Social networks that can get rewarded for doing small tasks on the Internet.

What Does the ICO ERN Earn?
Earn.com is a social network where you can get rewarded for doing small tasks on the Internet. New tokens have appeared on the platform, but will not be launched via ICO. Instead, you can simply subscribe to the platform, test it, and then start doing the task of getting tokens.


The goal of Earn is to make social networks useful. Tokens can be used to pay people for responses to emails, complete surveys, or bug requirements.

How to get
your ERN token register, check, and then set up a public profile where people can contact you. The faster you are checked, the more points you can get.

After your profile is active and running, you can reply to emails to get tokens. You connect Gmail, set prices and reject unwanted messages. If someone wants you to answer their e-mail, they have to pay the tokens they get.

You can refer to the list to get more tokens. For example, you can join the Earn community from 800+ Python developers. If you join a list based on your skills, you can get a more focused task.

You can bring new users, will receive tokens every time they do a task or send a paid message. Some of the main tasks that you can use to receive income tokens include a link to your email account, check the profiles of other users, view a list of other users’ applications, install the Earn.com iOS or Android application and refer other users to the Platform.

audio sharing platform Introducing the Listern platform (internal ERN project) – a revolutionary audio platform that supports songs and sound clips and td and publishers. Listern offers an innovative ecosystem that allows viewers, advertisers and publishers to create, share or listen to audio data while getting ERN currencies in the ecosystem.


The vision of the ERN ecosystem and its platform is to create a balanced ecosystem between advertisers, platform listeners / users, sponsors and content creators, where everyone is satisfied and makes money. This is possible thanks to blockchain technology and communities, where everyone believes that we can take part in this revolution and take part in breakthrough technology in this era, the  definition of  a block chain

  1. The creator / publisher is the user or person from the platform who is responsible for creating and publishing audio content on the platform, and this content will produce listeners as viewers to generate advertiser income and platform rewards.
  2. Advertisers are people who are responsible for advertising content creators. Sponsors – Sponsors are responsible for financing projects or content creators, in turn, sponsors will receive a percentage of commission from content creators.
  3. ERNPay is a digital wallet service based on an Internet, desktop or cellular application that is responsible for processing ERN transactions from gifts and storage of ERN tokens.
  4. Economics is an ecosystem where the ERN tokens will be distributed as reward points and / or as transactions in the platform ecosystem.
  5. Listern platform is a system where rewardchannel reward system technology is stored. This is the technology where listeners, creators, advertisers, and sponsors interact.
  6. ERN is a protected cryptocurrency token, which is translated and used as an award symbol in the Audio Listern platform and can be verified by mobile devices.
  7. Minde Pocket Miner is a device that is capable of mining and is responsible for verifying transactions in the ERN ecosystem.
  8. Proof of work is work carried out by a particular gadget or technology device that protects keys by checking blocks added to the block network by users on the network.
  9. ERN Marketplace is a Listern trading platform where sponsors participate in Content Creator projects.

Mining and the environment

According to the Bitcoin energy consumption index, global digital mining currently consumes more energy from 159 countries. To extract currencies, special special devices (ASICs) are needed to break blocks, check transactions and write them into block chains. Tower mounts usually work day by day and require large amounts of energy to do intensive calculations.

Energy is one of the most important resources in the world. The unprecedented growth of Bitcoin has caused environmental activists around the world to worry about the use and conservation of responsible resources. There are many innovative approaches to environmentally friendly mining operations. This is usually related to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar energy and hydropower. For example, Hydro-Quebec in Canada is the fourth largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world and has recently become a haven for miners with cryptocurrency.

The problem is now not access to renewable energy. That is why solving these problems requires a more sustainable solution. Global interest in producers and innovators of the power of Bitcoin competes in developing energy-efficient mining equipment for cryptoterms. This is where the ERN plays the role.

The allocation of the ERN token will be: 500M for the Initial Coins Offer. . It is important to note that 3% of tokens (30 million) to 2020 to avoid price manipulation.
Can be mined
33%                                                Prizes
7%                Program Bounty 
4%          Developer (2020)
3%      Growth Pool (Similar to 6 months)
2%  Airdrop

Use of results
Most of our activities will be used to create Minde Pocket Miner, develop the ERNPay Wallet System, and be careful of the ERN Project platform. The rest will be used for operations, research and development, data storage, and laboratories.
Project Development
Research and development
Data storage
Q4 2017
  • Early collaboration with the development team.
  • The founders and their first team determine the feasibility of the platform and its ecosystem.
Q1 2018
  • An additional set of developers.
  • Mark ideas in WHITE PAPER and other technical and legal documentation.
  • Writing concepts in platforms for LISTERN Platform and Minde Miner platforms.
  • The launch of the bonus system development prototype was based on LISTERN Audio Sharing (ERC20) to listen to audio files.
  • Negotiations and partnerships with clients and clients for international projects.
Q2 2018
  • Airdrop, Whitelisting and Bounty Announcements.
  • White Paper settlement and publication.
  • Bonus MVP release system REGISTER Share Audio Plarform, along with binding chains on ERC20.
  • Launch of a website for personal sales, ICO and Crowdsale.
  • Personal sales.
  • Token Pra – ICO.
  • Sales of Crowd Tokens.
Q3 2018
  • Extension engineer team.
  • Product development for Minde Miner.
  • Blockchain architecture and design for ERN Coin.
  • Start the development of sound users REGISTER ERN Platform.
  • Start the development of the ERNPay Wallet service. Application development digging Minde Miner.
  • Starting from testing and blockchain.
  • The launch developed the LISTERN platform.
  • Fill in coins.
  • Early transfer to the stock exchange.
Q4 2018
  • Migrate from ERN ERC20 to the Blockchain itself.
  • Issuance of MVP services for ERNPay wallets for web applications.
  • Began to develop ERNPay wallet for Android and iOS.
  • After creating the Mindé Pocket Miner application.
Q1 2019
  • Launch of MVP and BlockchainERN testing.
  • MVP release on ERN Audio Player.
  • Release of MVP Mindé Miner prototype and its components.
  • MVP releases for ERN Marketplace, CMS, and voice sharing platforms.
  • Monetization advertising inclusion through the ERN platform ecosystem.
  • Energy development staff and consultants.
Q2 2019 –
  • Beta Release and Blockchain ERN Test
  • Beta version of the ERN Audio Player platform.
  • Beta released Minde Miner and its components.
  • Beta releases ERN Marketplace, CMS and platform sound.
  • MVP release for ERNPay iOS and Android.
Q3 2019
  • Full launch of your own Blockchain ERN.
  • Full launch of Mindé Pocket.
  • Improved the ERN platform to get additional services.


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