In a healthy body healthy mind! It is with such a phrase, I will begin today’s article. Of course, we will touch our favorite cryptocurrency. Well without her.

Sport is back in fashion for the last 10 years. Someone is engaged in horizontal bars, someone runs, someone goes to martial arts, and so on. Everyone likes their sport. But unfortunately many people cannot force themselves to go for a run in the morning, or there is no money for going to the gym. But the root cause is really only a stimulus to occupy, and not to sit in front of the computer at home. And what if you combine sports with earning money? And in general, is it real? Now we will not take a big sport, where big money is spinning, but ordinary, ordinary. Thanks to Blockchain this will become real.

I want to present to you the Dtrack project, which is being created precisely for this purpose: stimulating the pursuit of sports and achieving certain results. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Dtrack is an additional cryptocurrency developed by Ethereum to allow anyone, regardless of its technical capabilities, to mine cryptomonettes. And where does the sport? It is rather ordinary mining. The fact of the matter is that mining takes place through an “exercise proof.” And what it is, we look further.

POE as proof of exercise.

The Dtrack Token contains the POE reward system for the exercises performed using the Smart Contract. Tracking is done using geolocation and by calculating your steps and heart rate through the Dtrack mobile app containing Smart contracts adapted for different tasks. Pulse and other parameters are measured using Smart watches with which you synchroni.

A bit of history.

Initially, the Dtrack project team set itself the task of making mining more accessible. When the first cryptocurrencies appeared, mining was really “popular”, but over time, the calculation of blocks became more and more difficult, requiring complex and expensive equipment. The money was only among those who united in pools. As a result, all the “power” over the mining turned out to be with them, but ordinary people remained “with a nose.” As a result, a team of investors drew attention to this injustice and decided to fix it. But, you see, sitting on a chair exactly progress can not be achieved! Therefore, you need to attach an incentive to earn something, to some useful task. Well, perhaps the most accessible for everyone is sports. This is how this idea was born.

DTK Token (Dtrack).

As mentioned above, the Dtrack token is created on the basis of Ethereum as an additional cryptocurrency. Built on the ERC20 protocol. In total, 20 billion tokens will be “mined”. Why so much? Everything is based on calculations. At the moment, it is calculated that all tokens will be “mined” for more than 100 years. But at the same time, in order not to devalue the tokens, a program will be created to redeem half of all the tokens obtained in order to further “destroy” them.

Of course, tokens will be issued on the stock exchange (although it is not yet agreed on which), and the very next day after the end of the ICO. And this fundraising program will be completed at the end of 2018.

Let’s sum up.

I believe that the project is interesting and its idea, and originality. This application is aimed at stimulating the practice of sports, and it will be useful to those who need an incentive for self-development. People already involved in physical education, will find an additional opportunity to earn a denyushka, without departing from the exercises.

Information link’s the below :

Website : https://dtrack.org

ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059811.msg47411724#msg47411724

WhitePaper : https://dtrack.org/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/DTRACK_DTK

Telegram : http://t.me/ProjectDTrack

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Dtrackdtk

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/dtrack-dtk/

Medium : https://medium.com/dtrack

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/DTRACKTOKEN

Eth addres : 0x4c490eEEA63Ae18C4ea034EB823B91F2eA8EDe6B
Username : fongsay


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