Park Attractions; all with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Standard Screen Interfaces intertwined into one virtual universe, where each planet is a completely different game/experience.

The Goals

World domination! By using our networking savvy and bleeding-edge entertainment experience, we will lure all of humanity into our web of happy, joyful, gaming goodness. Without even realizing it, the masses will fall under our spell, losing themselves forever within Silica neXus. Of course we do have a fallback plan… simply building the largest entertainment project ever conceived, creating a cult-like following through social engagement tools from Managed Crowd-Sourcing and Crowd-Funding efforts.


The Droid team is funding the neXus with the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). An IEO is when a cryptocurrency project sells its tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange to raise capital. The exchange is able to trade different coins and tokens (for example Bitcoin to Ethereum) and is a trusted third party for both the crypto project and token buyers. For the IEO we are using LATOKEN to mediate the purchase of the Droid Tokens.

Selling the tokens with an IEO provides us with capital to create our product and make the neXus a reality. It also provides us with a wonderful community of token holders who are eager to see the project come to fruition. In return, it provides the token holders a front row seat to the greatest video game project ever attempted; a multiverse that will connect every device to one digital world.


It is time for Cross-Reality to be realized. Real innovation has stagnated since the 2004 debut of World of Warcraft. Major studios seem to be re-skinning old ideas; no one wants to take a chance on a truly innovative concept because they say: “It’s too BIG”, “It’s too expensive” and “It will never work”.

This is the team that can deliver authentic Cross-Reality experiences and create the technology, tools, protocols, game mechanics and procedures for other developers to create their own interactive Cross-Reality experiences. We believe that accomplishing that goal will change entertainment forever!

They are also tired of getting ripped off when we are trying to sell digital assets earned while playing our favorite games. They believe their players—all players—deserve safe, secure transactions with their virtual items when they want to trade or sell. Putting these transactions on the blockchain might not fully eliminate the rampant fraud happening, however, it will bring it much closer to extinction.



Website: http://fund.silicanexus.com/

Whitepaper: http://fund.silicanexus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/C4D-White-Paper-BP.V06.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/F_LUPhLlLLRvpFX6NKwBHA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilicaNexus?s=09

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silica.nexus/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT0vT0ZbNDiFh26Gzf974Dw

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/convergence-of-4-dimensions-llc/about/


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