Dtrack is a complementary cryptocurrency that has been developed on ethereum Network to allow anyone



Dtrack is an equal advanced cash that has been distributed on ethereum Network to sanction anyone, in spite of categorical limit, fundamental access to computerized mazuma. Inside two or three minutes of presenting the flexible application, and the customer can optically discern Dtrack being integrated into their wallet through the novel body (proof of action) mining information. About every single computerized type of mazuma is “mined” with expert rigging. Dtrack can be gained by methods for the body mining learning, ie your application running on the establishment tracks your methods and heartbeats. We’ve developed a consummately working crypto coin with some great unique features. We’ve apperceived different immense markets and we’re developing a free iOS and Android application.

We will probably energize people into rehearsing and getting the chance to be vigorous with cash and to compensate them with the D track token.

As a sodality our vision is to empower the overall accumulation of blockchain advancement through health, we orchestrate to impact every individual to remain fit and everything considered, causing overall cull of advanced mazuma.


Sundry individuals don’t have copacetic essentialness or inspiration to practice in the wellbeing room. Many undertaking varying systems like joining an impeccable rec center, affecting an accomplice to empower, following progress, and customarily reimbursing themselves. When we comprehend how to drag ourselves to the GYM at night, we, for the most part, feel depleted from work, and an immensely colossal portion of the occasions you rather simply peregrinate home, watch TVs, and go to bed.
The most intriguing part is that Exercising doesn’t just sustain your muscles, it similarly fortifies your heart moreover, bones cuts down your circulatory strain and diminishes your muscle versus fat. By keeping visual perceivers open for this issue, everyone will remain alive and well, go ahead with a more propitious life, look preponderant, and moreover get paid in DTK token by utilizing the dtrack application.


By utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain, we have developed a Decentralized Proof of Exercise token with an imaginative adaptable application that empowers you to mine DTK token with your body. The Dtrack stage will develop the dtrack adaptable application that prizes customers while rehearsing their body wherever on the planet by exhibiting a Proof of Exercise token called Dtrack token (DTK). The more exercise, and advancement of the body, the more DTK tokens you will victoriously triumph.

Dtrack token will be based on ethereum – a decentralized platform for applications that run
precisely as modified with no shot of misrepresentation, oversight or outsider impedance.
all transactions will be anchored with best in class cryptography, and the blockchain
honesty will be secured by CPU-productivity.
The DTK token fills the dtrack platform by encouraging and anchoring business exchanges
amongst users, Working as an API get to the key, the DTK token will fill a wide assortment
of needs, including getting to information on the blockchain, starting exchanges and
contracts, and remunerating framework members – to give some examples.
In order to get the above all stated on this whitepaper implemented, we’re raising funds via
public sale is otherwise known as ICO.
The in-house calculations have resulted in a maximum financing target of a hard cap of
1808 ETH. The realization of the project is not possible under this amount. Unsold tokens
from the public will be burned.
The ICO will be of three stages, total of 3,000,000,000 DTK token to be sold on each stage;
Stage One 3,000,000,000 TOKEN 1ETH = 8,000,000 DTK 10% BONUS
Stage Two 4,000,000,000 TOKEN 1ETH = 6,000,000 DTK 5% BONUS
Stage Three 2,000,000,000 TOKEN 1ETH = 3,000,000 DTK 1% BONUS
Dtrack Ecosystem development 60%
Marketing 15%
Exchange listing 20%
Legal, buyback & admin 5%



For More Information Click Link Bellow:
website: https://dtrack.org/
Ann Thread:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5057141.0
Whitepaper: https://dtrack.org/assets/whitepaper.pdf
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/projectdtrack


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