DST Aim To Build A Silver Ecosystem With Blockchain Technology


Executive Summary

Man had an understanding of silver even in ancient times. Like gold, silver has a long history of usage as precious metal for more than 4000 years. Silver is also a rare precious metal, which plays a very important role in our modern life and technology development. Manufacturing of electrical equipment, vehicles, kitchen utensils, and various building facilities that we use every day is inseparable from silver resources.

The mining industry is a very large industry involving machinery of all dimensions to excavate valuable natural resources from underground. Mining is also a very hard, complex and expensive engineering process. What we are focused on are production of various precious metals and other projects.

With the most reliable formula as provided by blockchain plus smart contract, Decentralize Silver Token (DST) tries to meet the challenges of production quantity, development technology, quality inspection, timing estimation and investment of precious metals. It allows effective sales and development through pre-ordering of merchandise. Meanwhile, the ecosystem of DST could also increase transparency and fluidity, enabling manufacturers and franchised investors to reach P2P agreement. The smart contract and goods inspection used by DST could provide trust and pricing of the pre-ordered merchandise.

By pricing the precious metals with their production, it can allow health development and efficient management of the mining fields, and thus to achieve a milestone of high efficiency. With the protection mechanism of our platform, investors can prevent excessive decline in project milestones. A perfect capital flow and trading system has been established in mining projects, allowing all participants to conduct transparent transactions through smart contracts.

The platform will also provide broader options for the investors, so the mine owners can provide P2P capital trajectory, bringing the mine owners from the seed germination stage to the public trading on DST platform. The trading platform of DST is set up with smart contracts of Ethereum.

Blockchain Ecosystem

  • Business Network

 A reciprocal framework containing all market players

 A consensus agreement for all participants

  • Smart Contracts

 Digital contract, similar to business rules

 Inserted in blockchain

 To be executed during transaction

 Written in programming language, verified by digital signature

 To ensure reliable execution of all agreements

 To avoid tampering, denial or contract breach

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

 Records are protected with Hash algorithm, encryption and personal signature

 Unique ID for each client, receipt and reference

 Private transaction

 ID is not directly linked to transaction

 Transaction verification

  • Shared Ledgers

 All transactions online are recorded

 Books are shared among participants and each of them has its own independent and complete stored data copy

 Subject to be approved

  • Proof of Work

 Consensus algorithm can ensure consistency of each copies so as to reduce risks of fake transactions

 Technologies agreed by all participants, and verification has been conducted

 Rules of transaction verification can be set up

Characterized by “minority obeying the majority”, referring not only to the number of nodes, but also to the computing power, equity books or other comparable quantization factors

 Characterized by “everyone is equal”, meaning when nodes meet the conditions, all nodes have the priority to raise result of consensus, which can become ultimate consensus result upon direct recognition of other nodes

  • Cryptography Principle

 Information dissemination is based on asymmetric digital encryption technology of public and private keys to ensure mutual trust between traders

 During the process of realization, when information is encrypted with either a public or a private key, it can only be decrypted with the other key White Paper V1.1, April 11, 2018 8

 When one of the keys is released (the released public key), it’s impossible to calculate the other unreleased key (private key)

DST Foundation

DST Foundation (Singapore) was established in 2018, is a non-profit institution jointly created by a blockchain technical team with member from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and USA, together with an advisory team composed by members from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and France. The Foundation is committed to build a blockchain digital assets ecosystem in global mining and jewellery industries, develop and research on blockchain technology; it aims also to get actively involved in social welfare undertakings, caring of senior citizens and disabled groups, and to promote implementation of blockchain technology in various projects by working together with mining and jewellery enterprises from all over the world.

DST Blockchain Academy

DST will hold a series of activities, including a business school, to further help investors from all over the world to fully understand its ecosystem.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

DST is a decentralized blockchain digital asset developed by DST on the basis of Ethereum, a token created with standard technology ERC20. In addition to traditional investment, ICO is a unique way of financing in blockchain industry. The so-called ICO means financing by issuing tokens. Token represents some income rights or shares of the project. Supporters of a project can invest in blockchain start-ups by subscribing tokens of corresponding value. Another characteristic of the ICO, unlike traditional ways of financing, is that the start-up companies do not keep a lot of shares of equity, but rather sell most of their shares to the investors involved in the crowd-funding.

Driven by the Internet big data, the silver industry will go deeper into the integration of industry and financing, which is an integration on capital level. Through industrial financing, the financial capital operation is an important step of an enterprise in its development in capital and financial sector. For DST, the ICO in its development of financial sector is mainly due to three considerations.

First: The demand of capital in the mining sector is large, the rate of return is low and the return rate of the financial assets is relatively high. It is an objective need for the development of the mining enterprise to increase its profits by expanding the silver industry to the financial field.

Second: Mining projects have long cycle of development with a big number of uncertain factors. In addition, since price of silver fluctuates greatly, the development of single mining sector cannot effectively shift risks while development of financial sector can shift the risks by effective use of financial tools so as to achieve the preservation and appreciation of assets.

Third: Since a large amount of funds and related business in the mining industry are scattered in DST, there should be a solution on how to improve the efficiency of funds and reduce the financial cost. It’s appeared necessary for each sector to develop in a coordinated manner, and with comprehensive planning in order to improve the concentration of resource utilization and make full use of these resources. At present, the silver mining industry is actively reducing the efficiency and optimizing the benefit, conducting financial business, leveraging on capital market so as to alleviate the management pressure of the enterprise, and make the funds more used for industrial upgrading.

Generally speaking, the step of ICO by DST in its construction of financial sector is for long-term strategic development needs, maximizing business efficiency with the help of capital operation.

Private and Public Offerings

The total number of blockchain tokens DST as to be originated from ICO is 545,000,000. The amount for pre-ICO is 70,000,000. Private offering will start on April 11, 2018 and the public offering will end on August 15, 2018.

1. Private Offering Angel round A

Pre-sale amount:25,000,000DST

Options at pre-sale:100ETH to exchange for 600,000 DST or 500ETH to exchange for 3,000,000 DST

Note: Two years locking period, release 25% every six months, free additional DST, must be in accordance with the official pre-sale conditions, selected investors only.

2. Private Offering Angel Round B

Pre-sale amount:25,000,000 DST

Options at pre-sale:10ETH to exchange for 30,000 DST or 50ETH to exchange for 150,000 DST

Note: One year locking period, release 25% every three months, free additional DST, must be in accordance with the official pre-sale conditions, selected investors only.

3. Private Offering Angel Round C

Pre-sale amount:10,000,000 DST

Options at pre-sale:1ETH to exchange for 1,500 DST

Note: 52 weeks locking period, release 1.923% every week, free additional DST, must be in accordance with the official pre-sale conditions, selected institutional investors only.

4. Public Offering

Pre-sale amount:10,000,000 DST

Options at pre-sale:1ETH to exchange for 1,500 DST

*In total, 70,000,000 DST will be publicly sold in the three rounds of selected Angel rounds private offerings as well as in the public offering.*

Expected to go online on Coinbene exchange platform in September 2018.

Distribution Regularities of DST

Project Team

Corporate Structure

Management Team

  • CEO and Founder
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CMO
  • DST Blockchain Technology Team


More Info

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